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For the most part I fish alone and I walk a lot, I tried to come up with a name that fit my style 

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Mine is pretty simple. I've fished on, under and in the water my whole life. I grew up on in and under the water.
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I'm striper silly, I think that just about says it.  I love anything that has to do with the spORt.  Reading about it, talking about it, learning about it and most of all, FISHING for them.  It puts me at peace and I can't get enough of it.  BTW, great thread!

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Originally Posted by Soundfisher View Post

You have some Rusty in you. Are you cousins or Lebanese?
I am the Zohan!!!
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Nice. Stop by the Tavern and leave us a rap.
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I got a divorce and hadn't fished for anything in over 10 years. My duck hunting partner took up rod building and kept bugging me to start fishing again. I just couldn't be bothered. He twisted me up a nice 7' light tackle rod. He took me out and we landed a bunch of schoolies and now I am":Hookedagain" .He rarely fishes anymore and does not make rods either, but I have a new 10 year old son picked up where he left off and can't get enough.

I hope your son teaches his 10 year old son or daughter the ways

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the year i joined sol me and a budy were out in the bay and came accros a big pod of bass All 40" or better and we were killing them one after another for about an hour on.....Big Poppers.
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My first initial is 'C', last name is Schorr. So SeaShore is just a play on words. Tacked on the NJ because someone already had seashore.
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Birthday in June. Have twin sons born April,12...
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Back when I first started using the interweb in 98, I bought my first brand new car (98 Trans Am) :)


Before I put any break in miles on her, I went straight to the local drag strip, which is about a mile from my house in Orlando :shaky:


Put a beating on a pair of Vipers and an AC Cobra that were there and on my last run, the announcer called me the "SNAKE EATER" as I pull up to the staging beams :o 


The name just stuck and I've been using it on every forum I've registered to even though the car is long gone :kook:


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I love the fight game. I'm a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, and I've been doing Muay Thai and boxing for years too. That, and I love fishing!
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saltshaker.... ocean is salty and I used to plug alot soo..... saltshaker
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I am a fire fighter and I love to fish from my kayak. 13 is my station number and always been a number I wore in sports.

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I think mine is simple. I use to be a wood worker. Now I work wood plugs a bit. the 99 was because my daughters screen name (not on here) ended in 66 so I turned it upside down.
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mythreesons..what can I say, everything I do is for them.  Did get my wife two girls though;)

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