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  2. Not much has changed in the last 15 years as far as gear goes, braid is older than that and thats the last major change in surf fishing that i can quickly identify. Pick up where you left off, 15 year old gear is fairly new You'll probably find more access issues than you might recall having, thats progress as far as politicians are concerned. Welcome back, wish ya' luck.
  3. Widow makers.
  4. sure is,,,,I have tried to get the builder to join and post his stuff but,he is chicken **** and likes to hide. I know how to get him in here,I'll stop posting pix for him and bad mouth his work then he will do it all himself. he may even sell some too,,,,,,,buk,buk,buk-atttt! HH ps-swims like hell too right on top.
  5. Brad what is your preferred temp for dying?
  6. Porous Oline, limited receiving threats, offensive coordinator change mid season. Tough position for any QB, let alone a rookie
  7. Let's be honest though, it's a reality you'd really like to see though, wouldn't you? Depending on what the handcuffed guy did, I could be 100% ok with that head kick.
  8. Guys we have the algae back again in the calusahatchee river plus there is high levels of fecal bacteria in the rivers leading into the estero bay. They won’t be happy until the place is completely dead. We are are so happy we don’t own a home here. We still won’t go swimming in the gulf.
  9. Holy broken record - get a new story already or just go to any marina in Montauk from May to October and you and all of your buddies can submit a false report just like the rest of the for hire fleet does on daily basis.
  10. Take good care of your wife Red.....she deserves it.
  11. Why bother checking the canal when they can sit and wait to bust balls at a ramp?
  12. $85 because i pay PayPal fee + shipping Edited just now by hurak86
  13. She stood for nothing and fell for everything! Just another Dem hypocrite, a reject from the sadder side. Bad begets bad, always!
  14. Andersen and Marvins are clad over the wood. The wood is the structure of the window as opposed to vinyls
  15. That may well be done with cameras going to a central station like they do now on both bridges . Send in the troops to stop those not using inline circle hooks ? They do not have enough to check for all of the poaching going on as well . It sure is a conundrum, that long term will require more enforcement on the water no matter where that may be . I have not heard what the fine will be if it is not followed ?
  16. I won't fight you for the "neck".
  17. FWIW, When NY went t that no gaff rule years ago, I was still fishing out of Montauk back then, all of a sudden, like overnight, all these big ass nets appeared! Not even a hiccup.
  18. Backup propulsion.
  19. i have both models the 3/4 to 4oz and the 1 to 4oz $130.00 each plus shipping or pick up. In Delaware beach area both are in very good condition
  20. No it’s not
  21. If that's wear Orion's belt is ware our his balls ?
  22. Speaking of turkeys
  23. If you'll take $75, shipping included, I'll paypal the money this afternoon.
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