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  1. I agree. Got a hold of a few some years back. Definitely an original color pattern.
  2. if you would do $52 shipped for the three. I would be a player.
  3. New 2013 Fixter Pikie.One of one color. 9” and 4.6oz.Signed lip and back. Unfished and mint.collect or fish. $85 shipped.
  4. Went through some stuff tonight. Came across this letter from Mike. I remembered The plug. And, how cool I thought the gesture was. Thanks buddy.
  5. Are the darters still available?
  6. Offer withdrawn. Good luck
  7. $42 shipped paypal
  8. I have this 2017 bunker if your interested.
  9. I would do $27 shipped pp for the spook.
  10. Who are you B.S.ing. More like 3-5 times a day!
  11. My one and only Chopper.
  12. Wow!
  13. Looking for a new or lightly used reel. Thanks.
  14. Better yet. Everybody Stay home.
  15. Here’s two Fixter fund raiser plugs. One is a giant map pin warrior pikie,Mike donated for the Gary Hull benefit. And, the gasoline surfster was Donated for Joe Rivera( sporty guy lures) proud to own them.