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    tavern fishing reports

    BTW, Shimano Speedmaster rods might be my new favorite for dual purpose heavy jigging throwing big plugs. Was using the 12' last night and thing is sweeeeet, and only $150. Birthday card from my son lol
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    tavern fishing reports

    Got 4 last night that were all identical in length, only difference was who was eating more. Fat little pigs. Brought the boga just for **** and giggles, they were 17,18,19,21
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    When Is Enough Enough Already!!!!

    Estimates put the cost of Illegal aliens to the American taxpayer at approximately 200 billion per year. Estimates are that there are approximately 120 million households in America. Just using rough numbers for illustrative purposes, I wonder if the majority of American households would rather have an additional $1670.00/yr to spend, with no illegals in the Country; or, no additional money to spend, but a nice consistent annual rise in Welfare costs due to the ever increasing ranks of illegals . In any case, I can buy a whole lot of produce at my local farm market (they don't use illegal labor) ......gee, I wonder what the majority of Americans would choose if given the choice?
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    Mark Levin this past Sunday.

    If you think Mark Levin doesn't pound on the right on a regular basis you're living in an alternate universe. Levin is hardly a Republican cheerleader. He's a Constitutional Conservative. Hes also smarter and better educated than 95% of the left.
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    Mark Levin this past Sunday.

    You can't be serious; he routinely has called out establishment/swamp Republicans like Cantor, Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, Collins, Mrukowski, Flake, Corker to name a few.
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    Toad in Nj

    Hockey 2018 - 19

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    GO B’s!

    Had to be said. Another game 7 win against the Leafs! Next round is going to interfere with my fishing...
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    Squid boats

    You haven't lived til you've gotten inked by a big squid.
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