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  1. Great day at the fling. Really nice seeing old friends and meeting new ones.weather was perfect. And, The food was off the hook!!... Too bad the water wasn’t co operating so we could have done some fishing..Can’t have it all!....Anyway , I would like to thank Guy for all his hard work .great event. Well done!
  2. Wonderbread is sold. The other darter is 5.5” and 2.5oz.$32 shipped
  3. Sure. I can do that. Pm coming
  4. All well made and swim great.$49 shipped paypal.
  5. Bump
  6. Going to re open.
  7. Who’s that young stud?
  8. Interested in the darters if you want to split?thanks
  9. Now its a party!
  10. Going to bring double.
  11. Found some. Thanks
  12. Mikes fishing right now.
  13. Planning on going this year. Work permitting. Looking forward to seeing everybody.
  14. Wow. One price drop. I don’t think Mikes doing many jointeds anymore.$65