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  2. These guys are very conservative with their predictions. Usually this far out, they would give a "we're keeping an eye on it- too early to make a call", the certainty in his forecast makes me think the die has been cast. I think he said they'll make their "official" first call tonight All I need is a 25 mile shift to get me out of big ice
  3. Calvin & Hobbes is still the Greatest comic ever !
  4. Wreck anchors have very limited usefulness, a dansforth makes a much better primary anchor. Windlasses that control decent are a nightmare. If they have free fall they can be tolerable. Second anchor can go in a big milk crate or one of those orange industrial looking laundry basket things. This way you can leave it in the truck or at the dock if you don’t need it that day. A ball and pelican hook is nice to have. I can bring a second anchor and ball if you don’t have them whenever this happens...yer gonna need one dansforth setup TimS
  5. Go Comics has some but they only go back so far
  6. must be NY'ers ive never in my life heard someone say im going to NJ on vacation.
  7. Really no big deal taking one to the chin. Feels pretty good sometimes, wakes you up, makes you feel alive.
  8. You have 100 options, at least, and probably more than that. My advice: if you're asking, dump glass, and go see Billy at the NERBS. He's got at least a half dozen, and probably more, Rodgeeks blanks that you will love.
  9. Been using Gillette for a long time, just ordered my first Harry's. Been thinking about trying them for a couple of years, this motivated me. Any gheys that want to call me names, feel free.
  10. YEah, much of the nation has lost it's grip on their wimmen. Not me though, she's still under my thumb.
  11. For zx27 silver thanks
  12. We'll name him Pedro!
  13. With my mom, it was very slow brain bleeding, between the brain and the cranium. The bleeding was not a big deal, but the problem is that in there, there's no place for the blood to go: the brain doesn't absorb it, and unless you're Wayne, your skull don't have any exit holes. If the bleeding continues, the blood can fill the cavity, and then the pressure can start to build up. And the pressure on the brain is what, for my mom, caused stroke-like symptoms. If they catch it in time, and I hope like hell they did for Missus Red, then the recovery can be complete, and dramatic. It was with my mom. It's scary as hell when it's happening, but now, five years later, my mom is the same Edith Bunker-esque dingbat she's always been, even at 85.
  14. He should buy and install a dishwasher to suprise her when she gets home.
  15. I can image your REEEEEEEEEEEEs if they had an ad with white men only with the tagline "Real American men prefer a close shave. And so do their women." Your OMGometer would be off the charts. But that's where this will all lead in a few years. Wait and see. I can see it now. A crusader with a giant cross on his breastplate and on his shield pulls the bayonet fixed to his AR15 out of the chest of the last defeated immivader, lifts the face shield of his helmet to reveal his ruggedly handsome, cleanly shaven white face. "My ancestors were Goths, Vikings and Huns and proud of their beards, but my American sensibilities go for a clean, smooth shave. The best a real American man can get."
  16. Congratulations! I used a paddle kayak for years. I like the pedal kayak ALOT better. I hope you enjoy yours as much I as do mine.
  17. lol. the best are broads at the gym who give you the stink eye for looking at them. and they're wearing spandex pants and a sports bra that they are spilling out of. the tom brady sexual harassment skit on SNL might be truest thing ever. me, its harassment, him they drop and spread on the spot.
  18. I think I ended that night fishing the Dog Beach in Manasquan with Chief. We got nothing.
  19. If we knew; he most certainly knew
  20. Red putting away his junk should take half a second. If he can still find it cause he sure as hell hasn't seen it in years.
  21. so what happens, the bleed causes pressure on the brain which, depending on where, affects speech balance etc?
  22. I blame legal weed for the MA population growth
  23. that's great news bud
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