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Sand fleas? Great bait! Sand flea flies in the wash icon14.gif

Oh god yes, that's what they are called. I was getting lice and fleas confused. There is of course a sand louse too, which is not the same thing. That looks more like a white oversized wood louse (or pill bug). God I feel stupid.

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Sea monkeys are excellent bait for tog, especially in the spring when their mouths are sensitive.
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I'm debating whether I should let this thread die, or ask:


"Why are sea monkey's mouths sensitive in the spring, did they just come from the dentist?"


Sand fleas and grass shrimp are excellent bait, I'm told. I'm surprised more people don't round some up. Especially with worms going for $6/dozen at so many bait shops.

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By "sand fleas" are you talking about mole crabs? Those stumpy-looking shrimp-like things that burrow in sandy beaches right at the water line? How common are they around here? I've seen a few locally, but more out east.
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These are common on Mass beaches, not sure about CT.

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Looks like an isopod. We have some in the Sound, including Baltic isopods of pretty good size.
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