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Bamboo Rods - Appraisals

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Cleaning up some of my Dad's old gear and he has a number of Orvis bamboo rods in his collection.   No one in the family seems to want to bother with them and I'm not sure they even have any much value.   In the event we decide to offer them for sale some day is there any one who is reputable and local to eastern MA that I could bring them for appraisals ?



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don't clean them, the more original the better
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HT Congratulations...There is a strong market for Orvis bamboo among collectors. The shorter (under 8') trout rods being the most desirable. As you probably know condition is everything. Orvis bamboo rods can be traced back to when they were made as well as who might have made them. One of the things that make Orvis bamboo attractive is while they are certainly collectible they are fishable. In other words, they are not so valuable that people are afraid to fish them. I had a few rods I wanted to sell and for me the best route was consignment. There are several reputable sellers in the classic rods/reels world who have a long established history. While they will take 15 - 20% they also will reach buyers that you can't or buyers not willing to risk sending you a bunch of money without knowing you. My prize rod sold in 2 days for ~4k and the other rods took 2 years to sell. 15% of 4K is a good chunk of change but well worth it in that case. You can get a rough idea by looking at the big online auction as to what Orvis rods are selling for. Remember - the appraisal price and the selling price might be far apart.

ClassicFlyRodForum does online appraisals providing you read the instructions on how to present good quality pictures. The site also has the best Classified section for bamboo. The members there will know what similar Orvis models sold for or what they sold them or purchased them for.

Also - if your dad had good taste in bamboo then don't overlook that he may have had some quality collectible reels and other fishing goodies.

Good luck..
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Thank you John,


Appreciate the help... good tips that I'll follow up on.  He does have a few rods under 8' as well as some longer salmon rods.


I also stumbled across a Bogdan reel and a Fenwick "wedding cake reel" in his collection.  I think these were purchased for salmon fishing but they're brand new and have never seen a line.   It doesn't look like he kept the original boxes for these reels but I'm going to keep looking.    I suspect that at least the Bogdan is a collectable?


Thanks again,


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Your dad had great taste. Bogdans are worth their weight in gold. I never heard of a box for a Bogdan and Stan had a two year wating list for some models.
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I'm sure Bogdans have no box, many had leather cases, but they weren't provided directly by Stan. I was in his shop several times, never saw a box.
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Thanks,  save me from searching for something that's just not there.   I know from a collectibles viewpoint items typically have more value if the original packaging is available.



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