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  1. That would be a great photo for a Weight Watchers "Before" shot.....
  2. I don't know what happened to the bay but can say it is nowhere near like it used to be. Back in the 70's and 80's, my grandfather and I would bucktail the Point jetties like madmen. A skunking was rare and we usually did well with fluke, weakies and blues. Never did see a striper in over ten years. Weakies are as rare as hen's teeth now. The bay used to be pretty clear but every time I've been there the past several years, it's been muddy. That of course could be be runoff from upstream. I'll never forget a late afternoon in August 1980.....the water was a gorgeous greenish-blue and was boiling with weakies and fluke, baitfish flying and birds feasting on remnants of baitfish. We got tired of catching fish, went home and ate weakies and fluke that had been swimming barely an hour earlier. The taste was unforgettable.
  3. Very sad indeed. The sharks are doing what predators do and that is find areas rich in prey. I've read quite a few posts on this site about how the seal population is exploding on the Cape and actually had a run-in with one during while kayak fishing near Nauset Inlet.....all of a sudden, this head just pops up out of the water and it's staring at me. What the fork is that? Oh, a seal. We've been getting a lot of them in NJ even in months when they shouldn't be here. One was spotted in the Delaware River in Lambertville NJ, way the fork upstream from salt water. I was watching a show about shark attacks a few days ago and a marine biologist said that a human in a wetsuit with flippers sitting on a surfboard can be misinterpreted as a seal by a shark. Get rid of the seals and the sharks will leave.
  4. We hit a new stretch of the Delaware from the boat yesterday. Water was high and muddy....there's a f****ng surprise. The fish were fairly active and we did well on spinnerbaits and Rattlin Raps.....my best for the day was a 5lb walleye on a spinnerbait. It was kinda sorta tough fishing as there was no real pattern. we found some gorgeous downed timber, pockets etc and they held no fish. Then we'd blind cast into open water and hook up. Lots of small bait int the water which I guess were shad fry. Looks like were in for some more rain late Monday into Tuesday. So, MORE high muddy water. YEY!
  5. For what it's worth, I was watching an interview of with the Mayor of a town in North Carolina. "We just had a ten million dollar beach nourishment project completed and its completely gone". Congratulations, here's your sign.
  6. The old b!tch I used to be married to: "I want a pizza with no cheese. Hold the sauce and no crust. Substitute swordfish, steamed kale and gluten-free rice". I used to sit there, hanging my head in shame and embarrassment. She'd send back a steak if it was medium rare when she wanted medium, she'd order a "Pinot" and have no idea when the waiter asked "Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir?", it goes on and on. One time she ordered "Sweetbreads" at a fancy Italian joint and thought she was getting a platter of confections. She didn't understand that "Sweetbreads" were organ meat. There is an old saying: Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it.
  7. It's very simple....she didn't play well enough to win and the only one to blame is the person she sees in the mirror. No gender discrimination, cheating etc etc etc, she got beat. Her behavior was disgraceful.
  8. 18 wins and one Giant loss....
  9. Me and a buddy are going to hit a lake tomorrow instead of the Delaware. Bummer, we found a stretch of river last week that is filthy with walleye and stripers but the current will be honking too fast to even consider trying it. Oh well....I picked up a bunch of Lindy No Snagg sinkers and we're going to eventually use them on a modified drop shot rig in a huge stretch of downed timber. The stretch I'm referring to is on an outside bend of the river where the bank has been severely undercut over time and countless big trees have fallen into the river. Sure, we can heave spinnerbaits over the tops of the timber but I'm betting that the fish are hanging deeper down and won't always charge out of the depths to grab a spinnerbait racing overhead. My buddy could get snagged if he cast his lure onto a bare concrete floor so we have to stay as snagless as possible. Damn, he's a pain in the @$$.
  10. American Shad are actually a type of herring and 2018 was one of the best shad runs the Big D has seen in decades. Stripers will likely not distinguish between herring species when feeding. We have caught stripers so far up the Big D that it is nuts. A resident population has been established and they are not exactly picky about what they will eat....shad, crayfish, eels etc.
