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    Your Favorite Fish Pic(s) of the Year?

    2am in wetsuit in a place she had to wade/swim to 29 lbs PB My 12 year old is a badass This fish swam away after a careful revive and release #teachem #biggirlsgottabreed #eat28ers
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    January 2019 Fishing Reports

    Wow, didn't think making a few informational posts would ruffle so many feathers. Here's the thing. I know if I want to be out there targeting bigger fish it means fishing the night time hours. That's just not what I do and don't find any enjoyment in it. Believe me, I know night time is when you will get more quality fish, but for me, it not just about that. I fish pre-dawn and evenings using light tackle and 99% of the time single hook. Catch and release everything. Can't remember when the last time I kept a legal fish. I take nothing away from those who do harvest a fish or two, I just would rather send them back for someone else to catch. Walking the sand almost every day since I retired has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great fisherman and women out there, along with the locals I see all the time. Great conversations and swapping of fish stories only add to the experience. So I don't take any offense on any of the comments made. We all have our own perspectives on things. I will keep on doing my thing and I hope you all do the same. Just get out there and do what makes you happy and try sharing it with others. I'll go back into my cave now.
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    Virginia Setting Max Size for Striped Bass?

    ^^^Lies. They have larger eggs and more of them which produce larger, more viable young with a better chance of surviving than the young of smaller bass TimS
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    Tricks and tweaks

    Every leader material Spool gets a loose wrap of velcro with a hole in it....... soft side down, adjust tension as needed for smooth line removal. Pull off what you want, the rest stays neatly spooled.
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    Tricks and tweaks

    Started using small Sluggos and Finesse Fish as teasers a few years ago. Did the small ball of thread and crazy glue thing to keep them in place on the hook, but found that only worked for a little bit. Any tail nipping snappers or overly hard casts would pull it down around the bend. Do this on jig heads as well To keep the rubber from sliding down, tie on a barb I bend the barbs with a needle nose pliers out of fine 320 welding wire, the stuff we use to make fresh water size lures Any cheap polyester sewing thread works for this. Seal it with fly tying cement, Sally Hanson Hard as Nails, Nail polish............... Be sure to file the tips of the wire smooth, they can be pretty sharp after being cut. I've been sliced pretty good trying to hold the jig with a thrashing fish on the hook.
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    What phony Elizabeth Warren is

    talking with my daughter (senior in HS) tonight....college acceptances are coming in, etc....great time in a dad's life....so we are talking about debt etc and it goes to the border wall and trump (not even sure how)….she looks right at me and says, "Dad, I'm not 100% sure what I am, but I KNOW I'm not a liberal". kids given me a million reasons to be proud, but this might be the best yet. one down two to go.
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    Delmarva Fishin' Reports - Winter 2018-19

    I thought this was a REPORTS thread not a pissing match on a general discussion forum. Getting as bad FB
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    Hottie Thread, Beautiful ACES!

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    December 2018 Fishing Reports

    Just want to thank all of those SOL'ers who sent good thoughts my way. Just back from my doctor and bladder biopsy was inconclusive. Best case scenario is they were looking at cells that were inflamed from a UTI I had but at absolute worst, he said it could be INSITU cancer cells that are non invasive into the bladder wall. May have to do some localized chemotherapy in the near future. Guess I'll be around awhile longer to bust everybody's balls. Worst part of all this is I am banned from smoking my beloved Macanudos.
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    Virginia Setting Max Size for Striped Bass?

    I’m all for a slot limit. Maybe 28-34” or over 48”. Until the angling community values these fish for sport, rather than “food” or a pat on the back, things just won’t improve. The culture of today’s recreational angler needs to change.
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    January 2019 Fishing Reports

    It's time. Went out this morning and got the 3rd skunk in a row. Beautiful water, but the food source has left. Few birds looking around, but they are not finding anything. Weather is turning colder so it's time to hang it up till April. Have to say 2018 was a productive year for me, catching more than double from 2017. Interesting non-scientific fact. Went back through my logs for the last 7 years to see what the ratio was for keeper size fish to total catch. 2018 was just about 3%, with the average over the 7 years being 4.5%. What does it mean? Who knows. Time to clean the gear and move to hibernation mode. Off to the shop to work on some new soft plastics for the coming season.
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    Tonight 9PM

    He should start off with video of Schumer, Obama, Bill, Hillary and Pelosi all explaining why we need better border security and why these illegals need to go. There's tons of footage from '06, '09 amd 2013. He could then move to present day and show what hypocrites they are. Once that's out of the way, he could then expound upon present day issues and appeal to the newly educated citizens.
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    Free Parking

    Last week or the week before? Either way............
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    Free Parking

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    Our Commander in Chief

    no matter how much you constantly soccer flop, he's still the better choice of the presidential candidates we had....it is what it is.
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    This probably won't be popular.

