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River Fishing

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You gotta love river fishing in the spring, you can target so many different species, my river is tidal so I fished for rock fish this morning got my two, put them in the cooler then got out my flathead gear picked up two nice one both over 20 pounds, late evening fished for crappie, I could have targeted smallies or large mouths if I chose to. How many species do you target in an outing?
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What I do is try to use lures that target multiple species.From Grubs,spinners and rapalas.Here's a funny thing.I had trout hitting 3" senko's while fishing for smallies.I looked it up and saw it was actually quite common.
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I usually just target smallmouth, but it is amazing just how many species you can catch in a river system.   I have the same experience catching trout when looking for smallmouth.  trout will hit just about anything a smallmouth will.  caught a brookie last week on a shakey head with a keitech swing impact attached.

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90% of my fishing is on rivers. I fish the tailwaters below dams. I'm always goin for stripes and hybrids but I' catch quite a few largemouths, an occasional smallmouth, and sometimes sauger. If the stripes ain't bitin, I'll pick up the spinnin riod and go for white bass. I love river fishin.
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Tailrace below dams consumes most of my time and I do the most of it from shore. I am 90% on the rock fish now . 

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Tailwater areas below dams are notorious for multiple species. I throw jigs and lead spoons for stripers and hybrids most of the time. I'll catch both of those plus: white bass, drum, gar, several species of catfish, occasional LM or smallie, and sauger.

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Does anyone fish the tidal Delaware River, NJ or PA. If so what do you use instead of Herring??? need help

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People use clams and bloodworms.
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Blood worms around the commodore bridge produces pretty well in spring. I've used clams as well but I always had trouble finding fresh clams along the Delaware.

Sucks you can't use herring anymore. I remember fishing Trenton area an if you had time to light a cigarette and finish it before a striper snatched up your herring it was a slow night lol And you sometimes got a surprise channel catfish in the 15+lb range to go along with it.
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Yesterday I caight a trout in my striper hole while fishing for bream.
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I catch them all in the Delaware - trout, smallmouth, largemouth, crappie, chubs, shad, carp, pike, catfish
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Originally Posted by Sweetwater View Post

Yesterday I caight a trout in my striper hole while fishing for bream.

You sure that is not my catfish hole tongue.gifwink.gif

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(On the Congaree River and Saluda River in SC) Stripers, smallmouth, bream, catfish, perch, trout (stockies) Obviously I dont target all those at once. But some combo of those.
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Originally Posted by Jig Man View Post

You sure that is not my catfish hole tongue.gifwink.gif

No, across the river from your catfish hole. Downstream from the bass hole
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