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For Sale-- 17 foot Holby Bristol Skiff

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Reluctantly, I am offering my Holby Bristol Skiff 17 for sale. I simply don't have the time to use her as much as she deserves.

The details:

2000 Bristol Skiff- purchased new in 2001
1999 Mercury 30 HP 4 stroke- purchased new in 2001
2000 Karavan 1250 galvanized bunk trailer-purchased new in 2001.

Raymarine DS400X Depth Sounder

Standard Horizon 150C Plotter

Lowrance LVR 850 VHF


Auxiliary motor mount

Anchor, line, and two Igloo cooler seats are included. Some additional equipment including spare prop and flares thrown in for good measure

The trailer was extensively rebuilt in 2011 with new axle, hubs, bearings, bunk supports, springs and hangers.

The engine runs very well. The carburetors were professionally rebuilt this month. Fuel figures above eight MPG are common with this engine. Six gallons burned is a big day.

The skiff's flat bottom makes her a stable and safe family platform, as well as a fine fly fishing skiff. The bottom sponsons track her as though she were on rails.

She is an ideal bay and lake boat, as well as fine for dashing sorties into the ocean on calmer days.

Her price- $5100.00

Some pics below. Additional pictures can be seen at

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nice boat icon14.gif
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Beautiful boat...

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Amen to the nice boat comments. I'd be all over this if I wasn't broke. Good luck selling her.
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I've seen this boat and it's absolutely top shelf....wish I was in the market! Good luck, Irv, and anyone lucky enough to purchase this fine craft.
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ugh, is it wrong that i see this and just get depressed because i cant have it?
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Thanks for the kind words. Any more compliments and I may keep her myself.

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Free bump in appreciation of the "dashing sorties" turn of phrase. High literary value for a fishing site. Oh, and very nice boat and deal.
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I've got a guy in my office who'se interested, but he's not on SOL and even if he joins now he can't post in the BST for a while.  He'd like to know the number of hours on the engine.  Also, if you want to PM me your contact info., I can have him call and/or e-mail (assuming that's kosher with SOL/Tim).  BTW, he lives in Locust, NJ, near the Navasink River.

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I'll check with a mod regarding the PM etc. Perhaps you could serve as a go between.

I don't have an exact figure on engine hours. At one time I kept a log but soon tired of that. Over the last few years--say four or five-- I've used the boat very little- certainly less than ten hours a year. Prior to that, perhaps twenty running hours a year. Since I primarily fly fish from the boat, I do a lot of drifting with the engine off, so the hours were mostly fast running to new spots. A reasonably conservative guess would be 150 to 200 hours in total. Lately, since the advent of ethanol fuel, that kind of running has not been kind to fuel systems, hence the occasional carb rebuild. Therein lies the problem, and the answer to why I'm selling her: she needs more running than I can give her. Internally, the engine looks essentially new. My mechanic, N and B Marine in Bordentown, detected a slightly lowered compression number in one of the cylinders two years ago, so we decided to remove the head and replace the gasket. The cylinders were clean and required only a cursory scraping to remove carbon.

I launch at the Rumson ramp, so perhaps your friend and I could meet there sometime over the next few weeks.

Thanks for the reply.

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I could serve a go between.  If SOL's not OK with that, then I guess if you wanted, you could just close the post in the BST, PM me your contact info. and deal with him directly and repost if it doesn't work out.  To answer your other question, he could meet you by the Rumson ramp sometime over the next few weeks.

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That is a beautiful boat the hull wood or fiberglass? I just bought a 14'  Pro Craft aliuminum boat and 25 elec Mercury. Having boats all my life I can see you have taken VG care of her. I know you have had several people praising the boat I just wish my situation was different I would buy it in a heart beat. That is one fantastic price for a fantastic boat Good Luck with the sale. Lou

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Having considered how best to handle communications on this, I think we had best do all dealing and communication here on SOL, as required by the rules. Tim's idea of letting everybody see what is happening out in the open is a good one. His rule allows anyone who is interested in a particular item an equal shot at purchasing it.

I'm sure that dealing through you, at least as far as setting up meetings, etc. is concerned, violates neither the spirit nor the letter of the rules.

Lou, the boat is FRP. The other boat shown in my picture link is my new wood sailing yawl built in May in Washington State.

Best regards,

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beautiful skiff you have there! if i didn't own one i'd be all over this- it's been obviously well cared for. like you i don't have the time to use mine near enough- but when i do have the time i'm sure glad i own a great skiff smile.gif. she owes you nothing, requires next to no maintainence, and is always on call.
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That's fine. Give me one or two weekend days/times you can meet at the Rumson boat ramp and I'll relay the info.

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