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Community Posting Policies, Guidelines and Rules
(if you need to contact me, my email is tims@stripersonline.com)

Please read through the entire guideline section - you agreed to follow these guidelines when you joined. We ask, as we did in the User Agreement you saw when you registered, that people treat each other the way they would like to be treated. We ask that you are respectful. We ask that your criticisms be constructive. We ask that you are patient and polite. If someone responds to you in an inappropriate manner, please ignore them and use the "report" post button at the top of the post - someone will quickly address the post. We don't allow fighting, we don't allow vulgarity, we don't allow pissing contests. This is a wonderful community filled with amazing people, you will get much more out of this community than you put into it should you decide to remain a part of it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation :)  We strictly enforce these guidelines in order to be as fair as possible to all members.


If you are a brand new member:

As a New Member, you do not have full access to this website yet. Your first few posts will have to be approved by a moderator, this is done to battle spammers. This website is run like a community - only those folks that contribute to the discussions are welcome to use all the features of the site. As a brand new member you cannot yet:

  • Buy, sell or solicit - this means you are not allowed to post in threads or on people's profiles that you want to buy something they have or had for sale in the Buy/Sell/Trade section of this website. We do not allow buying/selling/soliciting outside of the BST section of this website. Everyone here had to meet the minimum requirements to use the Buy/Sell/Trade Forums, so will you, it's nothing personal.
  • Use private messages - they are for participating members here - that means for members that have been here for more than 7 days and have made more than 15 RELEVANT ON TOPIC posts. Anyone blasting up 15 useless "me too" posts will find themselves unable to use the BST Forum or private messages.
  • Participate in the Buy/Sell/Trade forums - (see the BST Forum thread here)

New members are welcome to purchase items from the Commercial BST Forum sellers, but you will not see a way to post a message in the regular Buy/Sell/Trade Forums until you are able to use them.

The following are prohibited here, in posts or private messages:

  • racism, hate, bigotry, graphic violence, gore, nudity, vulgarity, graphic sexual reference, bullying or making physical threats
  • sending people to other sites when they ask a question on this site - if you can't answer please let someone else
  • posting intentionally dishonest, intentionally misleading or knowingly false information
  • videos/images with vulgarity, nudity, gore or graphic violence
  • videos/images that promote a commercial website or social media channel or filled with sponsor promotion
  • promoting your business, apps, software, products or website through words, avatars or images
  • commercial links, URLs or website names - doesn't matter that someone asked, please don't post them
  • promoting YouTube channels, Facebook pages/groups or social media handles or channels
  • links to any website with discussion forums or user comment section
  • spot burning - overly specific location discussion (*explained below in more detail)
  • skirting the auto-censor by intentionally misspelling words/URLs/websites that would otherwise be auto-censored (explained below in more detail)
  • cross posting - please choose the single best forum for your question/post and place it in that one forum
  • announcing sales on other sites - unless they are paid sponsors of this website, please do NOT use this forum to announce sales or coupons or discount codes for other sites here




Buying, Selling, Trading and Soliciting

We do not allow buying, selling, trading or soliciting to buy/sell/trade anywhere on this website except the forums specifically designated for those type of posts. We also do not allow posts/threads in the non-buy/sell/trade forums directing people to your post/thread in the BST section of the website. We do this to keep the discuss forums completely free of the aforementioned BST type posts/threads. As always, please choose the one most appropriate forum for your post and place it there and only there. Thanks :)



Event Announcements on this website.
We welcome announcements of not for profit shows and events here - we do not promote tackle shop or website sponsored events, sales or shows here. They are "for profit" endeavors, even when done under the guise of being "free", when a business holds an event, it is to promote their business, website and/or products and services. If you would like to promote a for profit event/sale/show, please contact advertise@stripersonline.com - we encourage contribution to this community and very much discourage solicitation and self promotion. We have and will continue to allow appropriate announcements provided that they:

