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  2. My gut sez that you have taken pics of your kids in school and also captured other kids besides yours and posted those online. My gut also sez, that's probably not one of your better ideas and other parents might take exception to this.
  3. I have seen pictures of you. You aint going that deep into the woods. Everything else I am 100% in agreement with you on.
  4. Nyquil
  5. Hopefully on a school night...
  6. I read that too. Also read that they are going after paper next
  7. tranquil
  8. I think alot of commercial property owners will not be too excited to convert class A office space to apartments for lowlife animal scum that will trash it all within 5 years
  9. Luke Voit news : The ’20 MVP candidate found the right light to make his shoulders, bi’s, and tri’s all look ridiculous on Tuesday afternoon, and like any 30-something looking for interaction, he posted the photo directly to social media., I’ll pull it up when I have a chance .
  10. It was kinda spur of the moment, and my weekend got altered to pick up my sons car, older car.
  11. Nice score and win Nighty! Rank 274 for me in Yahoo cup Rank 48 for Nighty in Yahoo cup!!
  12. Beautiful! Would you mind sharing your recipe? JD
  13. Fair to middling
  14. Not legal for CT waters. Don't know where OP is fishing from thou. Sucks and makes no sense to me, but thats the way it is.
  15. Holy crap! Thats a big sunny!
  16. Today
  17. It will never happen been going to OC for sixty years. This debate has been going on for at least 20-30 years that I’m aware of. OC tries to promote itself as a family vacation destination like forever. Won’t ever be free bobbies on those beaches lol. Besides not many swimsuit like models in OC.
  18. Twist or slice. I cannot get them off without using my pliers or a blade.
  19. Peace
  20. That's a Pine Warbler , Was thrilled to get a couple of quick shots. I get them every year around March , They just don't stick good when they come in to feed,
  21. My opinion is everything works but one way always will be "better" than the other. I believe that a "random" decision is a decision that has not been made based on observation, likewise a decision without reason is exactly that. I had two equally important "reasons", real or imagined, as to why I preferred single point up 100% of the time. The first has to do with getting a hit in the first place while the second has to do with landing the fish afterwards. So in my opinion the decision was important, to me, at all times and I would never deviate from what I believed to be the better choice. Over the years, from what I noticed, the vast majority of fisherman and builders orient their rear trebles single point down.
  22. Yep first place team versus the last place team lol. The Birds are just one game under 500 so it would be nice for them to get there. Looking forward to catching some of the games on TV.
  23. Don’t think Cam is worth a couple of third rounders at this point. He wouldn’t be starting if they had anyone else.
  24. Good morning SOL. How are ya all feeling? Blesse3d? sad? Just meh? Well rise and shine because we get another day to get it correct. Thank you Lord for SOL. Bless Tim and Carole, bless all who venture here. Protect the children and heal the ill. Jim G, Jetty Guy, low End and my Lisa. Bless our nation and all who do good works for the people. Bless our leaders and Mr. Biden. We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, amen
  25. truce.......
  26. we're in town for 4 jimmy...... should be interesting......
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