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IF you are having trouble logging in or staying logged in ×

IF you are having trouble logging in or staying logged in


If you are having trouble logging in - like you forgot your password or username or email address - as always, please email me - TimS@stripersonline.com - give me any information you do remember like your username or the email address you registered with and I will get you back on quickly :th:


If you are using the /surftalk/login page as your bookmark, there seems to be a problem with some folks stored bookmark where it won't let you stay logged in. The symptom seems to be getting the "The CSRF protection key did not match." error or a basic "something went wrong" type of message. If you click on this link and save it as your bookmark, that problem seems to be rectified :)


Use this link - update your bookmark please: https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/


That should clear up the error message and should let you stay logged in. If you still are having trouble getting or staying logged in, please email me at the above address or start a thread in the "Bugs" forum and I'll make sure we get you back in again  :beers:


We are working on the look and the ads and trying to make it look like home again - so please bear with us...none of the themes or the pages or customization we did over the past 7 years was compatible with this upgrade - so everything is starting from scratch. I'm just about finished with a "dark mode" them for the folks that have been asking...I'm going to release it today...it's not 100% finished but it's close enough for people to use while we iron out the wrinkles. Thank you for your patience :)


TimS and StripersOnline


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