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Walleye Lures and Techniques for the Fall

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I figured that someone might as well start a thread for walleye fishing in the fall as a thread was started for bass fishing in the fall time.


So, what lures, baits, techniques, etc... does everyone use for walleye during the fall time?


Just curious to see how others fish for these fish.


I use size 14 husky jerks, size 13 and size 18 original rapalas, 1/4oz jigs with a yellow and yellow/black 4in zoom twister tail grub. The husky jerks are by far my best lure for larger walleye. The jigs produce some large walleye, but they tend to produce greater numbers of medium sized walleye, sauger, and saugeye.


I use a slow and steady retrieve with occasional pauses when using the minnow lures and I let the jig sink to the bottom and the I use a slow and steady retrieve with the jigs with the occasional snap of the rod to pop the jig up off the bottom.


It seems to always be a "slower the better" retrieve that triggers the most fish.

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Do you put a weight on the originals? How do you get them down as far as the walleye? In the lake here there are two holes with walleye in them, one 30 ft and the other 60ft.

I bet the husky jerks work well. Do you let them settle to the bottom then twich them back?

Anyone use buck tails?
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Walleye come up pretty shallow at night.

To the op are you asking about a lake or river?
I love shad raps and x raps and husky jerks in that order for the drop offs. Original floating Rapalas for the weed edges and points.
Jig and minnow and jig and curly tail with a small piece of night crawler
Might give gulp a shot this fall.
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Lake, river, where ever you go.


As the water starts to cool during the fall time, walleye will come up into water no deeper then you knees. Fish those shallow areas starting in the late afternoon and into the night and you will be surprised at how close to shore the walleyes will get as it gets darker.


That is when the minnow style lures have really shined for me.

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Live shiners
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Bomber long a, keitech swing impacts in all sizes and rigged different ways. Winter open water we catch them good on blade baits while bass fishing.
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Caught a pretty good sizes Walleye off a Storm shad (Clear/White) while fishing for Striper Bass at a Dam.

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Originally Posted by FishHard247 View Post

Live shiners

On a jig head
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I have always found that in fall the best lure would be my ghost rapala with slow jereks when reeling back in. This ghost gives them the ability to see a lot better than your darker colors, plus the orange/red face is always irresistable to them. Keep on fishing everyone and thanks for some tips.

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try 8" suckers under a large slip bobber. if its numbers your looking for bump erie dearies with  half a nightcrawler, or  a leech off humps,rock piles, and 10' weed edges. usually i troll deep in lake erie for 10# + eyes, using dipsies and crawler harnesses. inland lakes it seems like theyre eating bigger meals(and less of them). when the water goes under 50 degrees, i go big, and try to find the bigger fish. its crazy seeing your bait ingested past all those teeth.

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Our Walleye lakes in New Jersey are Herring based forage. Herring are schooling fish that besides the spring spawning period, prefer deeper, open water. In the fall, the Walleye go deep and relate to points, humps and dropoffs. We catch them bouncing jigs off the bottom in anywhere from 25ft-40ft of water. Bladebaits, jigging raps and live herring down deep get the work done for us from October til the freeze.
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