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    The Riddler

    When a tradesman passes.....

    I got bad news this week. One of the greatest Plumbers I have ever met passed away. Larry was the Journeyman who gave me some very important lessons in my apprenticeship and it wasn't all about the Plumbing. Sure, he showed me how to throw up 100' of no hub pipe, fittings and hangers. I made a lot of money on that alone...but his greatest lesson? It didn't need to be taught it had to be shown. He put his family number one and everything else just fell into place. He loved his wife and kids unconditionally. It was absolutely rare, especially these days. I will never forget him. Tomorrow we all dress in flannel and Harley shirts to celebrate his life. When a tradesman dies we lose that craftsmanship. It can never be replaced....but his lessons went way beyond the Plumbing Trade. 58 years old and left us way too soon. May I learn to love people unconditionally.
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    Big Bass is Ready - Taxidermy Man Called

    My son's 23.5 inch largemouth is ready. We took measurements and pictures and released the fish. I forget the girth. Taxidermist estimated the weight at 8.5-9 pounds, based on length/girth. It's eating a 4 inch bluegill. I guess we're paying for two fish to get mounted.
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    Kings over Queens

    1 down, the 2nd soon to follow...

    Golden child and little sister in home stretch. Her last 2 finals were released at midnight and she couldn't sleep. got out of bed at 2am (waking us up) so she could take them. She's done, no more college. He's upstairs now banging away. A final and a paper were all that were left. Expect he will be done by end of day. 2 out of my 3 kids have finished college. Not bad considering that neither of their parents did.
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    this is America

    caused my wife to get all pissed off at me last night. Still is, kind of. We were picking up something for my daughter at Ikea, ind of in a mood because I got dragged into their BS, moreso because Ikea was inolved. So I backed the truck in to load and some guy with the Ikea badge starts yammering at me in Spanish. Didn't even try English. I turned to him and said 'Dude, I don't speak Spanish, this is America, where do you think you are?' And got the stink eye from the wife. Still getting it. Eff it, I'm right, deep down she knows it. I'm sticking to my guns boys. I'll see how this plays out. Worst case I end up down at the beach house tonight.
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    tavern fishing reports

    Got to bump this from the second page with some Bro action. Said he was ready to try catching a river fish, luckily was a slow tide tonight, was able to get him hooked up with 3 and still back home for bedtime. Was funny the first one was a rat and he's like these things fight like a wet rag, wasn't laughing when the big one was trying to pull him in next cast. This one went 26.
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    The tavern Meme thread

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    First crabbing trip of the season went well except that my steering cable is going. One hour and 45 minutes and almost a half of a bushel. Crabs and beer for dinner tonight. Oh yea....parsley also!
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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    Sorry for the length, I like to write...haha! I have really, really wanted to get my Dad on some stripers. But I've been struggling this season. Last season we just couldnt align to get out, unfortunately. So once I started putting some pieces together, I knew who I was calling immediately. Note: I dont typically share this sport with anyone (part choice I guess. kids are and will more, hopefully soon!). So I knew the time was right for Dad weather wise and less of the real grind we all deal with in the elements looking for a bite. He is 70 and enjoys fishing, but not in the hard-core fashion like many of us here do(all ages)! That night he joined me on my zombie shift after kids and fam were good to go. We take the 1.5hr drive and shoot the ish the entire way. I'm trying to say things which I hope will help him when he gets that unexpected bite. He ended up having 2 bumps and a few follows that I could see. We tried hard with the short time we had. Oh-so-close too!! One was on!! I ended up with a nice upper slot. Not used to being able to get a decent photo taken, haha! I'm not finding the 40" + fish just yet. Close no cigar. Hunting a PB... aren't we all? And like an idiot, I'm pretty sure I know where a lot of the big fish have been caught this spring but for some reason when I hear about it or think I know... I avoid it. I feel like someone else on here was saying similar not long ago. Anyway... You struggle, struggle and struggle some more. Some nights knowing exactly where you messed up. Some nights not having a clue. Then boom! You find yourself having multiple plugs attacked 50 times one night in 2 hours without a soul in sight. Both nights I wont soon forget. I love this game!! Very rewarding. I enjoy surfcasting stripers more than sailfishing and catching wahoo(my all time favorite). That says a lot!
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    Today we made a Doctor, again

