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  2. Won’t there be a two foot space in the bed behind the cab though?
  3. My understanding is Leupold is entirely designed and manufactured in the US. The warranty is also 2nd to none although I've no personal experience using it. Some other companies market a lifetime warranty but their conditions for repair or replacement are subjective. Burris and Leupold both take great pride in their "No Questions Asked" policy.
  4. They don’t even go after some of the most heinous criminals with 1st degree because unless there is overwhelming evidence it was premeditated there’s a good chance they would be found not guilty.
  5. The answer is 1/3 of the earth. The ISS is 408km from the earth. Using th below calculator the distance to the horizon is 2317.5 km. Using the distance to the horizon as “r” to compute the area of a circle we get 16,872,885.5 km squared. The total surface area of earth is 510.1 km squared.
  6. But wearing a mask during a pandemic to protect others shows fear and weakness.
  7. Hello JRT! I have read somewhere that the new clearwater has different tapers in each weight. It is getting faster as the wt of the rod goes up so its sound logical to be faster than the older model who i think was medium-fast in all weights
  8. What about the enormous number of out of state 2nd homeowner tax payers?
  9. Hello mike! Yes you have right most buys are from reputation stand point cause i dont have the privilage to cast it and see if it works for me...I think to opt to shooting taper lines due to limited room for backcast and less false cast( so more time the fly on the water).I currently fish with the airflo ridge striper but i need to spend less time casting and more fishing.Otherwise its an excellent line.
  10. We could only hope, fishing today reports to follow
  11. According to NOAA you will be seeing lots of them
  12. My mom would make broiled haddock almost every Friday when I was growing up.
  13. I liked the new clearwater rod when I cast it for a few minutes - quicker than the previous version and light. I thought it was great value. As always the Orvis warranty is a big plus for me. I love the Recons and have a few of them but now they have changed them and upped the price by $100 they're not such great value. I can get the Hardy Zephrus SWS for less!
  14. You “see the wrong in it?” Well, I’m sure you do. I guess we see different things.
  15. Those might be short fin squid,are they??
  16. Please don’t justify the terrorists and their actions’s an insult to a humans intelligent ...
  17. As anyone ever experienced this? What’s the recovery like?
  18. Gooner You need to cast it yourself. It like asking someone what does a Budweiser beer taste like. It looks like you are buying on reputation. Many guys had a high regard for the origional Clearwater series. Unless a rod is a total broom stick or a complete noodle most good Anglers will be able to cast and fish with it. I suspect that you would be better off getting a std fly line line Like the Airflo Ridge Striper Lines. mike
  19. Ever get the feeling Trump sounds like maxwell smart. We have vicious dogs and ominous weapons. Would you believe we have 1 dog an unfriendly cat and two cap guns. Would you believe we have a picture of a dog and a spitball straw. Would you believe I’m hiding and I have balls. Would you believe I’m hiding and forget the balls.
  20. Gentlemen,ladies so far in the state of jersey the protests have been calm or so it seems.And thank you for not destroying the state .That being said if this isn’t terrorism it’s civil war.All the bull s h t has been said the excuses the burning the looting the condoning or don’t enforce the laws the mis guided individuals ...this will take a pack of fire crackers to end it when there mistaken for gun fire ...What ever it takes to end this then end it .Be it the feds the local law enforcement but don’t let it fall on the shoulders of pissed of Americans defending what’s theirs ,and we aren’t even into the election yet.Some one posted this country is F k d up we r beyond that .at the moment you don’t have a country you have What’s left of shattered American cities on the verge of all out civil war .
  21. Would think murder 1 would be set already. I don’t feel bad. I also didn’t notice any flags at half mast. Give the protesters a reason to stay home and the rioters can’t blend in.
  22. Today
  23. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes
  24. What about the largest size magic swimmer
  25. A.A. Thought for the Day Some things I do not miss since becoming dry: that overall awful feeling physically, including the shakes, a splitting headache, pains in my arms and legs, bleary eyes, fluttering stomach, droopy shoulders, weak knees, a three-day beard, and a flushed complexion. Also, facing my loved one at breakfast. Also, composing the alibi and sticking to it. Also, trying to shave or put on makeup with a shaky hand. Also, opening up my wallet to find it empty. I don’t miss these things, do I? Meditation for the Day You were born with a spark of the Divine within you. It had been all but smothered by the life you were living. That celestial fire has to be tended and fed so that it will grow eventually into a real desire to live the right way. By trying to do the will of God, you grow more and more in the new way of life. By thinking of God, praying to Him, and having communion with Him, you gradually grow more like Him. The way of your transformation from the material to the spiritual is the way of Divine Companionship. Prayer for the Day I pray that I may tend the spark of the Divine within me so that it will grow. I pray that I may be gradually transformed from the old life to the new life.
  26. Not gonna lie, that'd be a video worth watching
  27. I'm dying to to listen to Charlie Baker's (and Mahty,too) take on this........... I'm hearing one of the looting targets was a jeweler........... Grand theft......Nothing else....
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