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Dirty Hollows and Others

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A few new ones tied since grabbing a few new saddles at the Fly Show.







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Great work as always Andrew. I like the mix of hackles, and bucktail color blending you used.
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Splash of class! Great work as usual Good Sir! Bravo Zulu!
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Thanks Charlie and Kevin. I like those Cree saddles when using Jungle cock. They really seem to work well together. The one fly without the Cree saddles has some white ones in there and I will most definitely fish this fly with confidence. The other was just fun tying. Relaxing with a cup of coffee taking it slow and trying to vision colors with a particular shape in the mind. Then sculpting it to the hook hoping it would look finished as intended. Charlie I really wish I could have showed you some of the flies I had with me at the show. I see a lot of similarities in your flies and mine. The pictures are very cool but once in hand you will get to see how sparse these really are. I really noticed how differently built and the way they feel in comparison to other tiers flies at the show. I saw a great many large flies that have much more hair and weight to them then mine in the same length. I like both . I believe the difference we see in all of are tying techniques is very interesting and educational. This one I did today I made sure to fill the sides of the fly when pushing back the Hollow ties by squeezing the top and bottom just a little when building the cone. The result is a more 3D or rounded baitfish profile rather then a flater thiner bodied fly. Flies and plugs had a chance to sit and talk playing with a good number of my flies and realizing just how sparse I make each tie in. The end result is a fly that is full but still sparse enough that you can see the hook shank threw and feels VERY light in hand making for a fantastic casting fly for its size.
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Beautiful ties ,You've got those dialed in I'd say .Love the last one but unsure of the wing burnt peacock ?
post #6 of 202 they rock as usual, I wanted to buy some saddles, but before I left home somehow I dropped all my money in the parking lot of the complex I live in, didn't realize till I tried to buy coffee a few minutes later, then spent the next hour wandering around the parking lot looking for my most of it back, but lost anything that I could spend on saddles frown.gif
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Awe jeez weezy that sucks! Man I'm really sorry to hear that. Hopefully in the future you will come across a hundred dollar bill just laying on the ground. My girl found one in a DD Parking lot a few years back. So hopefully what goes around comes around. Yes stripped or burnt peacock , whatever it's called . I love that peacock. It is very shiny with a nice cool slick look about it. Im blessed and VERY grateful ,, it was a gift given to me at the symposium along with a large bundle of Rhea plumes from David'sTrout D. Nelson. Just a warm soul he is , so kynd
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Andrew's hand is huge because the fly is 12" long! LOL. Really nice looking pieces of art and function.
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Thanks Salty

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that thing is SICK!!
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Those are rather lovely. :-)

Steve Culton
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Those flies are great. You've got the art of making really big flies down to perfection.
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Stylie! As per your norm....
Always a pleasure to see!!
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Very nice Andrew .:drool:

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Where is Jabster? Jari if your out there let see some flies ,, I know your a tying fool like me!!

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