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  1. Another uninformed opinion. America is one of very few nations that regulates responsibly. It's the rest of the world that's doing the destruction.
  2. Your absolutely right and I would agree with them. I am a hunter too so I understand why!
  3. It's really nice but I have to ask: isn't it cheaper to just go shopping for meat? LOL
  4. Here's a pic of a doe from a few weeks ago Here's a picture of her today:
  5. Reminds me of the movie "Uncle Buck"
  6. What's your address, I've got a crossbow and season is open.
  7. You have a beautiful family. A blessed man.
  8. Just got his picture back from a member of the Never Forgotten Project *(wounded veterans fishing group). They had a blue marlin on it and a large Mahi
  9. That's the next first lady with the way we're going.