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Hi,  Great video and thread.  My family grew up in Atlantic City, and many still live there.  My aunt has a house on Dolphin Drive, right across from the beach.  Any photos of that block?  Thanks again for the great service you have done.

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What part of Coolidge?

I have a place at 9606 Monmouth (Madison & Monmouth).  Any idea how high the water got there?

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Kiversen,  very grateful for the recon on everything.  It is helpful to know a little bit of what to expect, as we haven't been back yet.  Our ETA is today and tomorrow. Good luck-

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I just drove around a bit, its safe to say everyone got some flood damage, the ocean and bay met so if your property is less than 4' off the ground you got water. Another thing to think about someone already mentioned, there is no WaWa or CVS so no coffee or cigs, stuff you can just run out and get so bring it from the mainland. Another thing that is killing me is I had a bunch of bait in my freezer - enough to last til next summer and that is gone...

I'm at 4 north Coolidge and I have a water line on my house that is about 4' high so I imagine the entire town got 3-4' of standing water, ill go out in a bit and check some properties if you guys aren't coming down today.

Pic of my garage:
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Hunter & Fishit - my Dad was able to get down today so no need to look at Osborne or Sumner at this point.  Very little damage on N. Osborne, still checking on Sumner.  I really appreciate the info you've provided, as do so many others.  Good luck with the clean up, and thank you.  

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Any update on the southern streets between atlantic and ventnor ave?

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The south streets got ground damage, I'm on the north side of Ventnor and the ocean waves rolled down my street, into the garage. Again if your property is below 5' you have water on your property.
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Quick update to my previous post.  My brother discovered today that water had gotten into the ductwork that runs through his crawl space.  He has forced air heat and air conditioning.  The water had risen to his porch but he never considered what had happened under his house.  He smelled the water when the heat came on.


I am suggesting those of you who have ducts in crawl spaces or anything else that is under the house or other unseen area that you check these things out to make sure you don't have stagnant water that could turn to mold or mildew.


Also if you have plastic over the soil in your crawl space, or a solid surface (less likely) you want to make sure you get rid of that water too.


Standing water will, over time, turn to mildew or mold which can have respiratory health implications.


Most houses will have sandy soil and that soil should drain just fine.


Best to take a peek into your crawl space to be sure.


Also, FYI, no toll at the Margate bridge until 6 PM tomorrow (Saturday) night.

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I can't believe those jerks - Margate bridge, were collecting tools all week, I left right before the storm and there were a hundred cars backed up to the toll, God forbid they make it free, any way for them to make a buck(damn thing has paid for itself 100x over) I cant believe they are actually allowing no toll now, might big of them

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Look at the video that is posted here

I'm pretty sure Dolphin Drive is shown.
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Thanks for the reply.  My cousin that sent me the link said that also, but since I have not been down there for a while I may not have recognized it.  My aunt is at the end by the circle, so I may not have recognized the houses at the beginning of the block.  I will look at the video again more closely to see if I can spot her house.


And again, thanks for the good work you are doing.

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Our uncles house is down the corner near the bay on Coolidge do you have any info or pics on the condtions down that way, PLEASE let us know,  Thank you so much!!

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