    A new law was passed in North Wildwood yesterday about making wakes in streets during storm flooding illegal. Seen it myself where flood waters are uo to a house or business and a truck, car or bus slams through and throws a wake that damages the buildings. Friend had his garage door blown right off the house when a military vehicle came rushing down his street. But that isn't what this thread is about. Our back bays including countless acres of wetlands is the lifeblood of our entire coastline. It's the nursery for just about every species of wildlife that calls the east coast home. Have spent over fifty years fishing these back bays and about thirty getting out of the boat and walking the meadow. Do this enough and you see the fine line of balance needed to keep our wetlands healthy. All of our seagulls including Terns all the way up to the largest black Backed Gull nest on these wetlands and nature makes them build nest very close to the edge of our waterways. What I have seen more recently is how we effect the health of these wetlands with something most of us don't even notice. Large boat wakes reek havoc on the wetlands and all the rookeries that line our waterways. Seen countless seagull nest torn apart or just washed right off the meadow by boat wakes during high tide. Gulls are programmed to build nests so the eggs are high enough so storm tides don't reach the eggs or chicks. Then we have so many large cruising style boats going back and forth throwing huge wakes that just roll right over the meadows destroying so many healthy nests. Some wakes simply blow entire sections of the sod banks right off and into the water. The only thing holding these wetlands together are the delicate roots of the plant life. Remove the plants and all that earth will just wash away with the tides. Most edges of the wetlands slope down towards the water and high tides come up over those edges so when a big boat wake hits it just rolls right up and over the meadow. It is sad to see a large number of nests just vanish because someone wasn't thinking about what their wakes were doing. Some day and it won't be pleasant there will be a no wake zone in many of our back bay channels. Too many boats and way too many that are just way to big to stay in the back bays cruising back and forth destroying natural habitat. We are the intruder here and need to work to protect these areas because nature in our back bays is like a long line of domino's. Remove one or two and suddenly the gaps become a major problem that can effect the entire system. The gulls can't move their nests but we can slow down to allow the nest to do what nature planned for them. To bring another hatch of gulls to keep the back bays healthy because healthy ecosystems like a line of domino's keeps rolling all the way out to the deepest oceans. See if I'm right about this thread not being popular.
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    December Fishing Reports

    Decided to take the yak out today for some panfish with hopes of a miracle muskie. Picked up a few crappies up to 10". Ended up dropping my phone to the bottom of the lake. Was about to head in after loosing my phone but decided to troll the perimeter of the lake. My rod with a small chatterbait doubled over, thought it was a snag but then i felt the head shakes. Got this 38" muskie and a boater was nice enough to give me a hand landing it and snapping a few pictures.
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    The Life of Al Bundy

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    prayers for my wife

    she made me cry in public, when she gets better I'm going to kick her ass! thanks everyone, it truly means a lot to me
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    Active Shooter U.P.S. New Jersey Logan Township

    So cute...you have no idea of the details of this event but know you could have prevented it with 'sensible' gun legislation...don't ever change Patrick Sensible gun legislation would have allowed innocent people being shot like targets to defend themselves if they chose to. NJ's gun legislation only allows criminals to carry loaded weapons. Your 'sensible' gun legislation...would it make murder illegal finally? Because that would certainly help...if it were only illegal to shoot people. TimS
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    Fish them, fish them, and fish them some more.. Hand some out to a few experienced test pilots. Also the more you build and fish the more you'll learn.
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    This dude can cook!

    And he's a fellow SOL'er!!! Damn that looks amazing!!!
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    The Cost of Devisive Politics

    Really, the nonsensical nature of this merits further engagement. You want to disagree with me transgender coddling, fine. Not a national security issue. You think the speed limits should be 30 mph nationwide? Fine. Not a national security issue. You want to enable addicts with free drugs and needles? Stupid, but not a national security issue. You refuse to protect the border unless you get paid off? You're a traitor. And failing to call you a traitor gives the illusion that you just have a difference of opinion the same as on any other issue. That's false.
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    Here's a bit of good news. My urologist called me about an hour ago and told me the bladder biopsy he sent down to Johns Hopkins came back negative. NO SIGNS OF CANCER CELLS!
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    Drew C.

