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Megalodon was a huge disappointment. It belonged on SciFi with Sharknado and not on Discovery. All drama and bad acting.
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Originally Posted by FishLava2MTK View Post

Watched it last night. IMO it was ok I still don't know what to think. I am watching Ocean of Fear now the story of the USS Indianapolis. Crazy

Cant believe Discovery opened with that garbage last night, look we know Megalodon existed but to spend so much time and money to get people to think that a Megalodon is still out there was ridiculous.

Building a giant Humpback and spewing thousands of gallons of chum into the water expecting a Megaladon to come out of the deep is more nuts, yeah ok, jump in that cage for better footage when you feel a 100 foot 60 ton Great White is coming up from the deep , ridiculous.

The after show was just as bad.

Now the story of the USS Indianapolis is the real deal and the worst loss of life due to sharks in US history.
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Ok I missed opening night.  Megalodon is stupid and saw it last yr.  I need that USS Inianapolis to replay sometime before prime time this evening.  Darn it, why did I have to watch that waste of a football game.  banghead.gif

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Check that, sorry didn't realize they did a Megalodon follow up to last yrs waste of a show. 

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i was alil disapointed with that megaladon show last night because it was fictional 

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Mermaids pt. 2 was a huge disappointment last night.  Maybe we will get real sharks tonight?

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Well it can only go up from here, cant get much worse than last night , it looks like tonight they get into some good footage with a show titled " the return of Jaws ".
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That could have been the most dissapointing shark week episode ever. 2 hours of it. I cannot believe this was on shark week, let alone the opener. It was so fake looking, down to the parts they messed up. The nazi sub photo, the fin was to the right of the boat, then it was on the left like the inverted the picture. The "largest" chum slick ever, seriously like any government would allow something like that within casting distance of a harbor. It was solid red. Then the humback, both the tail bitten off, then the fake one they completely made, assembled, painted and dried within like 2 days. So damn dissapointed. From that opening shot of the fake footage I thought I had the wrong channel on. Well thankfully Nat Geo had a real shark show on, so I watched that. Seriously that was worse than Mermaids. At least mermaids had some interesting parts, and some just funny. It was a mockumentary of something that should be mocked. This, this is Shark Week, ***?
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It was a disgrace , i don't use twitter or facebook but they said it was lit up so lets hope it was lit up with angry people not the reality show types saying "Wow man, Megalodan is cool "cool.gif
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when i was a kid i loved shark week thats what got me into fishing i remember we didnt have cable tv at the house so  when we would go on vacation i would watch it at night and ever since then i was obsesed with fishing i miss those days i remember being in 8th grade when i got my first surf rod i think it was 12 feet or mb i was just really short and i was fishing marconi beach in cape cod i was waist deep in the water as the sun was setting  and my mom was so worried i was gna get eaten by a shark 

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Lol...when I heard about the Megalodon show, I watched the real sharks on Nat Geo too. The whole fake "evidence" shows like the Mermaids, and this Megalodon crap need to be taken off of channels like Animal Planet and Discovery. It's misleading, and it's Blair Witch type stuff from a channel you're used to having actual animals on. Booo Discovery! BOOO!
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That "Mermaids" crap was the worst ever.  Didn't catch the Megalodon one and don't plan to.  The only fake documentary that I have any interest in is Spinal Tap.

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I agree. Spinal tap great... megalodon worthless. These fake me out shows gotta go. I remember when discovery and tlc used to be awesome and educational. But this is the same parent company that brings you honey boo boo and you knew it was gonna be all downhill after that.

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Discovery channel has become a joke, Megladon and Amish Mafia(Sopranos meets Deliverence) I just hope for one new real shark show every season, can only watch recycled dramas so many times.
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Megladon and Mermaids aside a lot of the Shark Week programming is still cool stuff and fun watching. 

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