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  3. Ok , I have been away from forum for a while 706 , You got it
  4. I'm having some trouble Finding a reel where do I look
  5. Well, there were the two hot heads on the steps right in front of them. What did you expect them to do for the guy, get a pillow?
  6. Steamed PEI mussels
  7. A hard core activist ....check
  8. A search for “Izanas” turned up this 2 year old thread.
  9. I have a 25/27 body and rotors. Body + single manual pickup $400 Body + fully bailed rotor $410 Body + both rotors $520 Body was serviced by ZB in late Fall and has not been used since. Bailed rotor had line roller and bail wire replaced by ZB last year and has not been used since. $70 for one of the handles/knobs Price includes insured/signature confirmation shipping.
  10. Any of you jack-wagons picking fresh strawberries yet ? I got mine at about 7 this morning. Nothing like a good fresh homegrown strawberries.
  11. Unfortunately my post, matters more to these clowns! At least it seems that way.
  12. is america the next south africa
  13. Is that Richard Pryor, or Mike Jackson?
  14. Don't use that word... is offensive to some.
  15. minneapolis wants to get rid of the police and have crisis counselors/therapists respond ...sounds good
  16. No, then you need to look at race % to criminal incident response.
  17. They should do it if that's what they want to do. I don't live there. Maybe it will work.
  18. search for gaming computer,you get high end and low end price,if money are no consern,build the best if not build the mittell ground price,just write the parts what you like,you will save 1/2 price build one. i was quoted 20K on custom with out monitors,i build that for $2K,litle money left for fishing,and i build 4 off them.
  19. cobia Hogfish Sea Bass
  20. I don’t think there was a riot when the cops encountered this guy, they were clearing people out to enforce curfew. I’m actually more bothered by their actions after the guy went down. Cop is pulled away from checking on him and they leave him. Doesn’t seem appropriate at all when there’s no threat.
  21. Stop you're being ridiculous. You're like a holocaust denier
  22. Hundreds of posts today about protests and COVID. To this point in the thread, only 5 about D-Day. Sad.
  23. Heyjackass dot com
  24. I have this GRS surface giant in Black Island pearl it was tossed on one occasion it does have a couple of pointers. But in very good shape. Comes with brand new hooks.Need to raise some quick cash. 130 shipped PayPal prompt payment please. ThanksNeed to raise some quick cash. 130.00shipped PayPal prompt payment please. Thanks
  25. I think they ought to do it. What is the worst thing that can happen, the rest of the city burns? Isn't that what the Democrats want, total anarchy, in which they manage to grab total control out of the chaos?
  26. They fit. According to NRS sizing Xxxl is for weight 230-250 chest 49-52 and waist 36-44.
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