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  2. Like new condition asking $350 shipped. Used about 4/5 times.
  3. There’s certainly ways to save. Making potting soil at home (see my post a little while back). Composting at home, or find a place with free compost - for containers, I find free compost to work just fine, as long as you keep up with the weeding. For smaller scale, certainly use repurposed or free containers to start seeds. Grow in free 5 gallon pickle buckets or something like that. If you go to the grocery store and buy whatever is on sale, chances are you’re not going to save any money by gardening, especially when you consider the cost of your time. If you buy organic and/or really consider it important knowing what’s in your food, I think it’s a no brainer. We don’t live in an environment that’s conducive to year round gardening without serious investment, so preserving your food is important too. For example, it’s pretty easy to grow a years worth of tomatoes for sauce, salsa, etc, but you need to invest in canning equipment. Even if you just enjoy eating home grown tomatoes a few times a year, again, you’re not going to save money, but with minimal investment, it’s certainly easy and you learn a lot too.
  4. Can’t hurt! 100 proof kills Rona
  5. Benjamin Franklin would refer to you as ‘another jerk off liberal’ if he was around. Lol
  6. I'm not "bringing" family into anything, just referring to two posts he made, in one post he referred to his nephews as proof their generation was lazy and not as good as his generation, and in another he used the existence of his brown nephews as some sort of proof he isn't racist, he also spoke about a black friend he recently wrote off. while he continues to insist I have changed, he is making it clear in post after post that his behavior is changing and it's impacting several relationships in his life. so it's NOT him that's changed, it's everyone else.
  7. Mostly just salad, yogurt, nuts and fruit. It’s just easier. Last night I just fried up some Brussels for dinner. Wifey figures something out for the kids. They are on that teenage, eat after school and something light later, schedule. senior works at least three nights a week from 3-9 and boog has practice in Boston mondays and Thursdays. Doesn’t get home until about 10:30. At least two workouts the other nights and the gym with with me when possible. I don’t walk in the door before 6:30 because of the gym. Last thing I feel like doing is cooking.
  8. Then this entire effort is nothing more than useless psychobabble.
  9. Yeah, and parents that have no idea what their kids do when they are outside. So other than the two "females" that had no reason to be on school property, nothing else of any importance happened? Did the kids have weapons? Were "politically incorrect" terms shouted? Was it a case of predatory bullying? Sounds like 2 kids had a dispute that they resolved.
  10. So I let it air dry for about an hour, same as I did the tog, but the pelican did not form like it did on the tog. I will try soy sauce next time, thanks for all the advice @MakoMike
  11. It's the kind of thing your either for, or against.
  12. I wish the public school curriculum was enlightened enough to teach me that my mom and dad and grandparents were racists. And I better reject my culture and the Christian/Judeo Values my parents indoctrinated me with. If only they had such an enlightened curriculum when I was young, I wouldn’t have become the racist I am today.
  13. No stoner was harmed
  14. Highlight of the day: Cunner with a big red pimple on the right side of belly. Looks like a fishing line floating in front of the cam this morning with seaweed clinging on to it Cunner with a cleft lower lip loves the camera
  15. Yup!!
  16. Wow…..your buffoonery knows no bounds…….. Bringing family into it?
  17. The crackdown will keep the dirtbags who left their crap behind out , hopefully.
  18. like 260 or something. but the good Cholesterol is 80 or so I think I really don't care TBH. Open casket!
  19. I think you are seriously effed up in the head.
  20. This highlights the true underlying problem. People are voting with emotions before anything else and have become so partisan that they refuse to see any good from the other side. To make it worse both parties have become so partisan that they offer nothing to appeal to the other side. When the Republicans take the House and hopefully the Senate, what are they going to do to show the public that they are improving things? What are they going to do to make the moderate Dems decide a Republican President is a better choice in 2024? On the flip side of the educated white voter, look at the people still clamoring for Trump in 2024. Even if he had the best and a surefire plan to recover the economy and fix climate change at the same time, Dems will never work with him and people will hate him in office. There is nothing good that can come from him in office again and will further divide the country, yet people blindly follow. Washington is nothing more than a finger point, blame deflecting game to see who can control power long enough to get just a little bit richer. They count on most voters being too stupid to see through their nonsense and to overlook the fact that they don't give a damn about the electorate. It is pure lip service from almost every one of them.
  21. Panthers were in a strip club the night before the game !!
  22. Have good luck with white and chartreuse surf candy too, imitates sand eels and is easy to toss
  23. Woot is not a facebook knockoff company. The fact is I buy stuff from Woot all of the time. I just bought a mini fridge and a memory foam mattress. I bought Penn Reels from them. Sometimes they sell “open box” items or “refurbished” laptops and kindles. But they clearly state that in item description. If the item is labeled as new it will be unopened and new. They are owned by Amazon and you would always have recourse if you think you were ripped off.
  24. LOL.
  25. Ben was the Kanye of his day
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