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  2. lol. the best are broads at the gym who give you the stink eye for looking at them. and they're wearing spandex pants and a sports bra that they are spilling out of. the tom brady sexual harassment skit on SNL might be truest thing ever. me, its harassment, him they drop and spread on the spot.
  3. I think I ended that night fishing the Dog Beach in Manasquan with Chief. We got nothing.
  4. If we knew; he most certainly knew
  5. Red putting away his junk should take half a second. If he can still find it cause he sure as hell hasn't seen it in years.
  6. so what happens, the bleed causes pressure on the brain which, depending on where, affects speech balance etc?
  7. I blame legal weed for the MA population growth
  8. that's great news bud
  10. I have been here a while. I can be a bit abrasive, I'm best taken in small doses, I dont want to hurt you guys. I just got in from the gym, hooray for me.
  11. she was doing waaay better last night , talking pretty clear, they had her walking yesterday, still not sure what caused it.
  12. eff guest...
  13. if its like other projects they bring in bags of oyster shells to build a berm and then shoot the stuff behind it, to build it up. ill try and google a pic.
  14. you'll understand when/if you start growing facial hair...
  15. Saturday morning I'll start the generator and fire up the snow blower just to make sure all is well with both. Weird that I have only used the blower once here in MA and that was in November. Cabo
  16. where we at with this?
  17. I've been buying choice NY strip for $5/lb and grinding it up with chuck. Can't touch flank and skirt anymore its much too expensive. I'll get a hangar steak on occasion but even that cut seems to be creeping in price. My wife forwarded me an article about costco chickens being loaded with antibiotics. We don't go there very often but i'll still always buy a chicken from there. I don't know how people can go t hrough multiple chickens weekly.
  18. "There are two problems for our species survival, nuclear war and environmental catastrophe." -Noam Chomsky. We'll put this one in the environmental catastrophe bucket.
  19. Eventually we will have a Woman as President. And it will be good to move past the gender issue. But it is a lot less likely to happen in 2020 than it was in 2016. Rs will obviously not nominate a Woman to be Pres. and after the Hillary debacle,Ds won't go there again for a while. Ds might nominate a Woman for VP in 2020, though.Pretty good chance of that.A Woman VP would be a first and a major step forward for gender equality.
  20. grown men crying about a commercial
  21. Standing in the water with waders this time of the year is bad enough / As I was having my Oysters checked yesterday I expressed to her that I was a little cold. She tells me " Hey DUDE you got on summer waders " I told her well when you get to my age you go with what you can afford , she smiled ' As she told me I was " all set " as she took my name down and number
  22. Yep - It's more common than not nowadays. You should see what happens when a Berkshire Hathaway takes over a 100 year old company. It's crazy, it's all numbers, the company doesn't even resemble it's former self.
  23. so nobody has heard the family angle? I knew it sounded too good to be true.
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