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How To Catch Lots Of Fish

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Here in Virginia all it take is a spotter plane, two boats with a big net and a mother ship with a big mama jama vacuum.

I was out running the buoys on my jet ski looking for cobia (saw one dink) again tonight. There were big schools of menhaden busting the surface on the eastern shore side of the Chesapeake Bay, it is really cool thing to see and hear on calm summer evening.

I saw a spotter plane and a big commercial boat not far away so I went and took some pictures of it. Here they are;








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That is sad to see.... frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Kooky View Post

That is sad to see.... frown.gif

agreed. those guys are rapeing the bunker stock

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Big 10 4 on that, first I am seeing: that , realy dont like what I am seeing but I guess it goes on all the time,I bet there leagal also:mad:
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Opps legal
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Pretty evil
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WOW!! I didn't even know there was commercial fishing for bunker. This is defenitly an eye opener

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They've been vacuuming the ocean clean for decades. 

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This may be a dumb question, but what are they gonna do with em? Do people eat bunker? Sale it as bait? confused.gif
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Probably cat/dog food.
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They make fish oil out of it. WD-40 is a fish oil base. Hair products, soap, makeup , purefume bait, chum where ever they can sell it. In florida they do the same with lady fish. If the limit is 100,000.00

lbs and the neters have 300,000.oo lbs they pay the fine and still make a boat load of money. Sad but true.

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"Omega Protein", a sign for which can be seen in the last photo, is the world's largest producer of Omega-3 Fish Oil AND North America's largest manufacture of "Fishmeal" and "Organic Fish Solubles". According to their web site their products are used in nutritional supplements for animals, humans and plants all thanks to the little Menhaden fish.


It's one of those Catch 22 propositions as this type of commercial fishing obviously depletes the population of Menhaden but the Omega Protein PR people would say that we (and our animals, both agricultural and house pets) may live longer healthier lives because of their products and also that their natural organic fertilizer (made from Menhaden) might make our food safer and healthier.


Who knows for sure????????????????

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sorry dup post

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Floating cities they made their bed now they haves to sleep in it mad.gif
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