  • Are not for profit events, shows or fund raisers.
  • Are not owned or primarily sponsored or supported by a shop or website.
  • Do not contain advertisement information such as URLs, social media pages, phone numbers, email addresses and "for more information contact" text in them.
  • Are not overly biased, self promotional product endorsements by the manufacturer, designer, pro-staff and/or distributor.
  • Do not contain lists of vendors, sponsors, plug builders, charter boats, party boats, shops or businesses - speaker lists/times are allowed, provided the businesses they represent are NOT. For example:

GOOD - Tim Surgent speaking about underwater basket weaving 1:00-2:30
BAD - Tim Surgent from StripersOnline.com speaking about underwater basket weaving 1:00-2:30




*Why is my post pink and saying a moderator needs to approve it?

If you have made less than five relevant, on topic posts here you are in what's is called "mod queue" - that means your posts will need to be approved before they are published. You will automatically be removed from mod queue. If you are not new here, a mod queued post means one or more of the following:

  • you posted or quoted a link to a commercial website
  • you posted or quoted a picture hosted on a blocked domain
  • you wrote something inappropriate that triggered the autocensor

Editing your post won't make the "pink" go away, a moderator will need to approve the post. It's nothing personal and it doesn't have any bearing on your welcome here :)



*Please don't drag stuff from other sites to this one - we don't want it here

In other words, please don't start threads or make posts about crap that happens on other sites. Doesn't matter what other site, doesn't matter who was involved - unless it happened here, on StripersOnline, it doesn't belong here. We don't want it. We don't read other sites, we don't follow any heroes on social media and we don't care what happens on any other sites - we only care about what happens here. Please leave the garbage where it happened....thanks :th:



*Why are some words and some websites changed to asterisks in my post?

If something you typed was automatically changed into asterisks, that means we, the owners of this website, have decided that we do not want that word, link, shop or website posted on our website or PM'd to our members. When you make heroic efforts to post or PM that blocked word, after you realize that we, the owners, have chosen to block that word, you have crossed a line - you are no longer making a mistake, you are now intentionally undermining our right to decide what we want and don't want on this website. I assure you, we will view your actions as intentionally disrespectful. In short, please don't circumvent our autocensor, it very rarely ends well ;)


*Spot Burning - General Locations Only

At StripersOnline, we have always put more emphasis on helping people learn how to fish, not sending them to specific fishing spots. Someone that knows how to fish will be armed with the skills it takes to find and figure out an unlimited number of locations and conditions. The internet is a huge place, these forums see tens of thousands of visitors every day, we have watched places become unnecessarily overcrowded through the years resulting in litter, noise, parking problems, poaching, and eventually, closure.


As such, we encourage fishing reports, questions and discussions about general locations only. We do not allow very specific locations to be posted on these forums. Instead of posting about a specific street or town, use a more general description of the area. For example, instead of saying you caught fish at Anystreet Avenue, just say you caught them in northern Anycounty. Instead of saying Anystreet Bridge, say Anywhere River area. There's no good that can come from being too specific, but by being general in your discussions, you can share the important parts of your report - the tackle, lures, bait, conditions, tide, moon phase, etc.


Our forum leaders have all been instructed to edit out any overly specific location information. Please do not get angry with them, it's a site-wide policy and they are volunteers doing their best to keep these forums as useful, respectful and fun as they can be. If you see a post that you feel is "spot burning" - please do NOT quote it and make an insulting or angry post directed at the poster - quietly click the "report" button at the top of their post and in the comments write "spot burn" - and someone will address it promptly. Quoting it just brings more attention to it.



Thank you, one last time, in advance, for your anticipated cooperation, we hope you enjoy this website and use it in the manner for which it was intended - if you ever need anything or have a question regarding these guidelines, please feel free to email me - tims@stripersonline.com - or contact a forum leader/administrator through the "messaging" feature on this website :)

Tim Surgent and the entire staff, community and sponsors of StripersOnline.com

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