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  1. Good morning gents: I hope this note finds you rockin and ready for fishin and BBQ. Question: does anyone know of a reputable place to order a custom vinyl replacement window? Nothing crazy, double hung, no muntins, double pane with argon. I have gotten some quotes online where shipping was more than the window itself, and we're talking 36"w x 33"h, not a giant bay window. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. @Reed422, it is possible that your brother is experiencing grief of which denial is one component. He may change his mind down the road and my offer of assistance is irrevocable.
  3. @reed422, I am sorry to hear of this situation. While your brother and his wife are devastated by the diagnosis, they should know that their son is not condemned to life in an institution, having no friends, being unable to hold a job etc. This is both daunting and uplifting: their son's ultimate outcome depends on them and they can vastly change his outcome for the better. Some basics: -Autism is a constellation of disorders and no two children on the spectrum are exactly alike. -There are three therapies recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics: Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy When the child is old enough to go to Kindergarten, they will be assessed by a Child Study Team and he will likely be "Classified", meaning, he is entitled to receive these services from the school at no cost to the parents. The services are outlined in what is called an IEP. They should consider retaining a parent advocate to help them analyze the IEP and propose changes. Some school districts are very liberal in their dispensation of services, some are stingy as all heck. A Parent Advocate can help. Next up, they can not rely solely on services provided by the school and should plan on private speech, ABA and OT. Health insurance is going to be a VERY serious issue here.....where/how does your brother and his wife obtain their health insurance? If it is from a small employer, chances are their plan is known as "Fully Insured" and that plan will be subject to NJ State Autism mandates. If their insurance comes from a large employer, chances are that plan is self-insured and is not subject to NJ Autism Mandates but rather by ERISA. ERISA plans are detrimental to autistic children because the plan sponsor can designate what, if any, autism treatments will be provided. Most ERISA plans will cover speech and OT but will exclude ABA on the basis that it is "Educational" and that health insurance does not cover education. That is absolute horse**** because ABA is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Harvard University, the US Surgeon General, the US Military etc as curative, not "educational.It is very difficult to overturn a denial of ABA benefits under an ERISA plan because you have to sue the insurer in Federal Court, not state court, and the employer will get dragged in. Let's hope for a fully-insured plan. A lot of the top speech, ABA and OT providers are out of network and you have to pay them up front and then obtain reimbursement from the insurer. Being out of network, the out of pocket costs will be much higher but in a situation like this, get the best damn providers you can and don't look back. They should read up on autism and activities they can do every day with him. There are techniques to help autistic children develop social skills, improve their speech, learn how to understand the feelings of others etc etc etc. They sky is the limit in terms of what they can do one-on-one with him to better his outcome. It will take dedication, strength, patience and yes, a lot of money. How do I know this? Well, 12/30/2011, my three-year old son was diagnosed as being on the spectrum. The next morning, after wiping away the tears, my wife and I made a blood promise to him that we would do whatever it took so that he could live as normal a life as possible. Today, you would never notice anything different about him except for an astonishing memory and a grasp of math and science that is breathtaking. He laughs, socializes, has friends, scores in the high 90's on standardized tests, is a straight-A student, a red-black belt in tae kwon do etc etc etc. His pediatrician says he no longer fits the criteria of a spectrum diagnosis. It cost my wife and I countless hours and we emptied our bank accounts but we'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'm starting to get misty-eyed, thinking of our gorgeous son as he sleeps in his science bedroom. I welcome the opportunity to provide information and support to your brother and his wife. PM sent.
  4. Doorgunner, Yes, this was an absolutely awesome sight to see. The screams of "Jack is Back!" will never fade. I'll never forget, I had just gotten into golf and the 1980 US Open was held at Baltusrol, less than 20 minutes from my house. Upon getting to the practice green, there he was, curling in one six footer after another like it was nothing. The duel between Jack and Isao Aoiki was something to see, but Jack came out on top.
  5. payment received, package shipped, closing thread.
