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Either way, it was the general who screwed up, how is that O's fault ?
It's clear everything is to blame on this president.
There was toilet paper taken from a McDonalds.
Had to be Obama's fault.
It's getting real tiresome already.
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Originally Posted by TatonkaJames View Post

Here's 5 of them; if you disagree with the CIC, you still abide by the conduct, no ? Not with this one, everything is off the table and it's all due to one thing we won't talk about or is always denied.

Your examples are all true, they deserved to go.

Don't forget, one of the most famous general's tossed out. The firing of Mac Arthur by President Truman. That was also well deserved.
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Originally Posted by The Dude View Post

Bzzzt. Incorrect. He said he won't fire on Americans. I read it right here from the same guy that cried about surfers surfing in the ocean and a civil war in 2015 so it must be true.

and he claimed Obama was going to arrest Catholic priests
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It's amazing how idiotic that Patreus is on that list. He was hand picked from the Bush admin by Obama. Obama gave him every request. He was put in charge of the whole show. He was rewarded by Obama with the Directorship of the CIA.

Then he gave the girlfriend access to his email account with full access to our national security. Thank god she was merely a power hungry **** and not an actual spy.

And even then, Obama let him resign.

If you wanted to make the case that Obama is a vindictive egomaniac who hates his generals unless they are yes men, you couldn't have picked a worse example.
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Originally Posted by TatonkaJames View Post

He was impeached though. These generals should have fought for their jobs like he did then if they felt they were right.
But I think because they serve with honor as military men, they did the right thing in their minds.

Hmm, Clinton and honor wink.gif
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Don't mince my words, I was referring to the military, not the bunghole Clinton.
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Ol Stinkin Lincoln fired a bunch of Generals, didn't he?
And during war time too.
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We've had a bunch of senior officers go lately, but I don't know whether it is more or less than usual. Two Marine generals were just removed from command for failing to address issues of base security at an airfield that was infiltrated successfully, with multiple Harriers destroyed; I believe that was by the Commandant. We've got a remarkable number of senior officers who were removed for inappropriate relationships lately, which probably reflects a change in the social climate rather than how they behave. Eisenhower, MacArthur, CNO King, all had plenty on the side; "Bull" Halsey got his nickname at the Academy for the ardor of his social pursuits.

IMHO Obama has been a lot more deferential to the senior brass than was President Bush. McChrystal was removed for the same reasons, ultimately, as was MacArthur; he went public with his disagreements with the C-in-C. (He sure wrote a hell of a memoir, "My Share of the Task", on anyone's top-ten list of history for the Iraq/Afghan wars.) I suggest that the removals that matter were those made by President Bush in the buildup to the Iraq War, most notably General Eric Shinseki, at the time the Chairman of the JCS. He was canned promptly after telling Congress, live and on camera, that securing Iraq would need 200-300,000 troops, and for an extended period; some other posters here may remember the occasion because we discussed it here. He had the support of a score of senior generals, including his predecessor General Shalikashvili, on this issue. He earned a denunciation from Donald Rumsfeld, who made a speech decrying "old men wedded to old ways of war."

LI Beachrat may disagree, but being the Director of the CIA doesn't look like a slap in the face to me. Obama had asked Petraeus to take over after Gen. McChrystal's removal; that doesn't look like an insult either.

LI Beachrat, what do you fear Obama is planning after 2016?
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Ok here is another article that shows what's just going on with our military. Sound like King Obama may not want to leave office at the end of his term if he feels he has not transformed America enough. To hell with the Constitution is pretty much his and the rest of the Progressive's thinking. Could we be seeing a Presidential order to do a gun grab?

That is why when Dr. Garrow received a phone call from him saying that he had an important message that needed to get out to the American people in a safe way, Dr. Garrow took it to heart. This now-retired military general went on to say that he had been recently contacted by a close friend, who happened to be another high-ranking military officer who was currently still serving. He called the retired general to tell him that although it was unexpected, he, too, was now retiring and leaving the service. He went on to say that this was not his choice but that he was basically being “shown the door” because he was being asked a question, and depending on how he answered seemed to be the deciding factor as to whether he was to stay or leave.

“Here is the question we are being asked: ‘If in a scenario the military were called upon to go and confront people who were armed, American citizens, who would not relinquish their arms, in spite of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, would you follow the command to fire on American citizens?’”

The general told Dr. Garrow that this officer was completely flummoxed at the question and answered ‘No, I would not fire on American citizens.’ He was then forced to resign his commission immediately.

“It has nothing to do with right or wrong, Constitutional or unconstitutional any longer… They are looking for blind allegiance,” Garrow said. He said to watch the headlines for more like himself being replaced in “untimely exits”. He also said that some might choose to remain silent and try to stay in to see what they can do from the inside.
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President For Life

You heard it here first.
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Originally Posted by squidlips View Post

President For Life

You heard it here first.

We can call him Idi-ot Amin. cwm13.gif
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No doubt a cut-and-paste from a news site also dealing with alien invaders. Perhaps Obama is secretly in league with the Klingons?
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so Li Beachrat is pinning his opinion on some Canadian that has an honorary theology doctorate from an uncredited school and runs a for profit child adoption service that may may or may not help foreigners adopt unwanted Chinese babies, and his references in China claim that have no idea what this is about. His organization is supposed to be for profit but when questioned why he was soliciting donations on his facebook, he claims it was a disputed with paypal.

He's left a number of teaching jobs abruptly and had his teacher's certificate suspended. He opened a flight school with unregistered and uninsured planes (was shut down by Canadian authorities and fined him).

Oh yeah, he also claims to be nominated for a Nobel peace prize the year Obama won his, even thought nominations are kept secret for 50 years.

This is who our general are confiding with over a most serious American national security matter?

Keep em coming LI Beachrat.
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Originally Posted by LI BeachRat View Post

Ok why has Obama fired more American Generals than any other President. Could it be they don't agree with what he has planned for the country come 2016?

Could be they do not believe in his efforts to take the war on terror to every country and to every individual that is involved. Dirty but effective.
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I'm still curious as to what it is that LI Beachrat believes Obama intends to do in 2015.
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