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    Reports Thread for May 2020

    Out front, MoCo, from 7:45 to 9 am. Great looking white water, no cabbage, and water still chilly (49). Not a tap. Tried all types of plugs. No bird action, actually only one or two gulls visible. The surprising thing was that I was the only guy fishing! Not another angler in sight. As I was finishing up, I felt a little disappointed in the results, until I realized that I should be grateful as hell. I live 5 minutes from the beach, have most of my mental and physical facilities working, which isn't bad for a 75 year old, and a supportive wife and family. I also thought back to friends of mine who didn't make it back from Nam, not as fortunate as I was. I thought about the personal struggles that I and many of my comrades have gone through since our physical return. I buried more of my fellow vets to suicide than I lost in combat. They're names are on the other side of the Wall in Washington, not visible to those who didn't know them. I thought of those who have died and are dying from the cancers and other diseases associated with the chemical "bullets" that rained from the sky. They too are on the other side of the Wall. Take a moment this weekend to remember those who gave the fullest measure of service and didn't come back from the Final Patrol. Also remember those on the other side of the Wall, whose numbers continue to mount. God bless them.
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    Not a new topic just a PSA If you snag NEVER EVER NEVER cut your line. Pull until your leader knot, hook knot or hooks fail. Easy to do no matter where you are. Lots of different opinions on how to pull. I will usually reel tight, point rod at snag (so it does not bend) hold the spool and walk backwards until something fails. Some are concerned about stress on reel and use a wooden dowel, plier handles etc. Both methods work. But PLEASE do not cut your line to leave 50-100 yards of snaggy line floating in the water to trap animals and people Thank you and tight lines
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    Lost my mom today to covid

    My mom lost her battle with covid tonight at about 8:30. About 2 months ago she was admitted to the hospital for other issues. She has always had many health problems. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks then discharged to a physical rehab facility. After about a week she was ready to go home until she started showing symptoms of covid. She was admitted back to the hospital where she tested positive. She went downhill pretty quickly. About 4 weeks ago she was intubsted and put on a vent. Little by little things stated getting better. Then, about a week ago she took a turn the wrong way. The other day we had to decide whether to put in a permanent trache and keep her on the vent indefinitely, or let hospice take over and let her go peacefully. She expressed many times during her life that she didn't want to live on life support. Hope for the best but expect the worst I guess. I'll rest easy tonight knowing that she finally got to hug my dad after 19 years and my little brother after 11 years again. Rest easy mom, I love you.
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    Cowards? That's pretty strong coming from a veteran of the Chair Force who sat in a tower thousands of miles away from the action. I too served in the USAF but I'd never stoop so low as to blanket disparage everyone who did not serve as cowards. Take that indignation and shove it up your ass. We all lose family and friends in life, it isn't a license to come on here and attack people. Phuq you!
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    don't be a criminal and you won't get locked up. Next question
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    mom n nems.

    the family got together today.
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    Schnapps 812

    tavern fishing reports

    Pete and I went on TBM today and we both limited out on seabass & got several ling. Pete also got a small whiting, tog and a squirrel hake. I won the pool....yay
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    What's up ladies? Sorry I haven't been on here. Not doing so well. I sleep a lot and when I'm awake I'm dealing with the pain. Hard to focus using the tablet. My daughter said that some of you fellas wanted to have a meal sent to the house for the whole fam damily. I think she explained to boB that my wife and I are just afraid of this covid stuff and don't trust take out food, or any food for that matter that she hasn't prepared. I sure do appreciate the wonderful sentiment though. You fellas are awesome! Thanks to @Firinne for keeping tabs through my daughter. Just your continued support for my family is more than I could ever ask for. We really don't need anything. Some thoughts and prayers for my family as they continue to deal with all of this. Especially my grandson Bo. It's really been rough on him. Thankfully he is done with classes for this semester and doesn't need that added to his worries until the fall semester begins. The regulars in the Main can say what they want about the Tavern regulars, but I say I couldn't ask for a finer bunch of morans to call my friends. Thanks to each and every one of youse.
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    Reports Thread for May 2020

