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Spinfisher V VS Conflict

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Can anyone shed some like on these two.  I am looking at the 5500/5000 sizes.  Priced similar. Looking for a light surf reel.  


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Some will say the water proof features of the ssv makes it a better choice for the surf. I believe the ssv has better drag numbers which for a surf reel is not really needed. Both reels will work for what you are looking for. I know you want a penn from your last post. If you can't be swayed, I'd try a conflict over the ssv. The ssv disappointed me a bit. some guys do like them.
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i would also go conflict , ive had a few issues with my ssv , have bail clousers i was told its how i open the bail and were the rotor is , i dont want to think that much when im fishing of were my rotor is !
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Agreed, I open the bail, it should stay open until I close it.  Is your boat at the Salem/Beverly Bridge?

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Conflict is lighter and has more bearings, SSV is better sealed, more rugged

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