    Virginia Setting Max Size for Striped Bass?

    Guys, stop with the slot stuff, even more so - stop comparing bass to snook. You know why a slot 'works' for snook? No commercial fishery (that means no targeted commercial fishing, that means no snook that comes in thru the back door at the local restaurant...), different biology, different life cycle, different distribution - snook don't have to run the gauntlet of the most populated areas in the country twice every season. Bass get pounded in the Chessie/Md/Baltimore/DC area, they get pounded as they pass the NY metro area, they get pounded in the Boston area. THEN repeat in the fall on the way back down. It never stops. A slot alone will focus pressure on the slot size fish to the point you eventually won't see any bigger than the slot. We need to lower harvest, period, done, end of story. We can't have a resource that gets crushed in the Chessie before it has a chance to reproduce even once. We can't have every yahoo screaming that it's my legal right to take a fish continue to take everything, we can't have the 'I only keep a few per year' guys continue to keep their few per year. Individually, obviously not a problem but when there's a few million people doing it, it's a wee bit of a problem. We can't have the recremercials continue to use this resource as a funding source for their boat/truck/gear/hobby. We need to stop blaming the commercials for the problem that is being caused by recreational anglers. Also, it would also be nice if people could have a basic understanding of the resource and not make claims that big fish don't reproduce all that well so it's ok to keep them... We need a higher limit, we need a reduced season, we need to reduce harvest. Most importantly, we need to respect the science and manage the resource for its benefit, not the benefit of those that profit off the harvest. It's really that easy.
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    Virginia Setting Max Size for Striped Bass?

    A professor who gave a seminar at Surf Day a few years ago said the large breeders produce 83,000 eggs per pound plus the yolk sacks the young are born with are larger from the big bass increasing the survival rate of the fry. There also is no egg production drop off as they get older.
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    Free Parking

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    Free Parking

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    Free Parking

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    Official Tavern Hunting Thread....

    It took 10 years for this guy to score with a traditional. He b happy. Second pic was a long drag but what a deer with a smoke pole.
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    Winter Dry Fly Fishing Success

    I fished tailwaters in Colorado the past two days. The first day the low/high temp was -4/18 and the next day -8/12. Talk about layering up. I used steelheader methods and had warmers in my gloves and on my feet + a back pain warming pad against my thermals. I was warm but should have brought at least 3 pairs of gloves. Started the first day nymphing zebra midges super deep and was picking up fish, but noticed rises in slow water downstream. Moved and fish were rising consistently including big splashes. Shifted gears and threw griffiths, other midge patterns, etc, but only picked up one fish with the dries. Frustrated, I rerigged for the next day with a bunny dun and an rs2 trailer fished as an emerger. That combo landed me over a dozen before the action shut down. Fish up to 20 inches. I am still smiling. My best winter dry fly day ever and probably the coldest day I've ever fished. Also did not see another fisherman either day. A few pics:
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    stormy monday

    Feliz Navidarpon (Christmas tarpon)