    MoCo Out Back Last night 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM I walked out onto the beach to very nice conditions. Light SW wind, clean water and some evidence of bunker in the area. I walked past a person that had a keeper Striper on the beach, so that was encouraging. I was told that there was a nice bite of big 10# blues 2 hours before. It was very crowded for a weeknight, but I was still able to wade in and practice social distancing. That is until the person next to me hooked up, he lost the fish but more people started coming out. He lost the fish, but he told me that it looked like a bluefish. I started out with a 7 inch white Hydro Minnow, but was not having any luck. There was a slow pick of fish, mostly taylor blues and one or 2 small schoolie stripers. I started to notice that that my waders had a slow leak right in the crotch area. After a while I switched to a sinking SS Little Neck Popper with an eel skin. That eel skin had really nice action but wasn't getting any love from the fish. Right around sunset you could see a large school of bunker just beyond reach being driven towards the beach. I could see the bunker jumping out of the water. They pushed in to the edge of reach and people started hooking up. It turned out to be a steady pick of small taylor blues for about half hour and then one guy hooked up with a nice keeper Striper that appeared to be slightly over 30 inches.. By that time my pants were soaked and I was really cold but I snapped on a 3 Oz Danny Metal Lip for a chance for a nice Striper. After about 20 minutes I was getting shivers and I had to leave. After I walked back to the car I figured that I could try another spot where I don't have to wade in. It was only 2 hours into the outgoing and I warmed up on the walk. Got to the second spot and I noticed that there were bunker occasionally breaking the surface and tail slapping. I snapped on my 6 in Black Back Silver Hydro minnow and cast out ... nothing .. Seemed like a lot of happy bunker.. After about an hour I switched back to my SS little neck eel skin .... Ten minutes later my eel skin was crushed right at the surface about 30 feet in front of me. The fish didn't get traction and frothed up the surface into a mass of white water. 3 seconds later ... the hook pulled out ... Well I wasn't cold anymore ... I continued casting hoping for another shot and about 5 minutes later got another crushing hit. This time the line zipped out of my drag on a quick but powerful run. 2 more powerful runs and I started getting the edge... 5 minutes later I got my first keeper for the spring... 36 inches .. I ended up staying for another hour or so but that was all she wrote....
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    Angler #1

    Changing year in the Cape Cod Canal

    pending finalization of all legal matters . Division Of Marine Fisheries has declared a 90 day emergency closure to all commercial fishing inside of the Cape Cod Canal. No hearings will be conducted due to the virus outbreak , thus an emergency declaration is being declared with the Army Corps cooperation . They are hoping to have it approved by June First or before the bass season starts in June. It will now become an easy task for environmental police to enforce the one single fish of less than 35 inches as No one will be allowed to have in possession any fish greater than that size . This has been a long over due process given all of the Poaching that has occurred along these waters over the past several years . Some will be upset and some will not . This also meets the mission of the Army Corp in the realm of Recreational fishing where as commercial fishing is not part of there mission statement when it comes to recreational use of these waters. The source of my information is both from the State and Federal officers that have been working on this for some time and when it is finalized every one will get the information in public releases from the various departments involved. Peace and Prayers
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    Loading a Redfin with mercury

    I prefer plutonium for loading redfins.
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    What's up all you lunatics? I'm home and feeling slightly better. It's good to be home. I wish I had some great news to pass along, but unfortunately it's quite the opposite right now in my current situation. We have the hospice team coming to my house tomorrow for an evaluation to discuss my doctors orders and my other needs. It's getting too much of a burden for my wife and family to take care of. I'm not going to be on here very long this evening. It's a bit of a struggle as it is to type this out. I want to thank everyone for the continued support and dedication to constantly weigh in here daily. It truly means a lot. More than you know. A big special thanks to boB ( @Firinne ) for keeping in touch with my daughter and relaying the updates. Thank you boB.
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    Reports Thread for May 2020

    Well i got a fishing story that i have a witness on because when i tell it, its going to sound like bs. All day ive been watchen the weather..hopen for a window.Did a bunch of stuff around the house, watched the radar..figured the best chance was gunna be post 330pm. Went out with my father. Flat calm, overcast skies to west, dark to north and east. Copper water. We start marking giants. Big big fish. Theres very few boats out. Put out a tandem charteuse mojo amd a single white mojo. We decide to spin back and find those marks. Get back over it than boom. Tandem one bends in half and its on. Ripping drag. I thought we were gunna get spooled. Fish comes to top and i said o my God this is massive. After 10 mins we land it. every bit 45 lbs. We unhook, pic, revive and release. All the while we are doing that, the other lead mojo on the tandem was still submerged. All of a sudden we noticed the rod starts tipping up against the gunnel. We lift it by the leader, theres another 40 pounder hooked. About 85 lbs of striper on one rod. lol. quickly released that. 10 mins later skies open...visibility goes to zero. we race in with the biggest s*it eating grins. Keep in mind we have been stinking of skunk so we earned that one. made it back to dock safely after a sketchy ride in. Was some moment. Never will forget it. Heres the one
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    Police State

    Police states are horrible and unAmerican. So how bout we get our businesses back open. Rioters should be shot on sight.
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    tavern fishing reports

