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How to stop flooding in garage

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We just bought a house and having some flooding issues on one side of our garage. How do I seal up the outside and inside to prevent flood from rain.
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You have some rotten wood there. About 6" from your garage install a French drain
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Dont know if you have footing (foundation) drains, but for a start make sure the gutter and downspout are clean. You could also lead that downspout away from the house if its emptying right there (cant tell from the pic). Look outside and see if the gutter is overflowing during a heavy rain. I would also mound some soil up to the house to divert any rain away from the foundation.
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The slab is too low and water collect against the side. Instead of building up earth, I would make sure that the grade is away from the side and make sure it channels/flows away. In other words, the water should never collect by the structure, no matter how long it collects.
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Gutters will be the cheapest and fastest, saying you can get the water from the down spout awAy from the building. If the grade is heading to the house need to be re constructed and at that point if the lawn is dug up finish the job right. Dig up to the footing put in a perimeter drain system and seal if not done the foundation walls. I would call an excavation co. for there opinion.
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Never put dirt up to your house (8in away at least) carpenter ants and termites will devour structures.
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From the pics it looks like they framed the garage right on top of a ground level slab. Bad for water and insects. If you just bought the house first thing to do is go to who ever did your pre buy inspection and get your money back!
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Foundation to low but there are some simple solutions pm me and I can send you some proven ideas
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Agree with piping the downspout away from the house and also installing a french drain. The french drain does not have to be as detailed as what you see in the video. All you need is a trench with stone. I would run it along that foundation and then away from the house.with a pipe.

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put 12 inches of cement along the garage
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French drain is the best method if the ground level allows the drain to work by gravity. Pumped drains are okay, but if the power goes out you may have an issue. You have to maintain a French drain to keep fine grained soil from plugging it up. It is a lot of work to dig the trenches to the necessary depth. For a lot of people this is contractor type work. Be sure the contractor knows that water flows downhill, a lot of contractors don't seem to know that or think drains act like siphons. The other tip about downspouts is correct, those have to directed to areas where the water will drain, not just pond. Good luck!
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