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Low profile baitcasting reels vs. conventional reels?

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I've been looking at conventional reels, and own a few round conventional reels, the Tranx is a great reel, but booku dinero.  Daiwa has a new Lexa 300 which is in my opinion a step up from the Curado 300(and 50 bucks less).    My question is, why would you choose a round conventional vs. a low profile?  I'm only looking for insight, not to start a  Thanks.  

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Choose a regular conventional for line capacity, speed of retrieve, and probably strength of components. Low profile reels are OK in flat inshore waters, but in genuine surf, they're deficient - and the smaller components make them easier to jam with inhaled sand.

I have to fix this. "booku" is a good phonetic rendering of the word, but it's "beaucoup." The French pronounce things funny.
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All that being said, I'm interested in user reports on the Lexa baitcaster myself. If you buy, do report.
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I own a bunch of both round and low profile reels.  I prefer round reels, open with no level wind for tossing heavy weight on long rods.  I think the round reels give you more access to the spool, helping you thumb the line when loading a cast.


Anytime I fish in a situation where 'feel" is important (vertical jigging, plastic worms, jigs, etc) I prefer to use a low profile reel for my ability to palm it.  I like to palm the reel with my left index finger supporting the line as i work the lure back slowly.  IMO that really help you detect those delicate bites even more.

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MTD, which lowprofiles do you own?  If they are like the big LP's I'm talking about please let me know which brand they are. I was looking to use them as a plug /jig fishing reel in the canal.  I used the Tranx last year in the canal for 15 mins. and was blown away....  My bad,,,,,  I should have specified what I would be using them for....I would like your' input.   Thanks bud.icon14.gif

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I have to fix this. "booku" phrase as it is a good phonetic rendering of the word, but it's "beaucoup." The French pronounce things funny.      Orig. post BrianBm.  


       It was supposed to be American slang, but, thanks capt. Hooked on French Phonics....cwm27.gif  But if I do get the Lexa I will post the report sir.  




            lowprofile vs. conventional..  plz post what you know,  thanks again!!

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Tony, I should have been more specific in my use of low profile reels as well.  I only use 1 in the surf. I have an Abu Revo Toro Winch 60 that i use in similar fashion. Holds about 250 yd of 50lb braid and around 330yd of 30lb braid.  I purchased the high-speed gears (6:4:1) for it as well and will switch them with the (4:9:1) depending on how I fish it.  For throwing plugs i prefer the faster gears, just a preference.  A bigger reel then my freshwater/light tackle stuff but I can still palm it.  I'll pair it on a 10ft avid and a 12'6 CTS and it works nicely.  I know there's been some mixed reviews on this reel but I service all my own stuff and have found it to be a nice reel.  Nice set of centrifugal brake settings that can be changed quickly in the field, depending on conditions.


My thought was to try and emulate my freshwater/backbay fishing with baitcasters as much as possible.  I still keep spinners in the mix though.

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Nice!  I not only want this query for me, but for the SOL community, thanks MTD35.  That is exactly what I was looking for, the Toro was a question mark for me because of what I've heard.  I fish abu and shimano almost exclusively.  Much appreciated bud. 


                     tight lines this year, 



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i have a curado 301e.   i love it.

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I need to palm a reel when casting because I'm sitting down in a kayak snap casting and working whatever I am tossing. Snap casting with a full conventional reel will almost certainly mean, over runs and blow ups. I have full conventionals for surf casting but I'm lobbing bombs with minimal brakes.

Outside of boats and kayak I think there is a market with low profile baitcasters for those that wade and a 10' conventional outfit is not practical. The drawback to the low profile would be getting sand in it.
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can I put in a word for Avet ?...100 % American.

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I have the Curado 300. Like it so far used it last year in the canal on a 9' rod. It's a little lite but real easy on the arms. So far the biggest fish has been a 36 incher. No problems. If bigger fish are around or a lot of guys fishing I won't use it. It is loaded with 240 yds of 40# PP. I like it because I use it fw fishing also. Get 2 uses out of it. So far so good. Scott
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Don't like any reel that has a disengaging levelwind, with a few exceptions.
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agree with drumbum; the non synchronized levelwind makes most low profile reels of little interest to me.  That includes on the bass pond as well as the surf.  I just find them strange to cast and can't get around the line between the reel and guide not being straight.  For fresh water conventional I use an Abu 4600c4.  If you need a little conventional that is about as good as it gets.  When used in the salt you do need to pay attention to the thumb bar release as it is prone to getting salt build up and then not working correctly.  For fishing the canal I would not even consider a low profile although I am sure there are one or two out there that are rugged.  I would just get a 6500c3 or better abu and be done with it.  

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I saw a like new or new (cant remember) lexa on a rod on the boston list of craig for real short money last night. If I didnt have my curado I would buy it. Pretty sure it was the 300 series.
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