    Well after a season where I could not buy a keeper I finished off the year pretty good. My kids were doing another stint of hurricane disaster relief, this time in Puerto Rico. Mom and Dad are currently nursing health issues so we didn’t work this year, but decided to take a trip down to maybe be able to meet up for a day or two after their shift. Our destination was Palmas del Mar, as it was 15 minutes from the All Hands and Hearts Yabucoa base, so gave us easy access. Since I’d heard rumblings of fish I of course brought my rod case, which was packed with 2 nine weights and an old, old beater 11 fitted with a spinning reel in case my son wanted to use it. This was intended to be resting with my wife, so I did not go wild tying any special flies or anything, fishing would be an afterthought. A bit about conditions down there. We’ve been going down since I was working 2 weeks a month in Aguadilla in the late 80s, so we are very comfortable there. PR as we know got whacked by Irma and Maria, and recovery has been slow. I think most people are opting out of going down there based on what we see in the news. Honestly they really did get smacked hard, but we felt that their recovery at this point is much further along than what we saw in St. Thomas last March. On that island the level of emotional trauma we found in the people we were helping was beyond description, whereas in PR the people we met, though certainly hit hard, had moved on more from the PTSD of the storm. That’s just our observation, but I think it’s partly because there still is industry, etc. there, as opposed to just tourism. I could be wrong. It is not fully operational – for most of the time we couldn’t get any internet connectivity (which I liked but still) and in our unit there was still damage. Plumbing, some leaking, etc. The upside was an Airbnb 30’ off the beach and 5 minute walk to tarpon for $111/night – not bad at all! But I would say if anyone has been spooked off going down there, as long as you’re not a cruise ship/Disney type of traveler it’s not that bad. There are inconveniences but certainly liveable. I was excited being so close to the water, even though Palmas has constant shore break that right now is full of massive rafts of weed. I went out anyway, despite not having a stripping basket. Unfortunately a series of blunders led to me aggressively picking up for a long backcast not realizing my fly was in one of these weed rafts. Popped just below the first ferrule, ouch. User error so I won’t seek warranty. I avoided the surf after that, I just wasn’t equipped for it. Instead I hit the resort for baby tarpon. I always think of baby tarpon to be 16” long and wild jumpers, and I thought a 9 was overkill. The resort has several ponds on the golf course, most connected by canals. All have tarpon in them and you can fish as long as you’re not impacting golfers. I found plenty of spots where that can be done. It’s tight cover and landing fish, well they’re tarpon. Here’s a shot of one canal; This spot is where the canal ended – imagine trying to subdue a 35” tarpon in here; I only actually went fishing 3 times, each for maybe an hour and a half. I started out in the one landlocked pond, expecting 3-5 lb fish. On the third cast I saw about well over 32” of silver shoot out of the water and throw the hook, I was shocked! Using a Hoo Fly I tied for stripers I stayed for and hour, jumped 4 tarpon and landed one. Only one fish was under 30” as far as I could tell. This pond was about 200 yards long by 75 – 100 yards wide, so plenty of room to play. Next day I got up early and explored the canals. Instantly hooked into one about 35” in tight cover, which was a blast! I got 3 jumps and it decided to go for the mangroves, and as I was putting as much pressure as possible something suddenly changed and the fish was gone. I tried to recast and it felt like crap, and no wonder; Luckily the rod I broke earlier was built on the same blank as this one, so I just grabbed the tip from it and was back in business. I wound up jumping probably 6 more tarpon, no chance of landing them in that dense location but still fun. I then went back to the big pond and quickly hooked into another one. This guy first ran at me, and somehow fit itself between a couple of sunken cables, no idea how it did that, but it didn’t get off and I was able to thread my rod between them and continue the fight. It was a good fight too, tons of jumps, 3 trips into the backing. When I built this rod I embedded a Bahamas dime in it (they have bonefish on them) which I felt was quite stylish. It was much less stylish jammed into my gut trying to keep the fish from getting back to the cables, ouch. This is not a great picture but I was trying to get the fish back in the water quickly so I didn’t rinse and pose it. Measured the rod this morning and it was in the 33" range as was the other one I landed. Best fish of the year for me. There is some rubbing on its gill plate and behind it, I think that might have been from going through the cables, but I seemed fine swimming off so hopefully all was good. Called it a day after that. We got some torrential rain for a day after that, and when I returned everything was different. I could see plenty of fish rolling but they had no interest in eating. Met one other guy, local fisherman, who said when it rains like that the ponds load up with food and they gorge themselves all night, so lockjaw the next day is common. I was fine with a last day skunk, still got to cast to at least 15 fish. In 3 days I jumped a ton of fish, all pretty decent size, actually better than pretty decent given the size of the waterways. This was a great way to end a fishing season, and I liked injecting money into the local businesses. I'll go back there again for sure, anytime I can get a DIY tarpon trip I'm more than happy. As always the people were great, the rum was fantastic and the fishing – who could complain? Happy New Year guys…!
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    To Nancy Pelosi, from a cop

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    Faucohantuas is running

    Already have my stickers made should start seeing these around the east Longmeadow /Springfield area
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    Govenor Commie and Mayor Douche baggio

    Sounds just like Pa and Philly now. Democrats are unhinged. Kenny wants safe spaces for junkies to shoot up imder doctors supervision. And he taxes people like me for “sugary drinks “ because they are bad for me. You can’t make this stuff up.
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    December 2018 Fishing Reports

