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fort tilden is closed

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what do we do,,

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Too bad they couldn't throw us a bone and let us either fish from a portion of Riis, or walk over from Riis.  Only thing I could suggest is hitting the bulkhead on the northside from GH Bridge east...

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Not surprised, to say the least.... Most of the S/S is totally still devastated, we'll be lucky if they just open the beaches for the business infrastructure, which still may not re-open,or be ready once the weather breaks for the better. Let alone for us to fish these areas....
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Being caught between a rock and a hard place is somewhat like being caught between NYC Parks and Gateway National Parks!

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They say they will assess the damage and see when it can open.
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Guys time to go stealth
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Haha go in like a navy seal with a 10ft pole
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Originally Posted by treblemaker View Post

Guys time to go stealth

I will from my 20 grady. wink.gif
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There is pleanty of beach still open in the rockawys and many fish will be landed.........
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The word is be respectful...we will get less resistance if we are respectful, quiet, we clean up, obey parking rules etc

Fish at one is paying attention.

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And be careful - there's a ton of debris out there, and not all of it is visible. The main reason they've kept it closed is they don't want anyone getting hurt.
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sounds good mike i will have scuba gear and strap myself to the bottom of your boat lol;)
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i remeber drivnig down on the beach and then driving down the beach in front of the silver gull and then getting chased by the night security lol. that was funny. after so many times chasing me they just let me stay
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