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Air Show Memorial Day Weekend 5/25 & 5/26 2013

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Was going to hit up jones beach area tomorrow, since I'd be driving people to the airport at 5am. Just found out the air show will be going on from 10am-3pm.
Never seen the show, heard that parking and crowds will be epic. Is it worth my while to even trek out there if I'd like to do some fishing? Have a feeling I'd get washed out with the rain wind and crowds this weekend.
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The weather is going to suck tomorrow. We were supposed to go to the show tomorrow. My wife has a party on Sunday, so if we don't go tomorrow, we probably won't make it this year. It's always a good time. Since I work with the DOT and NYS on the traffic coordination, I usually park very close to the entrance. Last year I parked right in the circle behind the bus stops on the grass.

It is definitely worth going. I think you can bring coolers with food and drinks and I would recommend it as everything is usually expensive. We are always under the Bethpage Credit Union tent and they supply free food and drinks for the duration of the show, but if we didn't get all the perks, I would definitely not go every year.

Tonight I am attending a dinner with all the bigwigs and pilots at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. If I hear anything regarding tomorrow's schedule, I will post it up tonight. With those high winds and rain, they may trim the show down tomorrow.

If I were to guess right now, I would say Sunday would be the better of the two. Get there early! The lots fill up quick and the roads start backing up. You'll start seeing everyone just pulling over on Ocean Parkway and sitting by their cars. You don't want to do that.

If you just want to fish, maybe head down to RM.
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Definetly not worth going to jones ,my opinion,hours of bumper to bumper to exit ..people parked on every inch of grass,even on the turn around ramps, people see grass and that gives them the right to BBQ.over whelms the park police..............what I have done from the first show was to go to Gilgo and fish would see the show and hang out.....even that got popular and made it unbearable for me........Warning tons of traffic ....
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Its doable if your willing to get there very early. If you are doing a airport drop off at 5 AM I would then head straight to the beach. You will get there before everyone and parking will be free. Leave as soon as show is over and your good to go.
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Thanks for the input guys. Doesn't seem worth it with the weather, traffic, winds, crowds etc...
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Air show was great no waiting to get in left Northport @ 9:45 got into field 5 @ 10:11 only thing we didn’t see was the precision jumpers…
Expected crowd 400K real crowd 60-70K attendance way down due to the wind blowing @ 25kts
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