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housatonic river  

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a little birdy told me the fishing is still hot in there.   everything from 40inch stripers, to sea run brown trout, and a few atlantic salmon.   anyone been fishing there lately?  i feel like i need to get out of my house and brave the cold.

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Not like it was. The cold is shutting it down...

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I was out on a boat with a buddy last month on the Housy. We were throwing different soft plastics. Both of us landed 10 up to 25" in a long 6 or 7 hour period from boat. Surf fishing the Housy for stripers this time of year isn't the way to go unless you have a winter like last year. Vessel is the way to go this time of year.


Yellow perch and white perch are piled up at the bottom of coves so try throwing a small shiner or nightcrawler out there and let it sink.

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I'm on the river a lot. you ask seven people how they did you'll get seven diff answers and a couple BS stories. I watched 20 yakers sitting all in the same area fishing a month ago. Asked a couple *** they were all doing in the same dam place. I was told there's TONS of fish under them. I asked if they were hooking any. Which I could see they weren't and yet they still stood there for the day. This was at 3pm. I dropped a tiny little ice fishing jig down and pulled up a 4" white perch within 2 seconds. Showed them what they were fishing over. guy almost jumped out of his yak and smacked his buddy for making him stay on that spot all day.

Did they see tons of fish of the FF? Sure did. Think many of them are telling people about all the stripers they caught even if they got skunked? Def. Most got skunked.

Fish are from the breakers at the mouth to the dam. No need to go near another person. Search and you shall find.

there are lots of stripers in the housy, Conn, and Thames. As well as Sea Runs and Salmon. Easy to target the stripers. not so much the later. As stated I'm on the river all year a lot. Several times this year already releasing countless fish. Actually I’m on a pretty good run. Over 15 yrs hooking a striper each month to date. so far to date this year no trout. 1 in Dec that went about 11lbs. most years we pick a couple in the winter and spring. Pure luck hooking into them. I know where they normally are and target those areas when hunting for them. But it can take months to hook one if you go reg.

As for the stripers, they are in tight schools now. If you could reach the school from shore you can def hook fish. You can also just ask a guy like me in a boat if there’s fish in front of you and I’m more than willing to tell you exactly where they are. You might be 30 foot off and that’s miles when it comes to targeting tight schools. They move with each tide so really doesn’t matter if you tell people where fish are. Also don’t bother fishing unless it’s out going tide. You can spend 8hrs fishing and hook 5 fish or an hour fishing to release as many as you want to hook. Fish the bottom of the school. These are the only actively feeding fish. If you’re not near the bottom your just practicing fishing.

As for keepers and the 40” everyone loves to talk about. Yes there are large fish that winter over. Most caught are not bragged about to keep the yahoos away. Here’s you tip: you’re not hooking keepers in the day using plastics or any other lure. Figure it out.

My boats green and white and is normally at idle or going at WOT. Flag me down and I’ll give you info, help, lures, or whatever. I enjoy helping people get on fish.

The pile of tight fish are Perch. Next to them are bass eating them.
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Jay, this guy looks a little "Freaky". biggrin.gif Tell him I said Hi.

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i was out there having some fairly good luck in january.  got skunked a few times tho.  i was in my yak cruising around to find fish.  once you find the large schools i had good luck bouncing zoom flukes off the bottom but its hard to get them to bite.  havent been out there this month tho between the snow and the ice and work.  seems like every day off i have its snowing or ice raining.

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I think the next warm day we have I'm gonna try it but if it is as cold as it was today forget about it

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I haven' fished the Housy this year, i did for two years before it can be a frustrating place for sure, I find if you move you will get them. I used to fish the Thames allot but the last two seasons it has been terrible.
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Very much in the timing. Again don't bother unless it's outgoing tide. When you hit it right it’s another world.

In the Thames just move down or up from the harbor. Lots of fish in the Thames. As in the Housy and Conn fish move from year to year. I really believe it’s from the pressure of all the fishermen. They train them by sitting on the same spots every time they fish. Certain areas get hit a lot. The next year I’ll see those areas don’t hold the numbers as they did the year prior. Just move up or down river to the next similar bottom structure and depth and you’ll find the fish in numbers. Remember these fish are in schools to protect themselves from current. Only the first fish take the pressure. They rotate from front into the schools to reserve energy. Fish the same type spots you would if you were hunting bass not in schools. Protected areas they and sit and wait for bait in. Bump and ridges in the river channels create nice protected areas from current. The schools will gather there on outgoing tides. Incoming they break up. You can see them tight to the bottom spread out all over the place and NOT feeding. Reason you can fish for hours and never get a hit. Of course I’ll fish whenever I can so I have had plenty of days of practicing fishing with a fish here or there

I'll tell Gabe you said Hello Mike. I would hit him up to head out this weekend but the weather is going to keep me away. Next day above 40 degrees with an outgoing I'll be there. Hope you're doing better Mike. You going to be able to fish this spring?
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Don't know Jay, everything is "iffy". Monday I'm getting an MRI on my lower vertibrae, doc did not like what he saw on x-ray. Time will tell.
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Originally Posted by Bass Ackwards View Post

Jay, this guy looks a little "Freaky". biggrin.gif Tell him I said Hi.

What type of perch is that?

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That is a white perch.
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Originally Posted by EdT View Post

That is a white perch.


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Originally Posted by Bass Ackwards View Post

Don't know Jay, everything is "iffy". Monday I'm getting an MRI on my lower vertibrae, doc did not like what he saw on x-ray. Time will tell.

Best of luck Mike. I'll pray for good news.
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Here's one from yesterday
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