  6. paypal info sent to Kayak99
  7. Howdy Folks: Up for sale is a big assortment of muskie lures. I caught the muskie bug but never caught any muskies, therefore, my idiocy is your gain. Here we go: 4 unused packs of 10-inch Fin-S Fish; each pack comes with a hook 3 Unused, shank-weighted hooks for rigging Tex-sposed 3 unused, unweighted hooks for rigging Tex-sposed 1 unused, 9-inch weighted Storm Wild Eye 3 Rapala XJS-13 jointed plugs; two are brand new, one is used 2 used Whopper Plopper 190’s 1 used X-Rap Subwalk 15 1 jointed Life Target Slow Sinking plug 1 unused Mann’s Stretch 25 4 Unused 1-ounce Rad Dog spinnerbaits 2 Used 1-ounce Rad Dog Spinnerbaits; there is some rash on the blades 3 Jack Butcher Slopmaster Spinnerbaits; two are used, one is brand new Spare spinnerbait blades, split rings and ball bearing swivels 1 unused Strike King 1-3/8 OZ Bottom Dweller Spinnerbait 1 Unused Reed-Runner 1-ounce spinnerbait $75.00 Paypal shipped. Not looking to separate or negotiate as I am taking serious bath on this. Each of the Rad Dogs were $15.00 so I trust you can understand that this lot is going at a fire-sale price. Thanks for looking.
  8. I spent nine years in a miserable marriage that thankfully produced no children. There was a straw that broke the camel's back and I said, "Fork this, time to move on". If I knew how much better my life would be without her, I would have said, "You want (example) $500,000? Take $1,000,000 and GTFO of my life right now". I am now married to woman I don't deserve, we have a gorgeous son and life is good. You only go around once in life....if your marriage isn't working out and can't be fixed, just end it.
  9. Responded to your PM. Catchnr3lease, shipping will be tough but if you're willing to foot the bill, I might be able to make it work. Waiting to hear back from Yupitsnuge
  10. Money received, thanks SOL, pls close thread.
  11. Understood, PM sent with my paypal info.
  12. Guys, I caught the musky bug, spent a forkload of money on gear and then lost the musky bug. Therefore, up for sale are two high-end outfits at one stupid low price. They are as follows: Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P with 7"6 Shimano Teramar TMC-E76MH Rod. Spooled with 80Lb Power Pro Daiwa Lexa 400XS-P with Abu Garcia Volatile 8' V0LC80-6 Rod. Spooled with 65 lb Power Pro. I replaced one of the upper guides on the rod as there was a chip in the ceramic liner. Each Daiwa reel cost $300.00, the rods were about $125.00 each and I will let both combos go for, get this, $300.00 picked up. I have original boxes for both reels. Each rod has a counterweighted butt cap to lessen the strain of throwing and retrieving big lures all day. No interest in trades, shipping, negotiating on price, separating them etc. I can meet in reasonable distance in Northern NJ. Thanks for looking
  13. Howdy folks: Up for sale are four brand new, never used 8-oz Spro Bucktails. Two White, Two Chartreuse. I have no idea why I bought them. They cost me $56.00 + tax and I'll let them for got $25.00 Paypal shipped. No trades, price is firm, thanks.
  14. There is a lot to consider before undergoing this surgery. Do you have any concurrent medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, compromised immune system, are you carrying more weight than you should? I don't mean to sound accusatory, however, co-mobidities can dramatically impact the outcome of knee replacement surgery. if you are overweight, lose the weight first and then get the surgery. My Dad had Type II diabetes, a compromised immune system and was on steroids to suppress an autoimmune disorder. All three of those left him vulnerable to infection and he does not heal quickly from routine cuts like most people do. He was also extremely overweight. Those were all red flags that any thorough surgeon would have said made him ineligible for knee replacement. No, a UPenn "Superdoc" said he was a prime candidate and he replaced both of Dad's knees in one shot. Long story short, both knees had to be replaced three times, Dad developed osteomyelitis and was on Vancomycin for six months. He could walk before the surgery but is now wheelchair bound. This doctor is a top-notch surgical mechanic, meaning, his technique is flawless. Where he fails is that he does so many knee replacements that complicated patients like Dad fall through the cracks and don't receive the follow-up care that they need. Think this one through carefully as once the surgery is done, you can never undo it. You could of course experience an outstanding outcome and I hope you do. Just trying to show that there are two sides to this coin and to take all of a surgeon's rosy talk with a grain of salt. Good luck.