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  1. Fred, I am happy for you and all residents and visitors of Wildwood that this significant milestone has been reached. Alas, seeing that picture is stirring up some mixed emotions. Without trying to be Debbie Downer, as you are aware we sold our house in the Crest 09/2018. You were part of our farewell to the house. My grandfather bought it in April 1968 and I spent 17 summers there. He was President of the Crest Fishing Pier for 20 years. Time is an evil thing.....it waits for no one and it sure as shirt didn't wait for us. The best revenge will be to book a nice Crest vacation this summer, take my son up on the boardwalk and hit every dang pier, fudge shop, water park etc. Hopefully the back bay fishing will be better this year so we can rent a boat from you and pull in some fluke....I don't care if they are shorts and we have to throw them back, simply catching fish is a joy onto itself. I'll see you in August .
  2. I am sorry to hear of this and know this situation all too well. Futhermucking UPenn "Super Doc" messed up Dad's bilateral knee replacement, both knees had to be replaced three times, osteomyelitis and six months on Vancomycin......he could walk before the surgery and now is wheelchair-bound. Thanks Dr. Booth! He's only staying alive to be with Mom in her final days as she has terminal Alzheimer's. Once she goes, he's going to check out. It will be painful to lose him but he will be in unbearable agony once she goes. They have been together since 1957.
  3. A buddy of mine ran into this exact situation a few days ago. He ran the tank way down, refilled it and the burner wouldn't fire. We thought the fuel was "gelling" and added this cr@p called "Diesel Emergency". We changed the fuel filter. No dice. Call to an oil burner service place....they came out within two hours and said that the nozzle was clogged. Even with a filter, gunk is going to get through. It is critically important to get a nozzle with the exact same spray angle as the original, otherwise the burner won't work right. A nozzle is a replaceable wear item so if it turns out that it is not the culprit, it's not the end of the world. They go for less than $20.00. As others have mentioned, not having a service contract is unwise. Years ago I lived in a house that had an oil burner. Son a bleep, 2:00 AM on a brutal January morning and there's not heat. A call to the emergency service and a tech was there in 90 minutes. No charge.....yeah, I was probably paying way more per gallon than without a service plan but heck, it was better than having to listen to the old b!tch I used to be married to complain endlessly about how she was the slightest bit uncomfortable.
  4. Further advice from me is not warranted. You can do your own homework and figure out what works best for you. Good day sir.
  5. Comparing your stove to the Woodstock Ideal Steel is apples to oranges as they are totally different animals. From the photo, you have a pre-EPA air tight stove.....a raging fire is visible behind the air adjustment knobs. Those things are referred to as Smoke Dragons because they belch a ton of smoke. The Ideal Steel has a soapstone interior liner as well as soapstone plates on the outside to retain heat. The combustion chamber has EPA tubes for secondary combustion and then a catalyst to catch any smoke that is not burned by the secondary tubes. The Ideal Steel puts out 1 gram of emissions per hour whereas pre-EPA stoves can run into the 80 gram range. Wood stoves do not create heat, rather, they merely extract it from the wood. If you see smoke coming out of a chimney, that is energy that is being wasted as smoke contains a ton of BTU's. I had a Fisher Grandma Bear, the Queen of Smoke Dragons and it looked like a smelter outside when the thing was burning. When running the Ideal Steel, it's hard to tell if it's burning or not when you look at the chimney outlet. The firebox is 3.2 cubic feet and it will heat the entire house of 12 hours between reloads, sometimes more if we're not in an arctic blast like right now. I am using so much less wood with the Ideal Steel than the Fisher that it is just nuts. Yes, I probably sound like a paid advertisement for Woodstock....your stove is built like a tank and so many stoves today are cheap Chinese junk. The Ideal Steel is made by a small company in NH that puts customers and quality first. It has the same build quality as the Fisher but uses way less wood. Throw in features such as an airtight ash pan....you rake the coals over the firebox grate, ashes fall into the pan and then you throw a new load of wood in on top. No more shoveling ash and coals out of the firebox. When the ash pan gets full, open the ash pan door, dump the ashes in a safe place and keep right on burning. I hated shoveling ashes and coals out of my Quad 4300 because it made an infernal mess. No mess with the Ideal Steel. This thing wasn't cheap but I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.