    Kid got a whopper today, think this is the biggest he has caught close to 4 pounds I think. On a zoom fluke twitched under the surface.
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    As I read in another thread, lets see the contact tracing cell phone type stuff implemented - show me where the people burning down these towns come from. The ones that crossed state lines, get a warrant - provide it to their cell phone service providers - get their names - and charge them with felonies There's an easy solution. Also, anyone caught looting is permanently removed from all social service programs - otherwise the federal government is using our tax dollars to support and provide for felons and domestic terrorists. We can't have that. Time to crack down. TimS
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    Reports Thread for May 2020

    Finally showed up had a few at tide turn had one I couldn’t turn thought it was a red! Kept burning drag finally broke off I will be dreaming bout that one.. many blues up to 22” this weak was 261/2 and fought hard. I knew this morn was right with that fog and light wind. Plain unscented white grub 1/2oz
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    What you have lost

    Your post is a lie, and easily checked as such. Starting with just the first entry. Still in effect, with changes proposed within the guidelines. Just like every other administration. Incidentally, a president can’t repeal a law....so there’s that too. So why don’t you start at the top, go through each one, tell us which Trump has repealed, or what modifications were made and why. And stop lying.
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    I got all the good stuff Pete. My daughter and her husband are taking care of keeping the household stocked and handling yard work and such. It takes the pressure off my wife. It's been all she can handle caring for me. My grandson just took his last final of the semester, so he's done for the summer. I need to see him more right about now. I had a visit from the hospice team yesterday to evaluate my needs, doctor orders, check out the living arrangements and assess what needs to be done. That should also help my wife out. I think she is close to her breaking point. They will remain with me for the duration, but in the chance that things turn around and I start feeling better, we can always suspend the care. One day at a time. I've just been sleeping a lot.
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    Random Images V

    The oncology dream team of super heroes at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. Very proud of my daughter, who is 4 months pregnant but always ready to serve and fight for kids with myeloma, lymphoma and leukemia in spite of the constant threat of coronavirus.
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    RL Bucktails

    The tavern Meme thread

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    Finally some good news........... Good morning Bob. Some updates for you. Dad has been doing better the last three days. In fact, he may be allowed back home today. We'll see what the doc has to say this morning. He will still probably be bed ridden for some tie yet, but it'll be much easier on us with him at home where we can care for him better on a personal level. The thoughts and prayers are working for now. Thank you to all Dad's supporters. Big hugs and kisses to all. Lan
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    Big win for CT

    transgender athletes competing against girls violates the girls civil rights.....
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    Biden's Gaffs

    I don't believe you can complain about the job Trump had done before this pandemic struck. He had done more to improve our country and life for US Citizens then any President in my lifetime. The number of people unemployed was the lowest ever, especially for minorities. Trump is getting so much done even with Nancy and crew fighting him every move he makes. You want to look at divisiveness look no further then Nancy and her liberal cohorts in Congress. As your Messiah told John McCain, the election is over and you lost ! Remember elections have consequences. Those who oppose Trump every step of the way because they loathe the man and don't want to see him succeed are definitely, IMO, UnAmerican. As much as I disliked Obama's political views and policies I did not hate the man as those on the left HATE Trump.
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    The Zen Master

    DOJ Drops case against Flynn

    Obama knew... Democrats are America's greatest enemy.
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    Dave S

    DOJ Drops case against Flynn

    I hope he sues each and every individual that was involved personally for the destruction of his and his family's life.
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    Where were you when I was being impeached?

    Trump's response is 100% on the money. The Obama Administration corrupted almost every single aspect of the Federal Government, from the FISA Court, to the FBI, to the DOJ, to the NSA, to the CIA, to the IRS for god's sake, and what did Bush do or say? Nothing. Bush is Mr. "pro-Military." Where was he when Obama's goons ****ed over Flynn? Nowhere, that's where. So **** him too.
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    lockdown snitches got outted.

    Don’t get mad, get even. This guy’s neighbors had to bitch about his Trump flag so he went out and got the boat wrapped. Volume up...
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    Destroying any sympathy the killing in MN may have garnered. "The USA sucks and I'm a victim, so I'm gonna loot and burn that store!!" Actually, I'm noticing all the white weenie kids out there with their Antifa hoods on. They need to get their skulls busted.
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    Reports Thread for May 2020

    Took the 4 yr old out front today. Got one short and two blues. Last weekend we had a 28 and 35 (last pic). He’s really hooked!
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    Reports Thread for May 2020

    I don’t often take pictures of fish, but this one was deserving. Got a length measurement but couldn’t put her on the boga in good conscience.
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    Memorial Day.

