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Bombing at the Boston Marathon

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Just heard this, saw some pretty graphic pictures.

Hope everyone is okay if anyone is in the city enjoying the day.

Hearing a lot of sirens right now. Heard lots of injuries, limbs missing, etc. :/
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terrible man, it's all over the news.
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Concern now is, 1) copy cats, and 2), the future of the Boston Marathon.
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Prayers and well wishes to all in the Boston area.
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Unbelievable. Reports, which are still developing, say a number of very serious injuries, mostly to spectators. No word of fatalities...yet. frown.gif

Needless to say, they suspended the rest of the Marathon.

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No official reports of fatalities from local stations, NY Post is reporting over a dozen at this point though. Still hearing sirens, lots of them.
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I can see smoke from Winthrop across at the Kennedy Library. I don't know if it's related but I can see the trail in the sky. 22 injured 2 confirmed dead according to news 7. Boston should be going in lock down mode. So many cameras..have to get these responsible!
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Thoughts and Prayers to everyone... frown.gif
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Hope they get those responsible soon.
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Originally Posted by Bourne View Post

Hope they get those responsible soon.
x2! God bless Everyone involved.
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Fox News 25 by far has the best coverage of this tradgedy. Locals channels...4, 5, 7 not so much so.

As you can imagine, lots of chatter on the scanner.......BPD and SP channels

Reports say a person of interest has been I.D' hospital under guard.
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What an tragedy this bombing has brought about on unsuspecting people of all ages ages at today's marathon. Apparently they have found at least one more that did not explode.

lets us all pray that those victims of these bombings are spared further pain and suffering .

Those that planed this bombing can rest assured that they will be brought to justice for this cowardly act.
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BPD news report a third incident has been reported at the Kennedy Library about 30 minutes ago.
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confirm 3rd bomb attack at JFK library.
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My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the Boston area. God Bless

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