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  3. Uh, maybe this part was overlooked, where she couldn’t buy a gun on the first day even if her addresses matched. That not every employee, nor manager nor anyone without FFL training could sell a gun to anyone, with perfect documents or not.
  4. Yes. Stick to your alternative facts if it makes you feel better. It’s all about those feelings. Reality can take a backseat.
  5. It’s not much, if any, harder than walking in and buying a fishing license at Walmart. Hardest part is finding someone to help you.
  6. That looks like it would work nicely. Some larger plugs with big trebles might not fit. Also, plastic swimbaits or trailers may melt them too. The plastic need to be "worm proof" .
  7. Cinderella Man championship fight.
  8. the only foreign country Drumpf has no problems with.................................. Russia. out of all of them. Just ONE country. Right?
  9. Next up - COL. carp on line!
  10. She’s not a social justice warrior and buying a gun in this case was really easy.
  11. Yup - that's part of the whole "shtick." I read it as just another failure of some idiot social justice warrior out to prove something they are completely ignorant about and got served a portion of dumb-ass. The whole "buying a gun" thing isn't as easy as the left portrays.
  12. Yeh, it was good to get out and drink a beer or 5 like big people. I have a feeling it was pretty much the same thing for her. The band started rocking when we walked in the door, so it was screaming at each other’s ears while I got sustenance in me to subdue the hangry and pad the gut for the beers. I didn’t get belligerent, I was a good listener- a lot of kids, exes, etc talk and I just lightly chimed in with my similar experiences. I could tell she was interested, but she’s a slow hand girl. Probably date 3 or 4 if I’m willing to put in the work, but I think I’m gonna let this one float off. What I did find interesting is not much of the after happy hour/late night bar scene has changed at all. There is still that group of retired cougars that congregate at a corner of the bar and stare with their wine in hand. A couple girls that wander around looking to get plugged, but if you caught them with a sober eye you’d cringe. But no regular girls that you could slide up next to and just start chatting...slim pickins over there. It’s different on the other side of the bridge... think I’ll stay on my side the next free Friday night I have.
  13. Awesome sold pending pick up and payment. I will PM you to figure out pick up
  14. It really is. Gotta have the straight claw.
  15. K, funny story: coming back from the gym the other day at work. See a "Bernie" sticker on co-workers truck (he JUST got truck). Go downstairs to tell him some jack-wad put a Bernie sticker on his bumper. he looks at me and says he's always been a big Bernie supporter. Could have knocked me over with a feather. He even pulls out an embroidered nametape for his uniform that has "Berniboi" stitched on it. I tell him: "Damn Carl, I always liked you. Still like you but will feel sad for a moment when I have to kill you during the Boogaloo."
  16. I was in the HS rifle team and would bring my Anschutz to school in a hard Plano clamshell case, ON THE PUBLIC SCHOOL BUS. Too big to fit in my locker, it was left in the corner of the school's main office, with 100+ rounds of target ammo in the box. Originally, the range was in the school's basement but that was consumed for a locker room and we had to use the Yonker's public range at Coyne Park. We carpooled there, usually separate from our teacher/coach. A different world then.
  17. Yes. She couldn’t walk out with a gun because the address on her license wasn’t correct. Otherwise, she would have walked out with a gun. As I said before, all we learned is that she’s an idiot (did you catch the 80% of her gripe where this millennial couldn’t find something on the internet and had to *gasp* call the store?).
  18. Now that wind was cranking this morning. Gave up after 1.5hrs. All i caught was a nice sunrise
  19. PSU fan, young team, surprised they are ranked #15.
  20. My wife had radiation treatment for a tumor in her leg. Probably ot as localized as this, but her whole thigh looked like a ham when first removed from the oven. 1st degree burns, and edging toward 2nd degree at the center of the beam. It took 8 weeks or more to heal. I hope Ruth has an easy go. I've seen this disease take strong men down. She is hanging tough, good on her. But, my advice would be to retire, and ride off into the Santa Fe sunset. She deserves it. Maybe work is the thing that keeps her going. Her hate for Trump, and the thought of him picking her replacement drives her to keep the fire burning.
  21. Firstly the yakattack track mounting holes are not compatible with pre existing holes for RAM/Scotty who share same mounting hole patterns. secondly, the base itself has protruding nubs that seat inside the track slots prevent the base from rotating. i am using yakattack base on RAM tracks... did not have a huge fish hit so couldn’t tell you on that point. but if fish hits and it’s rotating the holder, maybe drag is set too high?
  22. Why would he when his puppetmasters can just tell him what to think?
  23. Regulations need to be adjusted accordingly to adjusted fish stocks, and they need much more enforcement.
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