    Number one son finished his Doctorate in Nursing Practice today. He is now a DNP, FNP. One more small graduation ceremony for number two son when he finishes residency and we can stop this non-sense.
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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    I had a funeral this morning and afterwards was so emotionally drained that I went to my place of zen... the water. Out front, outgoing tide and the bucktail fooled a 24 inch bass that races well up the lip on the hit. I didn't care if I caught anything to be quite honest - I just needed to be alone to process the day. And PLEASE hug your loved ones folks and if you can do that call them. Life is short... today was hard.
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    Somebody left their gear behind late this afternoon at the Westerly boat launch across from McQuaides. Call 401-440-1389 ** Edit : Owner has been reunited with his gear.
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    Tavern food thread

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    So today she went from Vent on 40% to vent tube in but vent off to No Vent darth Vader mask to no mask and just oxygen in nose and she’s at 100 saturation
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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    So finally found a few that could put a bend in the rod. Fished out front with very nice conditions, a rolling surf, clean water and overcast foggy sky. Upcoming full moon is pushing the water up the beach so keep an eye out for that. Have to confess that I was tossing all of the plastics and plugs but couldn't get a touch so went to the bugs and got results. First keeper size of the season at 31 inches and a second at 27. May is the new June, right?
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    The tavern Meme thread

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    Wire For Fire

    What kind of dog do you have

    New addition to the family picked up today. HandSome lil terrier maybe lab mix I’m thinking . 6 month old and sweet and amazing lil boy . Hasn’t barked once yet . Poop and pissed outside so far . Still warming up to in the house but was instantly comfortable in the crate ... was love at first sight ..
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    tavern fishing reports

    From the last 2 weeks
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    Elon Buys Twitter

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    DOJ license to buy a gun

    Booker, Blumenthal and Menendez are introducing legislation today requiring a federal DOJ license before you can buy a firearm. Also want to raise the legal age to buy a firearm to 21. Hard no. I see how the feds manage oil, healthcare, baby food, etc. I propose strict penalties for trying to enact unconstitutional laws. Should senators willfully violating the constitution be subject to criminal penalties?
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    tavern fishing reports

    Legit out fished me today, limited out before noon, can't complain about that. Nice ones too. Forget to get obligatory cooler full of fish and Gatorades.
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    Took a scooter ride

    Rode about 5 miles round trip. Had to rush it to beat the weather lol
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    “The great MAGA king”

