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Repairing wader booties

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Anyone have a good experience with a product? Most of the online resources show you how to repair the main part of waders, not the booties so any advice would be much appreciated
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Are they ripped or just a single small puncture or pinhole leak? Usually Aquaseal or any shoe repair compound that has Toluene in it works fine for pinholes or any hole less than the width of a carpet tack. For a tear, you may have to glue on a patch, which I don't know much about.

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As a follow, I see things about aquaseal but people always talk about aquaseal and patches. Where do you get the patches
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It's a hole, bigger than a pinhole though. I would like to reseat the boots too, as the strip of material covering over the seam has come up
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I put a large tear in my waders this winter while lobstering in the canal. As in a 2" tear. I cut a piece of patch material that came with my waders. Then I cleaned the area with alcohol. Applied Aquaseal to both the patch and the tear area, and allowed to dry until tacky as recommended. Applied the patch, and rolled out all the edges. The patch is still there, and as strong as the waders material around it.
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If you have lost the integrity of the seal around the boot, you most likely will need new ones. The boot area is very difficult to keep from leaking from my experiences. Bobs fix is the best way for repairing the rest of the waders
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The seal is's just the strip of material the mfg placed over the seal on the bottom of the bootie is coming up. The source of the leak is a hole about half the size of a pea. It looks like some gravel got in my boot and just wore away at it oh my past outing
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I need a new pair too.. I'm going LL Bean all the way . They're guaranteed for life spend the money once and that's it.
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you could always do that spray stuff you see on tv to fix gutters and stuff , i bought 4 cans last year to spray the bottom of my tent stuff works great they sell it at home depot and stuff now . could be a fast short term fix.
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LL bean sells a "wader repair kit" for $7. It is a small tube of aqua seal and two round adhesive patches. They are 2" round.  If you follow the instructions, they are temporary and allow aquaseal to cure underneath while the self adhesive seals immediately. Would probably work on the upper portion but I applied them to be permanent. I had worn through the heel on one side and the area that goes against the ball of my ankle on the other.  I was ready to return to bean but figured I would try a patch to last the season first. Here what I did.

Dry inside and out. Takes a couple days.

Flatten area on waders to be patched 

Clean with alcohol 

Cut the patch down about 1/4" all around to cause less issues with applying to a rounded section.

Spread aqua seal on wader and patch to get full coverage.

Apply and press out excess. Gloves are nice for that.

With a brush spread around edges to overlap patch

cover with a piece of paper so the block of wood does not stick. Plastic would probably be better as the paper sticks, but is harmless. 

Cut a block of wood about 3" round

Clamp waders between round block and a table. I used a "Quick Grip " clamp but a large enough C clamp will do.

Leave it for 8 hours, turn inside out, gently, and repeat.

Have spent only 4 or 5 hours in them since, but so far so good.

I also bought some "Goop" and sealed up any of the tape they use on the seams too. It comes is larger quantities than aqua seal. 

I'm sure their are better ways but thats what I did. I was surprised I was totally dry when I took them off but... time will tell.

Good luck, 


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Thx for the help guys. I ordered that aquaseal kit on amazon and will attempt a repair we'd.
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FYI, Bean does free shipping on theirs an I had it in a couple of days.

Hope it works out.


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