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  2. They take an oath to uphold the constitution. I don't believe they even know what it says.
  3. Either way. Looks like a great dog. Well until it goes divin into a burdock after a chipmunk and comes out covered in cockleburrs. ..
  4. Trump = $2.20 per gallon in upstate NY. That was Trumps fault. Now this 7.00$ per gallon is not Putins fault. This is the current cluster of incompetence and Americans last fault. The entire bunch of democrats should be hung for treason. Seriously. They are intentionally destroying our country and we are doing nothing. Everyone should hang. Every last one
  5. Are we talking about the letter that was sent to two Republican Governors by the Marshal of the SCOTUS. Since it’s their jurisdiction.
  6. Yup. What we should be talking about it throwing the animal that raped her out of a helicopter.
  7. Seems you only care about one thing after the fact.
  8. The gaslighting by the media is hilarious.
  9. I'm sure you will be combing the news looking for them.
  10. Wait. According to the thread title he was unarmed. Sounds like someone was suckered by the leftist run news media again
  11. Price drop to $18 each - new old stock from the 1970's-80's.
  12. Every time I watch COPS the standard reply is,,,"I was askeert"
  13. Now the left has said they want to burn down the whole G D country. That is exactly what they said. Yes we are at war. If I see anyone trying to riot and destroy property I'm going to beat them with an ax handle after turning the hounds loose on them. Ok. Ready ? I'm ready , bring it let's get it on already. It will be over quick and we can get back to normal.
  14. Sometimes I call him monkey eyes
  15. $320 shipped pp or $310 shipped cash/money order
  16. Go ahead, run from the police. Then you'll see what happens!! Please Seal, run from the cops...I want to see the results!!!
  17. JimP trains Combat Vets. You........ummmmm.....dont? Do anything? You're not very good at this.
  18. I always assume the Cop is reasonable and the piece of **** criminal isn't. I mean right? Who thinks otherwise besides some limp wristed Prog like you......oh......boy......yeah.....yup. My bad.......I drive a Subaru. Yikes.
  19. just got a life lesson from a Combat Vet. I want you to shut up, man up and read this 3 more times and realize that last were acting like a woman. Drop down and five me 50 fruitcake!!!
  20. Beefaroni saved my life when I was 18..
  21. hearsay
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