    When you think about what this day means it sounds a little strange to put Happy in front of it. Here is to the bold and brave who gave all and a salute to all on here who have lost someone special.
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    Free Parking

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    Cleaning up after inconsiderate people

    After fishing the morning tide at the canal I was disgusted by seeing people just pile trash around the closed trash cans . So me and my girlfriend bought trash bags and cleaned up the hole herring run stretch . I love spending time at the canal and fishing there . I don’t want it to get shut down because of selfish people who don’t care
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    Native Tribes fishermen are being Harrased

    I gotta say I'm a little disappointed in people on this forum having an issue with actual native Americans being allowed to have this one tiny historic (as in pertaining to their history) allowance. For all the virtue signalling about "I'm 100% catch and release" and whatnot because of ones supposed care for a species of fish I hear around here, you would think that we would care about how we treated an entire culture of actual people.
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    Any Luck Buddy

    tavern fishing reports

    Finally got the little guy into his first fish. Don’t think his teacher was too happy with his taking a cast during “class” but it was too nice not to get out there. Hopefully this memory lasts a bit longer than whatever the he’ll they were yentaing about
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    The tavern Meme thread

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    Changing year in the Cape Cod Canal

    So today i brought lawn bags with me, filled 1 with everything from dunkies cups to diapers. I left the dog waste to prove that point. Otherwise im just tired of seeing trash daily everywhere cause folks are to lazy t carry there sh@t out. The bournedale run is trash free at the moment. A few people commented on me picking up trash
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    He had zero problem with providing drivers licenses for illegals, court attorneys for illegals, schooling for illegals, hospital care fore illegals, for years and now we are broke....... F Him.
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    inlet tactics

    Korkers are a must! Unless you are fishing Squan you better have a set of korkers strapped to your feet and check them before each trip. It could mean life or death more often than you're prepared for. Inlets are sacred to those who fish them and anyone who spills the beans has likely not unlocked the magic. There are magic windows that open for short periods of time and you'd be lucky to unlock the mechanics of one inlet let alone multiple but there are some rules to live by. With that said YOU need to spend a lot of time at your favorite inlet. I could write a book on the details of my favorite inlet and I feel like i've only just begun because every season it changes slightly. Things to acknowledge: Landing rocks, the pocket, rips, the point, big ass boulders, sand ledges, the tip, the backside, the current, the lag, the slack, the moon tides, the holds, the bottom contour, the sand bar, the crabs, the tog, snapper, weakfish, bunker, sandeels, holes, mussel ledges, seams, swing, etc. The very first thing to do when walking on to the jetty after getting to a productive spot is to declare your landing rock, the **** hit the fan rock, and the 50# plan. If you dont have a plan in place for what to do after hooking a fish then you're putting yourself in a lot of danger. Rogue waves are real and you will face them if you fish a jetty often enough. HAVE A PLAN. Safety gear: Korkers, rope/stringer, dive knife, 2 headlamps, a lip gaff, a jetty rod (not a flimsy surf rod), and fishing etiquette. Figuring out how to fish an inlet is the fun part. The fast track to unlocking secrets of an inlet is to pry the bottom apart with bucktails. Eventually you will know when to throw plugs but knowing the bottom is the key to success.
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    Living in a busy city...is it worth it anymore?

    It was never worth it to me I hate cities.
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    Police State

    Telling someone they can't open their barbershop seems like a police state.
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    Capt Buck

    The tavern Meme thread

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    Corporate Censorship, Trump Hits Back

    As long as Trump keeps jamming his finger in the eye of anyone who thinks that the status quo of hyper biased reporting/treatment is ok, then I am on board with him. When he stops being useful in that regard, I'll think again. Oh. That, and Judges. Oh. And the LibProgs can go eat a bagodicks. Chomp Chomp Chomp.
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    The tavern Meme thread

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    AH Perry

    Reports Thread for May 2020

    There are some big fish around right now. Moco round back on plug which got absolutely hammered. Just as dark set in. Left em biting. This one was 37" and very fat.
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    Because the man has been getting screwed from the day he beat the witch! He is fighting fire with fire. I’d feel the same way if it was a Dem! The media, and Dems have treated him with ZERO respect. His response, **** em! I’m ok with it.
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    The tavern Meme thread

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    Identify this car

    Looks like a Buick Grand National
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    So why do you dislike liberals so much?

    It's not that I dislike liberals, but what most of them stand for. They yell and scream for everyone to be tolerant of their deviant behavior yet are intolerant of anyone who dares speak against their behavior. They are against the Death penalty for convicted murderers and rapists yet are all for the killing of innocent babies. They don't want anyone to tell them what to do or how to do it yet want the Government to pay for it. They are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever had to deal with. If you want people to accept you and your beliefs you must be willing to accept others for theirs. Liberals are the least tolerant of people this side of Terrorist Muslims.
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