    So if you believed the forecast and decided to stay home this morning, as most did since I had the beach to myself, you missed out on a fun late December bite. Got up and saw light rain and very little wind, so hit the sand. Beautiful clean green white water with some current moving south to north, but not the ripping S wind predicted. As soon as first light started so did the fish, with first one on the teaser. Switched out the white swimmer for the yellow sand eel and the action picked up. Had a mix of sizes from 14 to 24 inches. Finished up with 28 and lost a few others. Halfway through I switched to the yellow swimmer and that was just as effective. Even had one double header. Forced to leave them biting cause I had places to be. Wind was picking up as I left, so just hoping it doesn't turn dirty by morning. Here are a few pics, but lens kept getting wet.
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    Random Images V

    Feed me
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    2019 fishing resolutions

    Fish more, don't just wait for the perfect conditions, but instead fish whenever I have the time.
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    Christmas 74 years ago

    Christmas 1944: The Battle of the Bulge Posted by William A. Jacobson Wednesday, December 24, 2014 at 7:00pm Christmas Eve in the Ardennes. The Battle of the Bulge was a turning point in World War II, when American troops turned back the final Nazi counter-offensive on the Western front. Over 100,000 Americans would be killed or wounded before it was over. The battle lasted for weeks, but came to a head over Christmas, 1944, 70 years ago. Christopher Miskimon at Warfare History Network has this account of one Christmas Eve battle. A Christmas Eve Tank Battle During the Battle of the Bulge: A few American tank crews held off attacking SS troops in a costly fight during the Battle of the Bulge. The German Ardennes Offensive was in full swing during Christmas 1944. The 2nd SS Panzer Division was pressing its assault around the Belgian town of Manhay. Opposing them were the soldiers of the US 3rd Armored Division. The unit had sent Task Force Kane, a mixed force comprising Stuart and Sherman tanks along with artillery and engineer support, reinforced by paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne. This group took positions in the villages of Lamormenil and Freynaux. They spent December 23rd beating off attacks by German Volksgrenadiers. By the next day, the east side of Freynaux was protected by three Shermans and a pair of Stuart tanks along with 45 dug-in reconnaissance troops from the 83rd Recon Battalion. They sat on the west side of a stream meandering east of the village…. The short duel ended with a German retreat. Four Panthers and one Sherman littered the battlefield. While the Sherman was generally considered inferior to the Panther, the GIs had held through good tactics and solid defensive positions. Though it was not the last attack of the day, at dusk the Americans still held Freynaux. They stood up to the best the Nazis could throw at them; their duel on Christmas Eve was one step toward throwing the enemy back. Pretty hard core guys back then.
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    Official Tavern Hunting Thread....

    Proud day yesterday. Most of you guys know of my nephew. Wanted to come out from the chitty and squirrel hunt. This past weekend was the only open slot. He's notched his belt a few times with me in past years. We hunted Saturday but windy as hell and no luck. Sunday afternoon asked if he wanted to hunt, yes. Asked if he wanted to solo and his face lit up. Sent him off into the woods with a walkie talkie, the 20 pump i bought hin him last year and instructions not to shoot his foot off or the house. 30 mins later, baam! 30 seconds later over the radio "I got 'em!". I suited up and met him in the woods. His look of pride was priceless.
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    The tavern Meme thread

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    The tavern Meme thread

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    2018 All Things Fly Fishing

    Really pretty one from today
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    December 2018 Fishing Reports

    Hanging it up cuz of some beach buggy issues or else i'd still be grinding with the guys that understand this is when giants are caught. All in all, this was a fall that forced the best of the best out of their comfort zones. My go to spots were strangely effected by the early Fall storms. The amazing beach structure that I saw in the early fall was washed away and never recovered as far as I saw. Bait observations: tons of rainbait, bunker, and mullet throughout the summer and into the second week of October. I did well in early fall with a bass to 38". As the season progressed it seemed as though I timed up every outing with dirty water and post storm conditions. The sand eels came and stayed but unfortunately there were not enough big bass to cash in on the opportunity. I'm leaving this season with two major lessons learned. First, I have to venture out of my comfort zone and fish different tides to see the bigger picture of a given spot. Second, its now or never to protect these fish and the ones that are left are being absolutely hammered off of VA right now as I write this post. If you are still fishing for these rats that are locked in on the sand eels do us all a favor and crush your barbs. Im usually not a fan of crushing them, but when 99.9999% of the fish are under 32" its necessary and more fun.
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    Bass Ackwards

    Free Parking

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