  6. Neptune ave was one of my favorites. Everything is or will be gone. Time to find a good flea market and get some $$$ for my surf gear that will never be used again.
  7. Andrew Wakefield based his conclusion that the MMR vaccine causes autism on, get this, a study of 12 patients. Yup, 12. It turns out that he was paid $665,000 by plaintiff attorneys for his "research". After investigation, his medical license was revoked. And this is what the anti-vaccine crowd bases much of their arguments on. Gee, I'd rather base my arguments on concrete facts such as beer is good, big boobs are awesome, a long commute to work is a pain in the @SS and the sun rises in the morning. 12 "patients"? That's barely a Phase I study, let alone a Phase II or Phase III. As before, all the anti-vaccine crowd has is junk science. No thanks, I'll take the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics when it comes to what vaccines my son should receive.
  8. Vaccines have eliminated diseases that were horrific scourges in the past. Many physicians, let alone patients, have never seen the diseases that vaccines have long-since eliminated. The anti-vaccine crowd has nothing on their side except junk science. The pro-vaccine crowd has polio, measles, smallpox and so many others on their side. A story that makes me foam at the mouth to this day.....ten years ago, my wife took our infant son to a birthday party. He had received 2 of 3 HIB shots. At the party, there was a young girl clinging to her father. She wasn't participating in party games, wanted to be left alone etc except that she had pizza and ice cream at the table with the other kids. a few days later, all attendees of the party were notified that the little girl had developed bacterial meningitis and that the CDC was involved. The first symptom of bacterial meningitis is vomiting and somehow, our son puked out of the blue. We freaked and got him to his pediatrician.....the vomiting was unrelated, time to administer shot #3. The little girl had swelling of the brain and spinal cord and suffered permanent hearing loss. Well well well, her dad was pro vaccine but her mom was a crunchy granola fruitcake. The dad filed for divorce and people who attended the party offered to help pay for his divorce attorney. Quick, what two vaccines are proven to prevent cancer? Gardasil prevents cervical cancer whether it is administered to girls or boys as the human papilloma virus can be transmitted from male to female, not just the other way around. Hepatitis B vaccine prevents liver cancer. There are now vaccines for chicken pox and shingles. Anyone ever have shingles? I have and they are not fun. Shingles are latent chicken pox virus that travels up the nerve roots and erupts on the skin, whether it is on your back, stomach or even in the eye. Have fun anti-vaccine crowd, you deserve all the preventable diseases you get.
  9. The Ideal Steel emits so little smoke that even while I sweep the chimney 2x per year, next to nothing comes out. The chimney system does not have a damper and will never need one. The design of this stove allows for absolute control at the stove itself with no need for a damper. As for weather, yes, there have been times where it acts differently. For example, we had some brutally cold days recently and this thing would honk at max heat at barely 1/15th throttle......my chimney is tall and the induced draft made it necessary to clamp the air setting down. Conversely, there have been nights in October where the outside temp was in the 40's, the Mrs wanted a fire and I had to set the stove on 1/5th air. One of the best attributes of the Ideal Steel is that you can control the burn precisely. I've had an 1984 Fisher Grandma Bear that would be a 30-minute nuclear explosion, a 2010 Quadrafire 4300 that was maddening to control, a Harman P61 pellet stove that was awesome except it required electricity to run.....I do't want to sound like a sales rep for Woodstock, but here's an example of how they treat customers. My stove is 3 years old and I wanted to replace a gasket. A call to woodstock and a knowledgeable tech answered the phone. He said they redesigned the gasket....I said, "Ok, here's my credit card info"..."That's OK, we're sending these out free of charge". It showed up two days later.
  10. Yup, and he will go lower on price if you give him more time. I specified four cords of white ash cut to 18", split no larger than a piece of bread. He delivered exactly what I asked for and I tipped him on top. There is a peace of mind in having two years or more of seasoned wood on hand.....no matter what winter throws at you, you and your family will be warm.
