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Mounting a Motor

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I just started on my Motor Mount for the Yak.What kind of Hardware did You all use to attach the Mount? There's no access to use Blind Nuts.I was thinking about those Spring loaded Nuts & Blots that you can use on Dry Wall in the biggest I can find.
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I would check Hobie's Pro Angler forum and Youtube from video's of motor mounts and anchor trolleys which address some of those issues.
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I am building one right now for a prowler 15. Its being painted right now. I am waiting for my 5 pin plug and inspection plate and 6" hatch so I can bolt it down and put the motor control up front. I will be able to unplug and remove the motor for travel with the normal thumb screws..

Made of 2x3 channel and once i have the inspection plate I will bolt it on with large washers on the inside. It also bolts on the 4 rudder screws.
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Nice Mount Rob.I was going to make one from Scratch ( based on Bas Yak design).When I pulled the Motor out of corner it had a Bow Mount on it.So I'm modifying that.So it will still be able to unlatch & kick the Motor up.An Inspection Plate sounds like it might be the way to go.
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I have a bow mount too I started to take apart. I wanted to use it as the controls are messed up and the raise arm put a huge force on the mount. It's an old one with no reverse. I used the Minn Kota as it has forward and reverse and reverse would come in real handy fishing something with the waves pushing you toward it.

The inspection plate I got was from Austin Kayak for $3.49 and a hatch costs $38.99 and just get the inspection plate unless you need to open it for more stuff. I would post a link, but they would probably remove it. smile.gif It does not show under hatches but put Sea-lect inspection in the search and it will come up.
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Here's a quick look st what I'm working on.I shortened the Bow Mount more than 8".I plan to just unlatch the mount when I'm coming in & letting the Motor lift itself when it hits the SandAlso plan using the Mount to hold a Rudder when in Fresh Water.
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Careful guys!

Putting a motor (even an electric trolling motor) on a boat (kayak) in NY State, makes it a Motor Vehicle.

That means a trip to DMV, to get a registration.

When you get there, they will require a Hull Identification Number (HIN)

Most kayaks are sold without one, it is relatively easy to get a HIN for one you just bought, but good luck with a discontinued model, or even a current model that you bought last year.

I suggest that you get your HIN, before you build your motor-mount.

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in MD have have to pay tax on the Prowler and then register it like a boat, but it very cheap, except for the first year paying the tax. Then the sticker and number like any other boat.

Half the reason I want it watch guys down here crabbing with Hobie or the electric Ocean Kayaks. I am sure it will help me cover more ground with the fish finder in the early season to find the schools to target.
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All I had to bring in NY is a pencil tracing of the HID number on my outback. 10 a year for 3 years.
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Originally Posted by 126andy View Post

All I had to bring in NY is a pencil tracing of the HID number on my outback. 10 a year for 3 years.

Andy, to whom did you bring the pencil tracing? DMV? I am about to go through this process - from my understanding with the parks dept. if the vessel already has a 12 digit serial number or manufacturer's number, then that is the HIN. The form for registration requires the HIN. What is the point of the pencil tracing? To prove you own the boat? In my case I would have a transferable registration and / or title so I think I am all set, just not sure.

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Idk how its like in other state but in CT as soon as you put a motor on anything you need to register it. 


What you need is:


1.) Bill or Sale

      a.) If you have no bill of sale you need notarized affidavit stating that you purchase kayak and unable to obtain Bill of sale and to your knowledge the kayak has never been     registers


2.) Boat Safety Certification (10 Hour Course)


3.) Registation with DMV to get you registration number and stickers


4.) If you plan on using this at night time or at dusk youou will need your navigation lights.  Red\ Green up front and 360 white in rear. Its a good thing to have for your safety also you can get a ticket for not having it. I got stopped by the coast guard while fishing on the Thames River. Pretty Scary with their huge machine gun.


Here is a picture of my mount for my Minn Kota motor. i steer with with foot pedals and can also raise the motor completely out of water and lower the motor.The speed controls ( 5 Forward, Off and 3 Reverse) are control by a switch i have mounted on my center hatch.
I used 10 awg marine grade wires.

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Check out V-Lock mounts. There is a you tube video showing a kayak motor mount too that someone used on his KC Kayak. Mi like how he used a hinge on his mount so when the motor and pro hit and pbject it will swing up and not crack the mount or hull.
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I wante the flexibility to not use a motor and ditch the bracket and motor in favor or pur paddling.

I chose the Island Hopper series so that I could side mount it. I like it, but my flushmounts face out from each other, so it became a hassle sliding these mounts in and out easily. Overall, it worked well and felt secure but th rods and counterweight seems to complicate things a bit.

This next mount was copied from Tom Kirkman1's YouTube feeds "Hobie mounts". Pretty simple to make and can be tweaked some more for stability.

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This is a bada** idea!

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Originally Posted by GMZFishLI View Post

This is a bada** idea!


Have you tried it yet? Does the rod holder stand up to the stress of the motor?
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