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  1. You are right on the money with this. PSA levels are a general indicator, not an absolute. I am a prostate cancer patient advocate and am stunned by the number of ill-informed doctors out there. While a "normal" PSA range is 0-4, I have seen men with raging metastatic prostate cancer whose PSA never rose above 1 and men who had prostatitis who had PSA levels in the 20's. While uncomfortable and embarrassing, the DRE is useful for finding cancers that are not expressing PSA. There are two other tests that are not often run but I insist on them at annual bloodwork: 1. The Free PSA Test which measures the amount of PSA floating freely in the bloodstream. 2. PAP (Prostatic Acid Phosphotase) This test pre-dated the PSA test and is still very useful in determining if there is in fact a tumor in the prostate. The lack of knowledge about prostate cancer in the medical community is astonishing. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991 and her treatment team was like Seal Team 6; they had a treatment plan and squashed the tumor like a bug. My father was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in October 2000 and his treatment team, at the same hospital that my mom went to, was like the Three Stooges. They forked up so bad that he went to a a top radiation oncologist who prescribed an aggressive treatment regimen and Dad wound up beating that cancer. Not so for my Mom's brother, an Ivy League oncologist. He was diagnosed with a Gleason 6 and selected seed monotherapy as his treatment. I begged him to have 25 sessions of 3DCRT prior to seeding and he said, "Listen kid, I'm the doctor, you're not". He was so sure of his treatment that he didn't even bother to get post-seeding PSA tests. He had metastatic lesions in his pelvis, ribs and spine two years after seeding and died three years after seeding.
  2. The US has already stopped F-35 training for Turkish pilots and delivery of the aircraft to Turkey has been suspended. That Turkey acquired the S-400 is very worrying; Putin is clearly attempting to divide the NATO alliance and Turkish operation of the S-400 will allow them to document how well and under what circumstances the S-400 can track and target stealth aircraft. The S-400 is not one missile, rather, several different missiles bundled into one integrated system. There is a long-range missile that is designed to take out large, highly-observable targets such as an AWACS, mid range missiles with that can engage faster, more stealthy targets and a short-range missile that (supposedly) can engage stealth and highly maneuverable threats. The US lags far behind the Russians in missile development, whether it is anti-air, anti-ship, land attack etc. The US builds a fleet of giant aircraft carriers; instead of building a giant fleet of aircraft carriers, the Russians develop hypersonic missiles to sink our aircraft carriers. The concept is called asymetric warfare and we may be in for a very rude awakening. The battleship was king in World War I, the aircraft carrier in World War II and 70+ years have since passed. Billy Mitchell was ridiculed because he said that aircraft posed a lethal threat to surface ships. Russian and Chinese missiles pose a lethal threat to our ships and aircraft and we lag far behind in countering those threats.
  3. My Grandfather passed away in 1996 but wherever he is, he is smiling. Kingfish were one of his favorites and their disappearance in the late 70's through his passing pained him.
  4. Ah crap, I posted the same thing....
  5. Well Mr. Hood, you reap what you sow....from CNN "CNN In an apparent act of mob justice, a man was beaten to death after he tried to steal a car with three children inside, Philadelphia police said. Erik Hood, 54, drove off with the car while the children's mother and father were in a store Thursday night, police said. The parents chased down the vehicle on foot and pulled the carjacker out of the car when he got caught in traffic, police said. Hood assaulted the father and fled, but a large crowd stopped Hood and beat him, police said. He was pronounced dead at Temple University Hospital, police said."I'm not a fan of street justice," Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said at a press conference Friday. "I think everything should play out through us as it comes to criminal actions."Police have video footage of the encounter and are trying to identify the people who assaulted Hood, Smith said. No arrests have been made, he said. A spokeswoman for the district attorney's office said prosecutors are waiting for police to complete their investigation before commenting.The children in the vehicle were not harmed, police said."
  6. I got called for jury duty a few years ago and had to sit in the waiting room at a table full of middle-aged to old bitties. They started talking about their aches and pains and one of them proudly annouced, "I'm gluten free". I said to her, "Hello Gluten, it's nice to meet you". She was dumbfounded.