  11. On this day 17 years ago, nearly 3000 people were murdered on US soil by foreign terrorists. 295 of them were coworkers. Laura, two weeks back from maternity leave. Sal, he loved the NJ Devils and rarely missed a home game. I played at a ritzy country club golf outing a couple years ago......Sal's son was our caddie. The last time I saw him before the golf outing, he was a little kid running around at his father's Memorial Service saying that Daddy was going to be home next week. Mark....he was in the Naval Reserve after having served on missile submarines. His wife said she always knew he would die because of his service but never imagined it would happen like that. Angela....all they found of her was a piece of jawbone. Chris....he was an only child, the last male of the family bloodline. His father died three months later of a broken heart. There are so many others....Casey....she would give you the answer before you asked her the question. Too many, gone. While today is and always will be painful, it pleases me so that the last thing the beast saw was a Navy Seal. He got turned into crab feces which is too good of a fate for him. Upon hearing that he was killed in Operation Neptune Spear, I raised a glass in honor of departed coworkers. Seeing a man scream incoherently and faint because his pregnant wife was up there. Cleaning out a man's office because he was killed in a terrorist attack on US soil.....those are things you never forget.
  12. There's really not much to explain here. My company had space on floors 86-101 of the North Tower and we took the hit. These are people who eternally serve the company and we remember and honor them always. the original poster listed four people that we should "never forget" and I added 295 more who should never be forgotten.
  13. I trust that you are also remembering these 295 coworkers of mine who continue to proudly serve the company in the North Tower: William Abrahamson Richard Anthony Aceto Christy Addamo Gertrude Alagero Jon Albert Jacquelyn Aldridge Richard Allen Janet Alonso Victoria Alvarez Brito Cesar A. Alviar Kermit Anderson Doreen Angrisani Jack Aron Thomas J. Ashton Tatyana Bakalinskaya Michael Baksh Sharon Balkcom Michael Bane Kathryn Bantis Scott Bart Paul Battaglia Marlyn Bautista Jane Beatty Nina Bell Donna M. Bernaerts-Kearns William Bethke Gary Bird Mary Boffa Nicholas Bogdan Vincent Boland Colin Bonnett Yvonne Bonomo Kevin Bowser Gennady Boyarsky Sandra Conaty Brace Patrice Braut Lydia Bravo Janice Brown Richard Bruehert Lillian Caceres Cecile Caguicla Michael Cahill Joseph Calandrillo Philip Calcagno James Christopher Cappers Richard Caproni Edward Carlino William Caspar Arcelia Castillo Richard Catarelli Robert J. Caufield Mary Caulfield Thomas Celic Ana Centeno Mark Charette Alex Chiang Peter Chirchirillo Kyung (Casey) Cho Alex Ciccone Elaine Cillo Edna Cintron Mannie L. Clark Donna Clarke Jim Cleere Susan Clyne Patricia Cody Daniel Coffey Jason Coffey Patricia Colodner Linda Colon Ronald Comer Kevin Conroy Brenda Conway Alejandro Cordero Danny Correa Digna Costanza Denise Crant Lucy Crifasi Daniel (Hal) Crisman Mary D'Antonio Mike D'Esposito Elizabeth Darling William Dean Tara Debek-Moore Danielle Delie Palmina Delligatti Frank Deming Jean DePalma Christian DeSimone Patricia DiChiaro Carl DiFranco William Dimmling Ramzi Doany Carlos Dominguez Mirna A. Duarte Thomas Duffy Christopher Dunne Carole Eggert Daphne Elder Christopher Epps Erwin Erker Catherine Fagan Dolores Fanelli Nancy Farley Douglas Farnum Francis Feely Rose Feliciano Kristen Fiedel Virginia Fox Vincent Gallucci Cesar R. Garcia Marlyn Carmen Garcia David Garcia Jeffrey Gardner Craig Gibson Steven Giorgetti Martin Giovinazzo Salvatore Gitto Harry Glenn Lynn Catherine Goodchild Kiran Kumar Reddy Gopu Jon Grabowski Gayle Greene Warren Grifka David Grimner Michael Gu Gary Haag Barbara