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StripersOnline Fund Raiser


This is a difficult announcement to write, but it has become clear to me that it is not just necessary, but imperative. For the first time in 26 years, SOL needs your help. I need your help. Network advertising has changed so drastically in the past couple years that it hasn't been paying the bills...and I've put off these difficult changes for far too long and now the situation has become dire. Not just for the website, but for me personally as well. We need to change the way SOL makes money - we need to change to a new server and have everything moved and reconfigured - we need to update for the forum software so we can incorporate subscription options - we need to hire someone to fix the database as too many of our post-Huddler bandaids stop working when we update the forum software - and we need to put the terabyte of missing images back on the server. We can then add a subscription service to allow folks to support the site by paying a monthly fee to see fewer or no ads at all. And we will begin direct advertising again - relying on ad networks dominated by Google is no longer tenable. And we have a lot of financial catching up to do...I've been dreading this and putting it off for way too long. We have never so much as put up a "donation" link - we have never charged people to use the site (and we never would) - we have always managed, first by tying flies and pouring jigs and selling tackle. Later by network advertising. So it pains me greatly to ask for help, but that's where we are.


In the 26 years we've been online, we have run hundreds of fundraisers and raised a lot of money for a ton of different people and causes and it has been our pleasure. This time it's different - we need your help - and it's very difficult for us to ask. I'm going to add a donation link to the header of the site and possibly in the side bar as well. I'm going to start a temporary forum where I'm going to put up for auction a bunch of my personal stuff. Other member will be welcome to use that forum as well in order to auction items for this fundraiser if they would like. If anyone wishes to make a donation other than via PayPal, please send me a PM or an email and I'll provide any information that you need. All donations will be kept absolutely private - and all donations will be very much appreciated.


Those of you that know me know how much I hate to ask this community for anything - we've made it more than a quarter of a century before having to ask, but here we are....thank you in advance for all your help. Might as well add the PayPal donation address to this message...I've already put this off much longer than I should have :)


PayPal: https://paypal.me/SOLdonations?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US

Zelle: tims@stripersonline.com

Venmo: @StripersOnline

**And the Venmo account is set to private**


We also just added a PO box for the folks who have been asking about a way to send check - here ya go - and thank you in advance :th: 



PO Box #1

Neptune, NJ 07754


Thanks again, looking forward to fighting spot burning, not caving to Google and helping people catch more fish for another twenty five years with all of you :) 



Tim and Carole Surgent and all of StripersOnline



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