  11. The Ideal Steel has both EPA tubes for secondary burn and then a catalyst to catch any smoke that gets past the tubes. When This thing is ripping, there is no visible discharge from the stainless chimney pipe. Some neighbors have EPA tube stoves and even though they are "EPA certified", they belch smoke like a smelter. Remember, a wood stove does not create heat, it merely extracts BTU's from the wood and no stove does it better than the Ideal Steel. It does not require a fan but I do have a thermostat-activated blower to move air across it. It would not be an issue in a power outage. this thing is so well made, the performance so incredible and the customer service so outstanding, I can't imagine buying another make/model. As for the price of wood, this supplier charges $200.00 per cord for surgically-clean wood split to my specifications. There are shysters who sell a "seasoned cord" for $200.00 and you get a delivery of dirt and mulch.
  12. Yesterday, an unexpected influx of beer caused me to break my pizza drought. It started with a fire-roasted salsa made saturday on the big green egg.Plum tomatoes, garlic, onion, jalapenos and scalllions grilled in wok basket on the Big Green Egg that were chopped in the Cuisinart after cooling down. After cooling, a ton of cilantro, cumin,lime juice and some paprika went in and this stuff was spiritual. OK, in a beer induced state yesterday, I made a whole-wheat crust infused with paprika, cumin, black and white pepper etc. After the dough had risen and been punched down, on went the salsa, tex mex grilled chicken, a mix of of mozz, Monterrey jack and cheddar and then on to the egg for a wood fired cook at 600 degrees. It was topped with a layer of fresh cilantro. To compensate, so far today I have eaten one hard-boiled egg and that will be the extent of food consumption. but it was worth it.
  13. I have been supplementing a "Propain" high efficiency boiler with wood heat for abut ten years now. My stove is the Woodstock Ideal Steel and man, this thing is a dream. It's made by a small company in New Hampshire that puts quality and customer service over everything else. The are incredible. That's the good news. The bad news is that dealing with firewood is a serious PITA. Years ago I would get log-lengths delivered, cut them to length, split and stack them. Fork that, way too time consuming and the monetary savings was minimal. I have located a land-clearing company whom I contact in early spring. We go over what species of wood I want, what length and size it should be cut and split to etc. They take clean logs, split them and the splits go up a conveyor right into the bed of a triaxle. A lot of firewood dealers just dump the wood on the dirt and when you get a delivery, you actually get some wood with your dirt. Not this guy....he's not cheap but the wood is quality and clean as a whistle. Right now I'm sitting on 2.5 cords of 2-year old red oak and 4 cords of white ash that was split in October. The oak should last through this year and ash seasons fast so next year should be good. There is a comfort and pleasure in a raging wood fire when it's cold and/or snowing out. It's also reassuring that come heck or high water, we'll have heat. For anyone in the market for a wood stove, please don't hesitate to check out the Woodstock Ideal Steel. Incredibly efficient, easy to use and it has safety features built in that you won't find in a big box stove. It ain't cheap but it's the last wood stove you'll every buy. Good luck and happy burning.
  14. Interesting that you mention that as the Delaware River is packed with eels. One of the weirdest things I ever saw was a huge dead eel with a sunny in its mouth. Stupid eel literally bit off more that it could chew and choked to death. As for fishing live eels, well, they are expensive, you have to carry newspaper with you to grip them as they are slimy as heck and blues love to chop them in half. Years ago I had very good results fishing Ultimus eels smeared with smelly jelly. I would reel it in slowly so that it just ticked the bottom. Sometimes the strikes were very faint, other times, BANG! I managed to really tick off a meat fisherman while fishing the tip of an inlet jetty at night on an incoming tide. I would throw the eel up current, slowly reel it over what was clearly a hump and the bass were stacked up facing into the current. He was getting squat and I was getting quite a few keepers. Ah, those were the days.
  15. A few questions: the corner studs appear to have been sliced which promotes questions of structural integrity. Why were they sliced and has anything been done to restore structural integrity? There is wiring and an outlet in direct proximity to the shower. Are/Did you install a poly moisture barrier prior to installing backerboard and tiling the walls? The wall voids appear to be filled with an insulation that was known as "rotten cotton".....that stuff was great for noise isolation and insulation but would retain moisture like a sponge