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      2020 Food Fling February 29th!   02/13/2020

      That's right boys and girls, it's that time again - it's Food Fling time!  This is where we gather together, eat, drink, tell stories and raise money for two local fishing club's programs that get kids out fishing and away from their video games and cell phones   It's usually the first Saturday in March...except leap year this year has magically turned that Saturday into February...don't think this has ever happened before, not in the history of the Food Fling...so make sure you get the date right or you might end up at the Elk's Club with some midget wrestling group or a bunch of basket weavers   The date is February 29th...and here is a link to the official sign up thread - please sign up...it helps a bit with the planning and it's free     If you have any items you would like to donate to the Food Fling auction where 100% of the money raised goes directly to the two programs that get kids fishing there are details here - and thank you, on behalf of the two clubs and the kids they will get out there fishing, for your generosity   This event is awesome every single year...it's very casual...there's tons of food...it's a great time to get to meet and talk to SOL members and there is always a TON of great stuff to go home with from the auction...you don't need to be a member to show up...and members are welcome to bring friends or guests...the more the merrier! Hope to see you there   TimS

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