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  2. If the cops won't stop them, is stringing some piano wire about 4 feet high between some light posts across the street a good idea? Asking for a friend
  3. I guess going after the staggered televised counting as machine influence might have created an investigation into the known partisan influence, such as at the tcf center, but the Chinese run courts took the dominion side while not allowing other opposing sides. For most part, when electoral process changes of 2020 made every ballot valid regardless of voter intent, counting ballots wont prove anything. The rigging is in the 20 states changing electoral process illegally that made every harvested ballot valid.
  4. Gas tanks have to be below a certain capacity. Each gallon of gas purchased needs a serial number and a background check. No Ghost Riders. Engines limit to 100CC. Cannot be concealed.
  5. I'll go back to my initial sentiment, who cares?
  6. Says Who ?
  7. No need i would have died of starvation with your cooking
  8. I was just looking at the NPS website and noticed that pretty much all the beaches are closed to dogs this year even the ORV route. That was one of the nice things about the ORV that you could bring your dog with you. Tons of people bring their dogs out there. Is this being enforced?
  9. that didnt explain how it would work
  10. Cash fo clunkers um ATV's
  11. scumbag move
  12. For the most part.
  13. God forbid! I would have to do a post natal abortion.
  14. The wonk can get very deep when discussing IP but going by your initial article, I don't see it as an outrage. I certainly don't see why corporations should receive the EXCLUSIVE benefit of IP gained through public investment to end a pandemic.
  15. In our part of Upstate NY, we catch our fair share of pike, pickerel, etc. on Rapalas. Big ones (12-15 cm). Others seem to do well with large white suckers suspended under large floats. Good luck - Carpniels
  16. When the police are defunded, who cracks down on the illegal ATV riders in black neighborhoods? Is this a social work issue?
  17. You want to tell us about the “good” here?
  18. I see the ATVs as more of a Hunter interest. Unless someone makes a stationary ATV that Joe could use? Maybe a Peloton ATV? (I should patent that.)
  19. It’s actually hilarious.
  20. That’s the problem, it used to be contained, no pun intended, to places like Walmart. Now it’s everywhere.
  21. Oh, the clorox...right. Works 80% of the time every time.
  22. I read somewhere having had COVID and the vaccine combined may give you greater protection against the variants. Plus the vaccine gives you a greater amount of antibodies than you would normally would from COVID. @Mikedoes this sound right?
  23. chum is an abider of the law.
  24. Where's he hangin' ....Wal-Mart.
  25. One of the "values" considered on startups is the number of patents they have or have in process.
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