M. Habib Nezam Hafiz James Halvorson Valerie Hanna Michael Hannan Timothy Haviland Roberta Bernstein Heber Joann Louise Heltibridle Robert A. Hepburn James Hobin DaJuan Hodges Matthew Horning Steven Leon Howell Paul R. Hughes Lamar D. Hulse Joseph Ianelli Stephanie Irby Virginia Jablonski Maria Jakubiak Ernest James Luis Jimenez Shashikiran Kadaba Jennifer Lynn Kane William A. Karnes Richard Keane Robert C. Kennedy Boris Khalif Rajesh Khandelwal Lawrence Kim Howard (Barry) Kirschbaum Richard Klares Peter A. Klein Rebecca Koborie Dorota Kopiczko Lyudmila Ksido Patricia Kuras Angela Kyte Maria La Vache Jeannette Lafond-Menichino Carol Ann LaPlante Hamidou Larry Gary Lasko Stephen Lauria Denis Lavelle Kenneth Ledee Elena Ledesma Kathryn Lee Michael Lepore Ye Wei Liang Thomas Linehan Laura Longing Manuel Lopez Jenny Low Wong William Lum Louise Lynch Monica Lyons Joe Maggitti Daniel L. Maher Linda Mair-Grayling Debora Maldonado Gene Edward Maloy Joseph Mangano Marion Victoria Manning Bernard Mascarenhas Patricia Massari Rudolph Mastrocinque Charles Mathers Dorothy Mauro Nancy Mauro Patricia McAneney Stanley McCaskill Charles McCrann Mike McGinty Stephanie McKenna Abigail Medina Eskedar Melaku Yelena Melnichenko Shevonne Mentis Nurul H. Miah Joel Miller Louis Minervino Kristen Montanaro Cheryl Ann Monyak Steven P. Morello Dorothy Morgan Steve Morris Bill Moskal Peter Moutos Kevin Murphy Patrick Sean Murphy Susan Murray Narender Nath Glenn Neblett Nancy Yuen Ngo Daniel Robert Nolan Richard O'Connor James Oakley Gerald Olcott Leah Oliver Maureen L. Olson Margaret Orloske Virginia Anne Ormiston Deepa Pakkala Dominique Pandolfo Michael Parkes Jerrold H. Paskins Horace Passananti Salvatore Pepe William Peterson Eugenia Piantieri Thomas H. Polhemus James Edward Potorti Robert Pugliese Hemanth Kumar Puttur Lars Qualben Jonathan Randall Shreyas Ranganath Anne Ransom Faina Rapoport Amenia Rasool Roger Mark Rasweiler Gregory Reda Timothy Reilly Karen Renda Eileen Rice Kenneth F. Rice III Venesha Richards Alan Jay Richman John M. Rigo Linda Rivera Jeffrey Robinson Marsha Rodriguez Aida Rosario Linda Rosenbaum Mark Rosenberg Joanne Rubino Susan Ruggiero Wayne A. Russo Brock Safronoff Rena Sam-Dinnoo Alva Sanchez Stacey Sanders Susan Santo Roy F. Santos Chapelle Renee Sarker Deepika K. Sattaluri Sue Sauer Frank Schott Ralph Scorca Arthur Warren Scullin Alena Sesinova Thomas Sgroi Mohammed Shajahan Earl Richard Shanahan Kathryn A. Shatzoff Mark Shulman Ang Siew-Nya Joseph Sisolak Catherine Smith Sandra F. Smith Astrid Sohan Michael Sorresse John Spataro Maynard Spence Mary Stanley William R. Steiner Sandy M. Stoller Jimmy Storey David S. Suarez Larry Sumaya Harry Taback Norma Taddei Phyllis Gale Talbot Dennis Taormina Lorisa Taylor David Tengelin Lisa Terry Sal Tieri Michael Tinley Jennifer Tino John Tobin Zhanetta Tsoy John Ueltzhoeffer Scott Vasel Loretta Vero Garo Voskerijian Benjamin Walker Peter Wallace Barbara Walsh Michael Waye Steven Weinstein Malissa White Wayne A. White Jeffrey Wiener Thomas Wise Katherine Wolf Jennifer Wong Steve Wong Suresh Yanamadala Shakila Yasmin Jacquelyn Young Kenneth Zelman Ivelin Ziminski Michael Zinzi Salvatore Zisa
  14. you are a foul beast. There is nothing funny about 9/11 nor any reason to say there is a "favorite moment". Crawl back under the rock you came out from under.
  15. We got some serious rain over the past few days and the stream was honking again. In the past, heavy rain was like a conveyor belt because it would seemingly wash fish out of a pool but new ones would appear. I would eagerly wait for the water to settle down to throw casts in search of new occupants. This year, nothing. Each heavy rain just makes things more and more lifeless. There is a reservoir about 1/3 mile downstream from my house where the stream dumps in and it may be time to pick up a float tube and really hit that hard.