  7. Howdy: One issue with dual-action splitters is that they are horizontal-only which is a serious problem if you have large rounds to split. With a conventional splitter, you can set it to split vertically. I used to put a 2"x12" up against the splitter foot, put a bunch of big rounds on the 2"x12" and they would easily slide onto the splitter foot. I would just sit there on a milk crate and crank out splits from big rounds. A few things to look for in any splitter are tonnage (28 tons+) and cycle time. While 28 tons may seem like overkill, you will encounter rounds that are twisted, have huge knots etc. a 22 ton splitter will get bogged down. Some splitters have very slow cycle time which is a pita. My splitter had a table bolted to the side of it which made splitting smaller rounds a breeze. There is also the option of a 4-way wedge if you want to increase productivity. In terms of brands, Iron & Oak is the gold standard but they carry a premium price tag. You can do well with other brands that cost less. When you do pick up your splitter, check the hydraulic fittings, engine oil and hydraulic fluid reservoir. It is very common for hydraulic fittings to be loose, engine oil under-filled or no oil at all and insufficient hydraulic oil in the reservoir. While manufactures may claim that splitters are "towable", that is really not the case. Most splitters use the hydraulic reservoir as an axle and it pains me every time I see somebody doing 60MPH towing a log slitter. Sure, no problem pulling it around your yard with a lawn tractor, however, if you can bring it home in the bed of a pickup truck or on a trailer you will save the potential of a cracked hydraulic reservoir. Good luck and happy splitting.
  8. @NJcharlie, GREAT FIND! In my dreams, I would like to have a copy of this mailed to everyone who constructed a staircase and put a "Private" sign on it and then replace their "Private" sign with one that says "Public Beach Access". Parking is still an issue, though......
  9. Oh, I've seen people wearing ties while going fishing. And black coats, white dress shirts, black cowboy hats and dress shoes......this was in a certain town that used to have awesome jetties but now has a their own free, giant beach that we can't access.....I tried to tell them that walking on jetties without spikes was dangerous but that did not resonate at all. Their problem, not mine.
  10. Can you imagine the reaction of Deal residents being forced to have port-a-cr@ppers on their new private beach.....
  11. Spots....man, they bring back memories. I used to catch tons of Spots off the Sunset Lake dock back in the 1970's.....sure, they weren't exactly tackle busters but for a kid, they eagerly gobbled up small pieces of squid and some outings produced 30+ fish. They were like saltwater bluegills to me.
  12. Why did Michael Jackson call Boyz II Men? He thought it was a delivery service A man goes to a bar. He gets so drunk he throws up all over himself. He says, "Bartender, what am I gonna do. When I get home and my wife sees that I got so drun k I puked on myself, she's gonna kill me". The bartender says, "Here's what you do. Take a ten dollar bill and put it in your shirt pocket. When you get home, tell you wife that a drunk guy in the bar threw up on you and he gave you ten dollars to have your shirt cleaned." "Bartender, that's a great idea, that's just what I''ll do". The guy gets home and says to his wife, "Honey, some drunk guy in the bar threw up on me but look, he gave me ten dollars to have my shirt cleaned. And the other ten dollars is from the guy that **** in my pants".
  13. Dang, I was in Lowe's yesterday and an 18" Smokey Mountain was going for $325.00. So yes, I'd say you scored. Best of luck with it and may many delicious meals be in your future....
  14. My roof doesn't have a steep pitch so I just climb up on the roof and manually clear the gutters. This is not recommended for steeply-pitched roofs. If gutter clogs are a constant problem for you, check out the systems made by Englert.
  15. She is nuttier than squirrel droppings. As quoted from the Hot Crazy Matrix, she's the chick that will key your car, put a bunny in the pot etc. The pictures you see of her are now outdated and she looks nothing like her former self. She decided to go and get her lips inflated with collagen and her freaky looks now match her freaky mind. Check out these pic and notice the length of her fingernails in the first one.....