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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    Gave it a shot out front this AM, SoMoCo. Beautiful morning. Nice light NE, middle of incoming, great surf conditions. Saw an osprey swing and miss on a dive and a couple of dolphin. Couldn’t resist trying bugs and finally broke the skunk streak with 1 24” schoolie. Had another hit that stole bait but that was it.
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    The ASMFC has released both a summary of the public comments made on Amendment 7 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Striped Bass, and copies of every individual comment, each of which were tabulated. For folks who wondered, in earlier threads, whether the ASMFC reads each comment, the answer is clearly yes. A total of 4,689 comments were received, from individuals (1,149), organizations (51, plus 92 organizations and businesses that were additional signatories to the American Saltwater Guides Association comment letter), and as form letters (3,397). The comments overwhelmingly supported striped bass conservation. Just to hit some of the high points: With respect to the time to reduce fishing mortality to target, 4,124 supported keeping the current 1-year deadline, 25 supported extending the deadline to 2 years 4,093 supported the current requirement that management action be taken as soon as overfishing occurs, 17 preferred that a 2-year average exceed the threshold before action is taken 4,101 comments supported a new requirement that, if a biomass trigger is tripped, rebuilding must begin within 2 years; 13 opposed such requirement 14 comments supported the current recruitment trigger, which wasn't tripped by recent low recruitment; 4,077 supported a new, more sensitive recruitment trigger 4,068 comments supported a new requirement that managers must act if a recruitment trigger was tripped; 16 would retain the Board's current option not to act; 2 would add qualifications 4,080 comments opposed giving the Management Board authority to delay taking action; 23 supported delays under some circumstances 4,052 supported basing the rebuilding plan on a low recruitment assumption; 12 disagreed 4,047 felt that the Management Board should fast-track rebuilding; 14 disagreed 4,104 felt that conservation equivalency should not be used when the stock is distressed; 52 opposed any restrictions on the use of CE 4,101 if stock overfished, 6 if spawning stock biomass is below target, 426 if overfishing is occurring 1,563 felt that there should be a minimum standard for data accurace (NOTE: for this and following items, many people failed to comment on the issue) 1,558 would limit the percent standard error to 30, 2 would limit the PSE to 40, 1 would limit PSE to 50 1,568 felt that states using conservation equivalency should have to incorporate a buffer to address management uncertainty 225 supported a 10% uncertainty buffer, 1,144 supported a 25% buffer, and 169 supported a 50% buffer 1,332 felt that "conservation equivalency" should be defined 1,328 believed that a state must achieve the same reduction as the coastwide measures would achieve in that state, 4 supported a state only meeting the overall coastal reduction That's a good distribution for the striped bass. Hopefully, the Management Board will get the message. The letters themselves were interesting, at least on the organizational level. The attorney generals for three states, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, sent in a letter strongly supporting striped bass conservation Three conservation groups, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and Wild Oceans, also wrote good pro-striped bass letters The Recreational Fishing Alliance, supported by a few charter boat groups, supported delay, continued conservation equivalency, lowering the biomass target, and maintaining rec harvest The Center for Sportfishing Poilicy claimed to speak for 7.5 million striped bass anglers, and was on target with most options, but well off the vast majority on others The American Saltwater Guides Association letter was supported by 94 fishing industry members, and groups including RISSA, Connecticut Surfcasters, etc. JCAA did noit submit comments With respect to the form letters: The form letter that garnered the greatest response, by far, was from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, with 2,461 Of sportsmen's groups, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers had the best response, 251 The American Sportfishing Association was runner-up in the sportsmen's category, with 217 Another form letter of uncertain provenance, but seemingly sent by Massachusetts surfcasters, had 141 responses; no other letter had the report of more than 100 persons I'm going to pull all of the numbers together, try to figure out patters and what it all means, and write it up in the blog that I'll write tomorrow. In the meantime, thanks go out to everyone who sent in comments. They will hopefully help to get the job done. If you want to read the comments yourself, you can find them here http://www.asmfc.org/files/Meetings/2022SpringMeeting/AtlanticStripedBassBoardSupplemental_May2022.pdf And, while I'm at it, thanks to Emile Franke, ASMFC';s Fishery Management Plan Coordinator for striped bass. She was brand-new when the PID came out in February 2021, and has done an exceptionally good job reaching out to stakeholders, coordinating the Plan Development Team, reading and tabulating comments, and generally trying to get this right. Now it's up to the Management Board, and even if they screw things up, Ms. Franke deserves nothing but thanks and appreciation.
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    Tavern food thread

    Venison and morels.
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    How old are you?

    I'll be 72 next month. All gravy since 69. Never take yourself to seriously.
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    Reel Deely

    Pasta Parties

    Any of you guys ever had these for the kids during sport seasons ? Both son and daughter are in high school sports and the night before a game there is a pasta party at one of the kids houses, well today I have about 20 JV Lacrosse girls in my house. I took the day off work to cook 10 pounds of chicken cutlets and 3 different types of pasta. The girls are all having a ball while I hide in the garage. Good times.
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    The tavern Meme thread

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    Wire For Fire

    etiquette for coming into lineup

    You get there earlier or you out of luck . Keep walking . Etiquette is a thing of the past
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    Love My Woodies....pic

    Love my wood ducks. They are fun to watch and remind me of penguins when they come marching up the hill from the creek.
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    What's the most OVERRATED eating fish?

    Striped bass: I know guys, and gals, that love the stuff. Me... Meh. I don't get the rave, It's good for fishcakes and chowder.
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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    Fished out front today even though I had planned on doing something else. The water looked too fishy, wasn't dirty at all and the surf was totally fishable. Hit 4 fish to 31" on bucktail just slow gliding it carefully through the very fast right to left sweep. I particularly loved catching one of the better two fish in front of a guy who made a point to come over and tell me that I "wasn't going to catch anything" and that the surf was "too big and too rough" lol......Ok buddy.
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    Huge white perch

