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  2. Good luck man!
  3. Correct, I fixed it for you.
  4. I think the seasonality depends on the paddler, I've been togging in December and out again in April for bass.That's not really much time off. From what I've seen on YT there's some great fishing on all our coasts, but I couldn't take the warm seasons down south, summer is bad enough up here! The No Cal coast has some amazing bottom fishing, I could live there. It's all better than most landlocked guys who fish for one species, like LM or trout.
  5. Yeah, that’s me. Good times.
  6. Where is the I Believe her video from Democrat crowd. Hey SOL P Hats, maybe YOU can do one? That would be swell
  7. What cool little plug cast like a missile...
  8. No they aren't. I'll be watching. Cabo
  9. Saltfisferman, thanks for the almost daily updates on the horrible water situation in sw Florida. I have a condo in Bonita and I have been enjoying the fishing down there for the past three winters. between your posts and the postings from the Calooss water keeper I have been reading new information daily. we were planning a short visit next month, but based on what is going on we may just stay away for a while. what disturbs me is the overall lack of detailed reporting of the human health effects from airborne exposure. Not much being reported. hopefully by January both you and I will be again enjoying some kayak fishing down there. Thanks bill
  10. Just a bump on this as fall is here.
  11. On the flip side of that I scratch my head when a player such as Jimmy gets offered 137 million, with 75 million guarenteed after playing less than 9 games by said billionaire. My thought its way too much and what if he gets hurt.....
  12. Shes a tramp. Ronan's dad is Frank Sinatra.
  13. Do not trust the "waterproof pouches" that come with your waders when it comes to storing your phone.
  14. Steven Moore from the Hill: What a difference a generation makes. It used to be conservatives who were the stuffy ones. Liberals were the fun ones to be around. Now the ones who are so uptight are the liberals like actor Jeff Bridges, who once was funny but now is so embarrassed by modern day America that he seems to want to be anywhere on this planet, except here. OK, then, just go! Liberals are making it clearer with each passing day that they don’t want to associate with conservatives any longer. As a conservative, I hate to say it, but more and more the feeling is mutual.
  15. Got out Sunday with wife and son Fished with a million boats in RI and got a few. There are shore fish or kayak fish to be had in Eastern LIS At the usual spots. Not a lot but some. We saw a bunch Sat. afternoon that could have been caught from the beach.
  16. Clear packaging tape. Won't stick easy to apply.
  17. Lost 2nd from the tip guide on a 7ft med heavy 2 piece rod. Couple of questions. 1-how would I reheat tip to rotate it back into position to reapply. Probably at tip repair kit from walmart was used to replace. How do I reheat without damaging rod? 2-Presume same heating method used to remove excess glue from broken/missing guide area 3-where should i put the new guide. Guide 2 Measurements in picture: guide 5-closest to reel seat: Guide 4-10 inches from guide 5 Guide 3-9.25 inches from guide 4 Guide 2 replacement now missing Tip 11.75 inches from guide 3. Thanks.
  18. Well yes, but many places sell on the go 16 and 20 oz sizes as large. Even my Kuerig has options of ,8, 10 and 12 oz brews. 8 oz are more of those "coffee Hun? breakfast places
  19. Thank you. A nicely detailed answer.
  20. Packed with meat and cheese
  21. Sold!
  22. +1, Sudsy. Lost my best fishing buddy of some 44 years this summer. RIP Scotty.
  23. LOL. Bargain cigars for sure.
  24. This is why I never begrudge a player for getting every dime he can from the billionaire owners. Even if that means free agency. Every player is only one hit or mis-step away from a career ending injury.
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