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CCT Body Fur

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Wanted to just do a quick try of the material and see what its like. Tied some BT in and hackles 360 around wrapped the head ,done... Grab the electric razor and trim away..Getting the spines and shanks I believe later today , then the fun begins.. We will see, I have ideas of doing a Bulk head fish spine BTD with JC eyes and a split feather tail.. Most likely will just try a original GameChanger first..

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Good looking fly.  Trimming with an electric razor is a good idea, never would have thought of that.  My biggest question about the new Fish Spines is how to secure the pieces to the vice when tying.  I suppose with an angled vice head it would be easier than my in line head.  

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Rachel I know you'll ace the GameChanger.
One thing that came to my mind while tying it was to weight the head slightly on it. That would have the head portion dive a little faster adding to the action I think, then the trailing body of the GameChange would have more action maybe.
I tied the 2 using brushes, I also made a chartreuse brush for the head and made the one fly in a 2 color fly.
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Cool I'll have to give that a try. The first thing I want to do is make a standard original one I think it will be a great fly all white with a little size to it. Crs2000 I think but don't really know till I try ,, but you can just pinch the shanks right into the vise just like its a hook . Once I try it I will let you know exactly what I think good or bad.
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Nice Andrew .I've been using chargeable beard trimmers for years on my bugs .Little noisey but gets it done.

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I like it because it is simple, some bulk and action in the tail section plus a little flash. Once you go to the articulated pattern let us know how the trimming is at a time for each section or as a whole fly. Until then keep tying my friend.
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Beautifull! Looks yummy
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Thats awesome! Exactly how I envisioned tying them myself. I even have a beard trimmer to use. Learn something every single day here.
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Linesides thanks much. I did not receive my fish spines , they will be here tomorrow. I did however swim this fly. I am concerned.. The material holds a lot of water and became very heavy. I am worried that 4 links of metal , even more material will equal a wet sock like feel on the rod. It did not shed water well on the backcast :-(
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Research is good. What material is the head and body tied from?
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i'm thinking too much material,, try palmering it more sparsely? (if that's at all possble) seems it looks like it should anyway so perhaps i'm pissin in the wind there...i'm gonna try one with a different material altogether.let you know how it pans out..
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Does anyone know how to tie the Game Changer fly? I got the shanks and found it extremely difficult and tiny pieces.
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I have to let the epoxy dry as I finished one fifteen minutes ago.. of course your not dealing with a sane individual as I changed "get it:" the whole look to my liking...George said it needed some weight in front and with what I did it certainly does... I didn't have the shanks... I only had the two longer sizes and bent them and cut them down to make my own little ones..

. lmfao,,,,, how do you tie them...... well,,, most of the tying was done by hand... again,, I wish I could've made a video of this as it really is a pia the way I did mine..
you may have to learn how to use a dubbing tool..the material he uses is the palmering stuff I see you have.. didn't have that stuff so substituted it with some other materials as that stuff wouldn't have worked for what I wanted to do.. I was gonna do one with a dubbing tool and some sfb or even kinky fiber but I don't have time to fumble around with that and the little chunks of metal in a vice.. he really doesn't show it sbs all the way thru in his video... the fly does look sick in the water...mine however is a freak..
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I got it.. It's a piece of cake , I had the shanks in the vise wrong :-(

This is a little messy but it only the first one...

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