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    The Explains So Much About Some Overly Angry SOLers

    I love my life! Go to the doctor twice a month to get my extra testosterone withdrawn and donate it to the less fortunate.
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    A Public Service Message For The Enfield Forum

    I love how many people pay 0 attention to history.
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    Painting vintage Mitchell reels

    This question goes out to Rick C. or the Mitchell Master: I have *almost* finished sanding off all the old paint on the parts I plan to paint. I AM going to use DuraCoat, because it wear like iron. Question: Once I get it down to pure metal do I need to use a "self etching" primer first before I use the DuraCoat, or can I apply it directly to the bear metal?!? Question #2: Rice C. I noticed you DuraCoated the plastic drag knob. Is there anything special I need to do first BEFORE I DuraCoat the drag knob, or can I apply it directly?!? Will the DuraCoat wear like iron on plastic as it does on metal?!? Question #3: Rice C.: I noticed that you used a Mitchel 402 "High Speed", Round knob Handle -vs- the 302 "Torpedo" Handle, yet when I put them next to each other they are exactly the same length. Is it just a "coolness" factor or is there is a functional reason to use the 402 "High Speed" Round knob Handle over the "Torpedo" Handle?!? Question #4: Can you paint DuraCoat directly over an existing Mitchel paint without first stripping the paint off?? Can you use DuraCoat Clear directly over an existing Mitchell paint to protect the finish (would like to be able to do that as I have parts fro, two almost mint 402's I like to protect, yet fish with)?? Even though I have yet to even start the painting process I am assembling all the parts that are going to be used in my 302-402 hybrid reel. Must admit it is kind of FUN having both a 302 and a 402 "parts reel". The reel will NOT look nearly as impressive, but it should none-the-less be "interesting" -- I HOPE -- when I finish it.
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