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  2. You don't need to be worked up to point out a fact.
  3. I do lots of wreck trips all season long, and cod trips in the winter and early spring.. Most of the time I'm using a Seigler SGN or a Daiwa lexa winn 400.. No complaints on either reel.. #30 or #40 braid is more than sufficient in my experience.. 2 brutal seasons on the seigler and it's an unstoppable tank.. not smooth like a shimano, but tanks are meant to be smooth.. And for whatever it's worth, seiglers are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty..
  4. I’m actually looking. I could post a pic of one of your works of art that I have
  5. The epixor is nice but you must wash and oil the roller bearing after each trip.
  6. SO,,,,,any progress yet? LIBS ....any progress on this or are we FULL HYPOCRITE MODE?
  7. SO,,,,,any progress yet? LIBS ....any progress on this or are we FULL HYPOCRITE MODE? or is , the TRUTH, DEMS ARE RACIST!!!!!! has been said for years, this just PROVES IT
  8. I have caught banded rudderfish and pilotfish in the tri-state area. They are mixed with the snapper blues. I caught a small red snapper in Brooklyn after a stormy week. You will never know what storms can bring with them up north.
  9. Yup! Brushed the wall to straighten the car out. Just enough to scratch the paint off but not dent the car. I always thought that was the coolest.
  10. How's that VA governor doing? hypocrisy!!!
  11. It is funny because I met two people who sounds like the Grinch and Santa in Montauk. There is a witch at work who laughs like the Wicked Witch of the East and born from the same rock as the Grinch. Thanks for sharing!
  12. This was last year. Which I did start inside but later than this year. They were under the grow lights last year which was on about 16 hours. I don't recall the fertilizer routine for them last year.
  13. OK, give me quarter..... I'm as pro gun as anyone. I'm on your side. Below is the OCPD tweet that followed the one shown above. On one hand we have a bunch of firearms that will never see the light of day no matter what. The cops have them. They don't sell back to the public. That's a done deal. On the other hand we have a group of people, prisoners of war. People, not things. That was also a long time ago, when the world had a very different set of values (not that I agree with them) but it was a different place. We could go back further to Richard the Lion Heart and his comment on prisoners... "Kill them all. God knows his own." And that would have just as much bearing on the OCPD situation.... On the third hand, I'd say it is more like blaming the delivery guy for the pineapples on your pizza. And no, I didn't have to look up who Tarleton was.
  14. I hate catching slim darts. So it would be crappies all day on UL for the
  15. I've heard this about 40x in the last month about the terns..
  16. this is not correct one is a federal law for a federal crime, the other a local crime I would guess the chicago DA was pressured by the feds , "charge the guy or we will,"....i would guess the federal court in Chicago has much bigger fish to fry, now that the local DA is getting after it Personally, I feel justice would ONLY BE SEREVD IF HE WAS CHARGED AND PROSECUTED FOR EACH CRIME AND PUNISHED FOR EACH CRIME...the fed and local bench could get together after and decide where he would serve and most likely agree concurrent sentence
  17. That would look just peachy on the rod I donated to the Christmas auction, So, yes!
  18. You seam awfully worked about an actor playing in a war movie, whsts your point?
  19. I had to go back and look aswell! But , yea!
  20. I swear I'm gonna end up with a greenhouse. Lol. Good advice thanks.
  21. Absolutely... I put it on a 6'2 BH tai special for a while.. spooled it up with 10lb invisibraid and used the combo all last fall.. I used it jigging for seabass and casting at albies.. never went after tog with that combo but a nice albie fights harder than any tog I've ever caught.. reel is still solid as a rock and smooth as butter..
  22. How interesting. I was reading up on leeks and planting them deeper as sort of a pre blanching was prevalent. Also Some school of thought about using a higher nitrogen fertilizer early to promote good green growth so the plant has lots of energy to put into bulb growth later. Im actually starting a journal this year so I can keep track of these things. I'll try and get some pics up Mick
  23. Where is this info? Where else can I fish? Lol. Like I said, I'm new to the area (been at school in MA for 4 yrs but haven't really explore at all) and new to striper fishing, so I'm not sure where I can go otherwise...
  24. It's.....
  25. Closed from May to October. Damn shame.
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