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  2. Shes there mouth piece. Deep state..... Hitler. Story ticket. I would advise the potential immigrants to take a shower.
  3. Watching. hoping it’s gonna be good
  4. so she agrees that there is a national crisis at the border? Is that what she is trying to infer? She should tell Pelosi this.....
  5. I'll take the last set of 7. Immediate paypal.
  6. Flat tax is a pipedream. No deductions? HA! A builder builds a house but can't deduct fuel, labor, tool rental , materials? So you build and sell a million dollar house you pay taxes on a million dollars? How many houses do you think will be built? The same goes for all businesses, laborers, salesmen. even kids selling newspapers. In the first 60 seconds of a flat tax we're already arguing which deductions will be allowed and which won't. Just like NOW!
  7. LI sound, glass calm conditions on the Yak. You could see and hear blues popping up everywhere. Otherwise dead quiet. Would not touch a thing. I feel your pain brother.
  8. A Brand new one. Just started a week or so ago. looks like it will be a clasic. "The city on the HIll" Great show the Wineter Hill gang in the late 80's early 90's.
  9. Use to be able to call the gate that you were going out of to get a report on what they were catching in area and depths. Not sure of numbers now but give dcr in quabbin a call and ask if they still do that.
  10. Location?
  11. Also, I'm no expert, but it looks like that is a bluntnose or a roughtail stingray.
  12. Oops. That was a mess up. I quoted the wrong post. (Big fingers tiny keys.
  13. Be very careful. A gentleman I talked to said getting stung by a stingray felt like half of his body was falling off.
  14. Anybody know any stores that sell korkers preferably the wraptr or the darkhorse
  15. Finally taxiing out to take off, 4.5 hours late. Gonna take a snooze now, or try too.
  16. Going to give this one last chance.$105 for the three.
  17. Different kind of gangsters but, check out Godless on Netflix. Really good miniseries.
  18. not familiar with that blank
  19. I think that's what we were supposed to get. Dodged another bullet. Last year I had mold growing on the drywall in my garage.
  20. Zip it,I come from the 2nd wettest spot in the world and it rained all the time.
  21. Catching them by hand today in the eel grass. Before you say anything eel grass not shown lol.
  22. As you mention that I'm sitting here listening to a tree frog, sounds like it's right outside my window.
  23. Carb screwed up on mower. Toro was going to take it apart ? found it on amazon 10 bucks / new comes with a coil and primer buttons The hole kit 18 bucks What a deal
  24. Thanks for the replies I just cut the line because I didnt have gloves and couldn't flip it over. Put up a hell of a fight
  25. That’s what I do. Z27 with both a bail and double roller. 3 screw easy swap.
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