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  1. Here’s some gasoline’s. The middle surfster is really cool. It’s a Joe Rivera(Bodega Bay) Tribute plug.
  2. I like the cyclone.
  3. You add a nice kicker. And we might have a deal.
  4. I like the top plug.what would you want in trade?
  5. They are all new.Is that second plug a talon?
  6. The pencil is 6 1/2” and just over 1.75 oz.
  7. I kinda like them all. Don’t own a plug of Kieths. I have these that I would trade.
  8. I have a few Fixters.Are you only interested in new plugs?Or might you be interested in fished plugs in tough to find colors as well?
  9. Thank you!
  10. Can’t remember who made this? Signature is illegible. Thanks
  11. I was hesitant to offer this up as well.Offer withdrawn. Hope you find what your looking for.
  12. Here you go.
  13. I’ll check when I get home from work.
  14. I have had great results using pro-cure on my soft plastics in the back bays.anchovy,sardine and bloody tuna all work well.imho
  15. offer withdrawn.