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  2. The current state of affairs given, we still had it and have it pretty good comparing to the rest of the world. What decade would you say things started getting bad here?
  3. .22 LR CUSTOM LILJA BARREL Rifle Basix Trigger Pillar Bedded with upgraded action screws Glass Bedded Stock Firing Pin Mod Extra 5 Shot Mag $700
  4. Pics of the power stick, sealine, senator, and the battle please
  5. Hi Jim, you know if you're making it to LI? If so, still interested in the prevail
  6. When you can't feel your jig, that's when it's too windy.
  7. What hip boots do you use or recommend? LL Bean has discontinued their flyweight hip boots which were very comfortable. Haven't found a pair nearly as good.
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  9. Has “front pole” been copyrighted yet?
  10. Drako is back
  11. Lost one of mine over the summer to a bad knot, and replaced it in a tackle shop with a knock-off. The lure was pretty close, although the hardware was cheaper. Pretty sure it was Captain Bill's.
  12. I got it a few times over the years and swear it doesn't make a difference. One year i got the flu and he as rd from my wife how it could have been worse if i didnt have the shot. My brother who is a dr swears by it and other vaccines as we get older and more susceptible to viruses. I personally dont trust anything the govt endorses and wants us to take. I always felt they can use the flu shot to distribute a mass dose of stupid. Ill take my chances with the flu.
  13. Looking for a spare spool for z 27 or z 25 .
  14. Post a Wtb Smack it jr post. Never know what the lure fairy, might have in the bag for you.
  15. Oddly enough my friend did raise a scenario where Pats David Patton (I think it was someone else) was knocked unconscious on a fumble and while he was OOB his foot was somehow on the ball which was in play and they called it Pats ball. It was in the playoffs, have to try and dig up video. May have been 2007 or so.
  16. Thanks! PM coming.
  17. I have an Outback with a Lowramce Hook 4. I bought a RAM mount that fits inside the rod holders and expands to hold the finder in place. I’ve been very impressed as it has NEVER moved at all. I was the same way. Didn’t want to drill holes in the kayak.
  18. - Kick off of Social Security all of the scammers who are faking injury/disability to collect SSD. - Kick off of Medicare/Medicaid all the scammers who are abusing it. - Find, don't pay, prosecute, incarcerate and fine all those who are abusing Medicare/Medicaid for fraudulent payouts. Those 3 steps alone will save a lot of money (cost reductions), and won't be affecting at all any seniors who are legitimately using those programs.
  19. $200 and you just saved $100 plus tax on a awesome (minty) rod.
  20. According to Twitter accounts of McQueary's testimony from this morning provided by the Patriot-News, McQueary said that he had gone to the Lasch Football Building that night to pick up a pair of sneakers and a football game film from his locker. While there, he heard a "rhythmic slapping sound" and saw in a mirror Jerry Sandusky in the shower with a boy who appeared to be 10 or 12 years old. He believed Sandusky was "molesting the boy":
  21. I saw an actual. clip of that confrontation on the real news. It was one customer yelling at him and shouting to everyone and everyone else yelling for him to shut up and leave McConnell and his wife alone. So where did your fake news come from.
  22. All I need is 3 1.Factory loaded cotton Cordell pencil. 2. Sebile magic swimmer 3.Savage mack sand eel.
  23. Try a Lamiglass Insane surf or a Tsunami airwave, 11’ mh. I personally fish the bottom of the barrel Lami and have beaten the **** out of it on rocks, caught hundreds of fish on it, threw 6 oz of lead plus bait with it. It’s tough, loads up well, and has good feel for working plugs or jigging. But it is by no means an 8 and bait rod.
  24. I was going to pick up a VR but opted to grab a larger VS to go with my VS150 instead. In the end, different reels for different uses, but I'm not as kind to my surf reels as I am to the ones on the boat. They don't get rinsed as often, don't get serviced as often, get dunked, etc. I'm not skishing out at Montauk, but the reels get plenty of stress. My VS150 has been a tank, despite the fact that I bought it used and I've only had it serviced once in several years now. Just couldn't see passing up the same kind of reliability (though not saying the VR would necessarily have been less reliable, just in my use).
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