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  1. Time to close the thread.
  2. Simple question: did our so-called president promise that Mexico would pay for the wall? Yes or no? Your diversion that "is there one more way to pay for the wall?" is worth the contents of my septic tank. DID DONALD TRUMP SAY THAT MEXICO WOULD PAY FOR THE WALL?
  3. Yes or no, did trump say that Mexico would pay for the wall?
  4. What a stupid response. Our so-called president said that Mexico would be paying for the wall, backtracked, has threatened to shut down the US Government over funding over the wall and the only thing you can come up with is "is there more than one way to pay for the wall"? No thanks, I'd rather see US taxpayer funds devoted to the safety and effectiveness of the US Military. It's lamentable and all too telling that your allegiance lies with a lying, orange-haired freak than with our troops. Great job.
  5. Simple question: Yes or no, did our so-called president say that Mexico would pay for the wall? It's not complicated, yes or no. Let the BS obfuscation begin. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2018/may/30/mexico-will-pay-for-border-wall-and-enjoy-it-says-trump-video
  6. No, you just are incapable of understanding military technology, rather, where the US is falling way behind our adversaries. to do something the least bit productive, research the ability of the US Military to counter Russian and Chinese AAAD systems. You will not like what you find, if you are in fact able to understand English.
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for Putin lovers, however, the President does not set budgets. They are set by Congress and the President signs off on them. Republicants forced the sequester, shut down the government in 2013 and would lobby in favor of suffocating if Obama advocated breathing. The orange haired freak that lives in the White House proclaimed that "Nobody's bigger or better at the military than me". And yet he prides himself on paying no taxes. Do you think that Seal Team Six is funded by bake sales? Vladimir Putin is a stronger US patriot than you. And yet you support the orange haired freak to the ends of the Earth. Traitors.
  8. Who said I was a "lefty"? I happen to care more about the safety, well-being and effectiveness of our military than construction of a wall that our so-called president said would be paid for by Mexico. But hey, if that makes me a "lefty", great, knock yourself out. I hope that none of your family or friends will serve in an unprotected M1A2 Abrams. Our so-called president has made it clear that the lives of American tankers take second place to a needless wall that he said would be paid for by Mexico. Great job. just great.
  9. The orange-haired freak that lives in the White House said that Mexico would be paying for "the wall". Now it's on US taxpayers to fund "the wall". Right wing thugs went ballistic with "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor".....OK, let's try some comparisons: -How does the active protection system on the M1A2 Abrams tank compare to the T90 or T-14 Armata? Answer: only 268 Abrams tanks are getting the Israeli trophy system, leaving our tankers and Bradley crews at lethal risk from the RPG-29 and Kornet How does the F-22 IRST system compare to that on the SU-57? Answer: the F-22 doesn't have an IRST due to the Republican sequester How does the active torpedo defense system of US warships compare to the Russian RBU-1000? Answer: US warships don't have a hard-kill torpedo defense How do US hypersonic antiship missiles compare to the Russian Zircon? Answer: The US does not have a hypersonic antiship cruise missile I could go on and on but it's pointless. Trump hates Mexicans more than he cares about the US military, or American taxpayers for that matter. And trump supporters, who claim to "support our troops", do nothing of the sort. Well done you Putin allies.
  10. The US victory at Midway was, is and always will be stunning. Cracking JN25, knowing that the attack on the Aleutians was a diversion, the sacrifice of Torpedo 8 that brought all of the Zeros down to low level and thus unable to counter a swarm of incoming Dauntless dive bombers etc etc etc. It really p!sses me off that the Yorktown was still afloat and could have been towed back to Pearl Harbor for repair but Jap sub I-168 torpedoed the Yorktown and sunk the Hammond as well. How sweet it must have been to see the Akagi, one of the six carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor, get sent to the botttom. Hiryu, Soryu and Kaga met a similar fate.
  11. If you don't mind spending a few bucks to fix the situation...... Buy a small tube of PL400 and glue a dimensional piece of red oak to the back of the speaker. If you can get a couple of coarse-thread drwall screws through the oak and into the speaker, all the better. Buy two RAM Ball mounts and a RAM mounting stalk. Mount the ceiling ball so that you catch a joist and not just drywall. I would recommend 1.5" RAM balls because they are much stronger than the 1". Screws the 2nd RAM ball onto the oak. You can adjust that speaker at any angle/direction you want with this combo.
  12. May I make a suggestion. The symptom is that a squirrel is getting into your house and you put up barricades to entry. To treat the problem, get a jar of peanut butter, a box of rat poison and make squirrel meatballs. Put them up at the top of the chimney were the little bastage has been getting in as it will keep trying. Voila, problem solved. I had an issue with a bear constantly getting into my garbage cans. No matter what, this thing would not stop. I bought a bottle of Insanity hot sauce and a few packs of liverwurst. The liverwurst was given a thick coating of hot sauce, then another slice with hot sauce etc etc etc. I put the liverwurst concoction on top of a milk crate next to the garbage cans. The next day, there was clearly a bear bite mark in the liverwurst but it was still there. Yogi never came back.
  13. Kool Aid? Try this.....It was winter and I had forgotten to cover the Egg after a pizza party. It snowed that night and a layer of ice formed on the top dome. I went to clear the ice off the next day and the scraper took off a piece of green ceramic about the size of a quarter. I called Big Green Egg to order a touch-up kit. Their response? The finish is guaranteed for life and they were sending out a brand-new top dome free of charge.
  14. Big Green Egg.
  15. It took my wife eight hours to drive home from Manhattan, a distance of barely 60 miles. She somehow got off of route 80 and went to a restaurant to wait things out and the place was packed with people in a similar plight. One guy said that he started in Rockaway and was heading for Long Valley (his route was east to west). Due to road closures, police vehicles blocking roads etc, he wound up in Denville which is EAST of his starting point.