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  2. I am concentrating on making rods as guys who sell knock-off jigs and poppers are flourishing and guys who sell authentic jigs and poppers are struggling . But there are anglers who use only authentic jigs and poppers. FCL Labo changed the colors with spotted glow. It seems it makes difference. $20 difference is nothing for tuna fishing if it makes even slight difference
  3. Who's to blame for this lacking in military upgrades ? Because it sure isn't Trump and sure as hell didn't happen overnight.
  4. Maybe an hour? Sand Tiger close to 7 foot. Likely half of the fight was gathering the courage to unhook in knee deep water. Unless I have a timekeeper or looking at my watch, I find it tough to guess. Time doesnt work the same while fishing, especially fighting a fish.
  5. You'll know the enemy when you see him
  6. Price was lowered after posting
  7. Russia lol you latte breathing **** heads lost. get over yourselves. you were that bad. trump did not win HILLARY was rejected. russia ba fungu
  8. I'm going with my regular guy as well. I called him and he too was just $6 more than tire rack with mounting and balancing included. I like to give the little guy my business as much as possible
  9. Ad Agencies would love to employ these guys, what a great result for little money, fancy suckering the entire Democrat party to get their knickers in a twist, as well as rotting $20 million + on a hunt for unicorns. Putin and his pals have to be a freaking geniuses to have pulled this off.
  10. I've never seen that either. My NFC blank didn't have that. I'd reach out to them and see what happens. They'd know more than you or I.
  11. Christmas market in Strasbourg shot up. Yellow vesters, false flag by Macron, or those pesky Peaceniks from the Middle East again?
  12. Probably gonna lose her appetite for... well... you know
  13. I have one friend that, that's all he ever carried was the CM Hammered jig, the one that had the single hook attached to the swivel
  14. They said lots of rain For Friday But the fish don't care
  15. What are the choices?
  16. You probably care more about a ham sandwich than the wall. I don't recall you ever complaining about the Obama years and what he did to the military.
  17. I think some of New York's (the city) problems is that many high cost athletes just don't want to play there anymore. Become a quality of life issue for them.
  18. There will be 4 Randomnites on Fridays trip, I thought Mick was on board I was really interested in seeing if he was going to start the day by cutting my line. Predictions? Y - TomT - KML - Sheisty - There are only a couple other bottom dwellers aside from us randomnites. We have to get the job done.
  19. Here is pictures of 19.58 lb and 13.65 lb tog caught using light 7' Black Hole Challenger Bank 701 L rods. As long as you don't do high sticking or lift fish, you can catch big tog like them using the light rods.
  20. From a logger of all people. My best friends family owned a logging company, I grew up at the beach. As we got older I wanted to hunt, he wanted to be on the water. He bought a little Tracker V bottom and we started tearing the fish up pretty regularly. Then he broke out a fly rod one day. I'll never forget watching a bass grab his fly clean out of the air. Two years later he custom ordered a 18' Parker, no top, recessed cleats, smoothe all the way around. He went to catching salty fish and I went to bowhunting. A few short years later, my buddy died in a car accident. I stopped fishing altogether for 10 years at least. I came back to it as I figure I've killed, you can let them go. That boat has been sitting in his Dad's garage ever since. So has his Orvis rod collection. It needs to be used. RIP old friend.
  21. Choose a side... there will be no prisoners taken
  22. Kil I know, I was with Carl N. the day we called you from Hatteras NC, he borrowed my cell phone to tell we where standing in the parking lot with Jay, and he had a hole truck load of the Tono jigs that he was selling for $12...dollars. That was some time ago and at the time we could not tell the difference between the Tono jig or the FCL Labo SL jigs. What we found out on that trip is the Blue fin tuna did not either. Then a couple days later those fish did not care what jig you put in the water. We had six men in the boat and they ate everything. Every type of jig and every color from light to dark. My favorite is the silver prism foil that has the little glow dots on the belly. Don't know why but its my go to... What come first the Tono or the FCL Labo jigs. Lou T
  23. Of course it's relevant. Do you think we'd still be hearing about the "tuck rule" (I know, proper call) if the Raiders had stopped them afterwards? But I agree, the calls seem to get worse every year. Not sure what the answer is. Opening more plays to the review process? NY has effed up a few reviews too.
  24. Had to find lower node as 33.60 grains of Varget was little too hot and ruined my first batch of brass due to loose primer pockets 30.60 grains looks very good in my 6mm Dasher, 0.09 moa @200yd
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