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  1. A gas grill is suboptimal for pulled pork as they are designed for hot, quick cooks. Yes, people do it and come out with decent results but it's not ideal. Take a look at the design of the grill....do the burners run parallel with the firebox or perpendicular? The reason being, if they run parallel, you can light off only the front burner and put the pork towards the back of the firebox for indirect cooking. If the burners run perpendicular to the firebox, you would light off a burner on one side of the grill and put the pork on the other side. You mention that she does not like smokey flavor so you will avoid smoke generated by fat etc dripping onto the burner. You may be better off doing it in an oven. As for alternatives to traditional BBQ, prior to Covid I did Char Siu pulled pork for Banh Mi sandwiches at a big party we hosted. It rocked the house. There are a number of good recipes out there with the common ingredients being soy, brown sugar, allspice, honey, Hoisin and cooking wine. I marinated the butt for 24 hours and kept a good amount of sauce in reserve to mix in with the finished pork and to spoon onto sammiches.
  2. I have yet to find an insect repellent that works against this year's bugs. Little bastages seem attracted to Deet.
  3. Me and the Mrs had gone so far as to select an LG mini split system and had a contractor lined up when Covid hit so the project is on hold. There are manufacturers who put out single-unit systems that are geared to be DIY but multi-zone systems are a different ballgame. A 36K BTU, 4-zone system was running about 5.5 K but then prices escalate quickly when you add in coolant and return lines, branch box, electrical whip, permits etc etc. There are a lot of clean energy rebates out there for these systems but the one we picked required that it be installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. On an HVAC site, the advice I got from contractors was to find a small outfit that allows you to buy the system yourself and they do a labor-only install. Fujitsu is in cahoots with installers and offers them kickbacks, will not sell parts directly to consumers etc etc etc.
  4. You know you need to get out when you are posting a report for someone else: My brother took the boat out on a central NJ lake today and got some largemouths and pike on spinnerbaits. He saw four guys in a Coleman Crawdad....there was only two inches of freeboard, their trolling motor didn't work and they got blown into a mud bog cove. they managed to flop onto the bank, covered in mud and swearing at each other.
  5. Oh, don't worry Sam, NJ DMV will still find a way to fork things up. My brother and I co-purchased a 14-foot Grumman boat, motor and trailer in 1989. I tried to sell my interest in it to him for $1 in 2018....NJ DMV refused to approve the transaction because they said there may be a lien on it. We purchased it outright in 1989, have the original title, bill of sale etc etc etc. Those people must take incompetency tests to qualify for their jobs.
  6. Years ago I was told by a Minn Kota repair shop that the only difference between freshwater Minn Kota motors and saltwater was that the saltwater head electronics were better sealed against water intrusion. I used to take a Ranger into Raritan Bay on calm days when the bass were on peanuts. The electric motor was deadly because you could creep up on a pod and not spook the bass. Guys using their main engines would put the bass down. I'd rinse the Minn Kota off after getting home and never had an issue with it. That was four boats ago..... Your mileage may vary.
  7. No battery...this same model Minn Kota is currently going for $310 + $35.00 shipping on fleebay with no plugs, wires, breaker, sonar, charger etc.
  8. @magdarter, I just fired the motor up and it works perfectly on constant-on and momentary and there are no nicks on the propeller. The sonar does not have GPS.
  9. Here is the new sonar mount
  10. Seahorse Chick is responsible for the paper towel shortage, not Covid-19
  11. These people should put down the beer and fried food and get some exercise
  12. Howdy Folks, Up for sale are the following: 2015 Minn Kota Edge 55lb 45" foot controlled motor with male and female plugs, 15 feet of 8 gauge wire, 50-amp breaker and unused transducer mount. This motor is still being made by Minn Kota and goes for $569.00 on Pass Bro. 2015 2 Bank Dual Pro Waterproof Charger; this charger is still being made and goes for $160.00 on Pass Bro. 2015 Garmin Echo 101-comes with transducer and power cord. I can't find the mount but ordered a new one today, delivery ETA Saturday 05/30/2020. The mount went for $13.00 on Fleebay. If sold separately, $275.00 for the trolling motor package and $75.00 for the charger & sonar. Buy the trolling motor, charger and sonar in one shot, $300. Prices are firm, cash, picked up in NW NJ.
  13. Yup, religion does bring out the best in human behavior. From jihadists to pedophile priests, worshipers of magical invisible people that live in the sky are true role models. "I watched with glee while your kings and queens fought for ten decades for the gods they made".