    I know this species is often used as a joke but i would rather catch this species then any other fish. I have been targeting them this year and for my efforts i have caught stripe bass on many of the trips. Today i finally caught a state pin. I also had a monster of a stripe bass try and eat one of my other catches but that sharp dorsal fin must have made it to hard for him to eat. I have been using an ultra light set up with 6lb test and cast masters have been the best lure for me.
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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    I know i dont post on the monthly reports often so who am I but ive been around a while and thought id share. My rant on this...this fish was a special one even though it was only a 29"...the state of what this sport has become as of late is upsetting at best....the crowds have been a real challenge this spring worse than i have ever seen. Suddenly it became super cool to have a $1500 combo and walk around with it on your shoulder. Everyones a pro. I have had several good bites this year with many quality fish and i have been working my ass off to avoid fishing with a group of people. Taking some additional skunks and sacrificing a few extra big fish to catch slots. People have absolutely failed to maintain what the sport once was and when it has become commonplace for a first or second year angler to walk onto 25 and 30lb bass and then call 7 or 12 of their brand ambassador buddies that minute and put everyone in their social circle on a bite is just insanity to me. I always remember fall crowds in certain parts of the state but you used to be able to go out at 2am on rainy tuesday and have a spot to yourself. Not anymore. No one knows how to shut the f**k up. I dont see it changing. Hopefully i get a couple more seasons in before its all gone. Anyway i stayed far away from where all the crowds have been...you all know where...3 fish (2 smaller keepers and a short) 3 drops half doz hits
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    And just like that...................

    Dems right here on SOL were completely fine witholding life saving operations from and refusing medical care to the unvaxxed
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    Eagles Dare

    Mail Order Brides

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    April 2022 Fishing Reports

    Decided to go out front for an hour to change things up - this was at sunset and a little there after. I had a bunch of solid fish on big metal lips and smaller surfsters. If I threw crystal or sp minnows 2-5 pound bluefish were all over those - no gator blues though. I left the fish biting so I could go be with my daughter who was upset she wasn't there with me. She's way more important than any fish any day of the week.
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    Tavern food thread

    Moi and the Lovely Blonde went to dinner tonight at our favorite seafood place in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Water Street Seafood and is also a crab house. Nothing fancy but the food is outstanding and service is excellent. Only two dozen raw oysters this trip. Conch Fritters, Fried Oysters, Fish & Chips. In fact we are going back on Mother’s Day to Celebrate. Life is good.
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    Mr. Bigdeal

    April 2022 Fishing Reports

    Pic taken yesterday...RB & SH.....one of my boys left for a Turkey Hunt in SC and took it.
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    Bass Ackwards

    Poor Brad

    Brad lives in Delaware, near D.C. He was sick of the world, of Covid-19, of Trump, Russian belligerence, China, global warming, racial tensions, and the rest of the disturbing stories that occupy mainstream media headlines. In short, he was very despondent. So, Brad drove his car into his garage, and then sealed every doorway and window as best he could. He got back into his car, locked the doors and wound down all the windows, selected his favorite radio station, started the car, and revved it to a slow idle. He simply couldn't take it anymore. Two days later, a worried neighbor peered through his garage window and saw him slumped in the car. She notified Emergency Services, and they broke in, pulling Brad from the car. A little sip of water and, surprisingly, he was in perfect condition, but his Tesla had a dead battery. Brad is a Democrat...
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    Any Luck Buddy

    tavern fishing reports

    Helped the scouts with their fishing derby this week. Kids had a blast. Tangelations galore, but plenty of sunfish and perch biting. Good times all around.
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    tavern fishing reports

    Pop smoked em pretty good yesterday
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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    Gave in from my usual plug tactics and tried to participate in the “epic clam bite”. it worked and got my PB.
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    Capt Buck

    The tavern Meme thread

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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    Blues are not trash. They are an amazing fighting fish for our shores. I disagree with you. we dont like them bx our soft plastics get destroyed and bust some tackle. But i love catching blues.
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    NYPD Cuckold

    Polock catches his wife in bed with another man.......points the gun at his head and they both start laughing.......he says what are you laughing at, you're next.
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    Deck and planking roughed in on RC steam boat project. Rub rails, coaming and the like yet to go. Power plant is all sorted and works well.
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    May 2022 Fishing Reports

    No. I hate people
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    What happened at this furr pile

    This was no boating accident.
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    Your reaction to the Covid Vax

    No shots, no boosters, no flu shots, no flu........no reaction. Right now, happy I am vax free.
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