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  2. Last two hand carves done. Working on a pikie and that's it, for now
  3. Mornin
  4. It's an omen to a certain Boston hockey team's Stanley Cup appearance...........
  5. Denver
  6. Trump says he disagrees with Talibama’s new abortion law.
  7. definitely make them pay or you arr going to be getting f o
  8. I would eat them sandwiches
  9. Folks down Red's way pay good money for Large Lawn ornament such as this
  10. Good mornin yall good luck fishing you know anything could happen anytime you can could be a YouTube Star anytime
  11. When I was a kid we had a Weimaraner and he would shake them damn groundhog still break their neck he was awesome he would kill 40 to 50 a year that was an awesome dog
  12. upgrade them anyway,,if you doubt them then new is you. HH
  13. Try going to like, I don't know, a bar or something.
  14. Depends entirely upon the application if you're using braid around Boulder Fields you're going to need a long leader if you're fishing somewhere open ocean or sand you'll be fine
  15. Today
  16. super strike,,,,
  17. Woo hoo. I can't wait. once one domino falls, the rest are sure to follow.
  18. If that has the original drags then I would upgrade
  19. Dogs that get rid of rabbits and groundhogs are awesome
  20. It is actually referred to as "Shrink Rubber Tube" by UK companies. I have purchased mine from the Century UK "Century Fishing Online Store" under "Sea Accessories" . Another source recommended to me is the Rod Rings and Things Company in the UK. Note that you will need to measure the blank diameter in mm and order the closest, but larger size.
  21. one and only price drop $ 375.00
  22. R u retarded
  23. I need a leatherman case made u interested pm me i know it aint cheep
  24. Give 500 now 500 after 5 years makem earn it
  25. Magic mushrooms
  26. ?! W T F man? A woman can be viscous and vindictive when it comes to divorce. But men tend not to be. Hell has no fury as a woman scorned. Maybe I'm missing something here. This post along with the other post about your face muscle being pulled lead me to believe that you are a female? I'm truly sorry if i offended you then. But it is what it is! And from what I've read about this Biden son, his wife wasn't too happy when they got divorced. She made all types of claims about him. Many women do this type of stuff to men!
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