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  1. Grampa, you got our prayers here, hope everything turns out good for her
  2. I agree with grampa ol' spook on this one. Some pepper spray will stop the dog, and no one gets in trouble! ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  3. With topwater poppers, the, twich, twich, pause works good in calmer water. I usually just swim flies, that seems to work good. ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  4. Last December, Marbury Point, Washington D.C. 6:00 A.M. Craney Island, Maryland 12:00 A.M. Mattawoman Creek, Maryland 3:00 P.M. Quantico Creek, Virginia 5:00 P.M. ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  5. Got to Swan Point while it was still dark. Found a shallow spot and anchored. The two mushroom anchors were not holding so I switched to a big Danforth with some chain. Casted some small Saltwater Assassins(4" silver/green back) Hooked up on first cast with a 18" striper. A few other similar sized fish were caught the same way....working the assassin along the bar with a 1/4 oz. Red jighead. Switched over to a 9 weight fly rod. Intermediate line(the floating on the 9 weight was not getting down). Used a red over white clouser first....with no luck....switched over to a green flash, green, over white clouser and instantly hooked up. The incoming tide slowed a bit so I took the 8 weight out. Caught 1 fish on a white/green Rhody Flatwing. Switched back to the Salty Assassin and caught some more. The fish were in the 14-24" range. 18 in all Fish would only hit lures if they had some green in them. ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  6. ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  7. Thanks Doug. Your snake flies are awesome. ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  8. Have caught a 25" striper with a Manns Stretch 25+ in it's mouth. Also with one of those big Atom Striper plugs.
  9. Ahoy there... Got out to Swan Point at about 6:00 p.m. the tide was starting to go out so we decided to fish the knoll that comes up to 1 foot from about 5. In all we caught only 8 fish but they were good sized, a 18" bluefish, a 18" striper, 17" striper and 5 15" stripers with a few large white perch thrown in. The big striper was caught on a red/white 1/0 Clouser. The blue was on a Saltwater Assassin (Opening Night) The 17" striper was caught on a white/blue krystal flash bucktail deceiver(Thank you all who responded to the Flash question). The rest were mixed between the Bass Assassin and the Clouser. Left around 9:30 when the wind started picking up and the tide was almost all the way down and the knoll was visible in between breaking waves. ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  10. 1/4 mile from Potoamc River 25 miles from Chesapeake Bay 60 miles from Atlantic ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  11. Ahoy Mates... I have limited experience with tying with Krystal Flash, is it best tied within a fly, or on the top to imitate the dark topside of a baitfish? ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  12. Wow great pics!!!!! ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  13. Trying to tie up for the fall, if you could pick one clouser color or 1/2 1/2, what would it be? ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD
  14. A# 1. Yes A# 2. Choice A, final answer ------------------ Jim Potomac River Newburg, MD