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  2. CNN is reporting that, according to sources familiar with the matter (I.e. they made up a lie) that Talib’s Grandmother said “we need to impeach the mother f’er”.
  3. LOL yep so true. I even found myself looking at the EX6 thinking hmmm. Good luck enjoy!!
  4. This thread reminds me of the last time I was in N. Philly, 1969, it hasn't changed much. I was the night master at arms, at the Philly Nav Hosp., (we didn't have any arms). I get a call from the OD, tells me I'm going with the police to arrest a guy who was AWOL and a criminal. Police come to pick me up in a paddy wagon, tell me I need to ride in the back WTF ! I was worried about a Molotov, being locked in the back and all, but in I went. Up tp N. Philly where we met some more cops, I get let out and told to go in the back of the building with an officer, while a group went in the front. I have no weapon, why am I here? I'm standing in the back with the officer, he pulls out his pistol, and says to me, "If he comes out the back, I hope he goes across the roof, I never shot anyone off a roof." Anticlimactic ending, the guy wasn't there, so back to S Philly I went. Still don't know why I was there.
  5. That was a setup. People named Ghilane dont go to in n out burger to eat and read books on the CIA. Thats a signal, she has the Epstein dirt in her possession.
  6. Western PA elk aren’t that hard from what I’ve been told. My buddy just wants to make it a “hunt of a lifetime” trip with his old man, so I’ll help him look into Co. A guy at a local shop was telling me about his big elk experience in western Pa. Drew a tag, rented a cabin and after loading the gear in the cabin had two walk right up to the cabin and stare at him. “C’mon, are you kidding me?” He was expecting this big hunt with tracking and he said it was more like they were asking him to put them out of their misery. I was dying.
  7. Isn't that what I said all along?
  8. I think Andy needs to weigh-in on this topic of great import.
  9. No. Cmon? About what?
  10. Philly, I partially agree with you, especially on head-to-head polling pitting on person versus another on a national basis. Too easy to manipulate via sampling massage and tweaking. Also meaningless too far out from an election. And, lastly, meaningless in context of Electoral College process. On the other hand, polls marking sentiment, satisfaction and prime concerns can be very instructive, more about the trends than the absolute numbers. For example, I am less concerned on whether Trump's approval rating is in the high 30, low 40s or close to 50%, it is the trend in the specific poll I care about. If XYZ cable channel has its newest poll showing Trump at 38%, up from 35% the prior month, that movement is more important that the level. Particularly so if it corresponds with LMN Times newspaper poll showing his approval moving from 42% to 45% over roughly the same period. Confirming the trend is more important than the difference between the two absolute numbers. This is why people put more credence in the RCP and 538 poll aggregates. In the case of Zogby, his party affiliation breakdown is 36% Democrat, 36% Republican and 28% Independent/unaffiliated. That even split between R and D is very different than WSJ or WaPo polls where the data is massaged to provide Dems with a multi-%point advantage in weighting. And therein might life the difference between Zogby and the other pollsters, a balance between R and D voters.
  11. No idea, but it does.
  12. That's the only one I haven't been able to find locally to put my hands on it. I'm this close to picking up a Weatherby Vanguard Badlands edition. I like the cerakote finish. It has the best fit and finish over the savages, Rugers, brownings and mossbergs. Plus a sun moa guarantee. Hard to argue for six bills.
  13. Curious. Why would it get less salty over time?
  14. I think things are getting to a point where it is undeniable and they’ll have to do some reflecting to see if they’re willing to support their opposition or not. It’s really crazy
  15. He was neither.
  16. Canon 100-400 3.5lb vs 150-600 tamron 4.3lb I have the tamron 150-600 on my Nikon. So far it’s fine for me but yes it’s a big lens to carry around. So is the 100-400 canon.
  17. Answer the phone, it's done, but there's blood everywhere!
  18. Excellent example. He was born evil
  19. Research the states that have over the counter tags. I'd also include mule deer in that search. Elk hunting is tough (from the research I've done) and if you come across some mule deer (likely) it would be good to have a tag. I would think Colorado is tops for that hunt.
  20. Fry up a small piece and see if it is too salty. If it is, wait and try it again in a day or two. If it’s not, smoke it.
  21. Turned out this whole thread was wrong. They found her in a burger joint, in California, munching out on a burger. Seems she left the seaside place a month or so back.
  22. Capt Lou, you still selling this? Can you let me know the answers. Thanks.
  23. it's crazy. Like barking at the moon lunacy.
  24. I ask them to come over and bring plastic and something to get blood off of the walls.
  25. The whole pumpkin craze is getting way out of control. Enough already!
  26. I think they’re just cultural Jews. They use the term when it places them in a favorable position, but live like prog heathens. The orthodox are usually libertarian/republican, from what I gather anyways.
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