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Luxor Reels

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I have 2 of these old reels in super condition. One small one about the size of mitchell 300, the other much bigger, the size of a Mitchell 302. What do you all know about these reels, and values?? They still can be used today. Should I?? What years were thy sold? How much?? Is there a demand for these old reels??

I miss the man who owned these reels, my grandfather-who got me into bay fishing when I was about 4 years old on the bay, and now I am 61, where in the heck did the time go?? Does anyone have that answer.

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Luxor reels later became Crack reels. There are 3 sizes, the 100 which is mainly a freshwater reel, the 200 which is between a Penn 710 and 704 in size, and the 300 which is a big heavy surf casting classic.

Back in the day they were the Van Staal of their time, easily waterproofed and tough as nails. They were the reel of choice for a long time out in Montauk due to their ruggedness.

Because of their weight they lost ground to the Penn 706 but the proof of their design is in the Van Staal and the first few generations of ZeeBass which copied the Cracks internal design.

Depending on condition the 300 reels are worth between $50 well used to $150 in excellent condition with a box, the smaller sizes a bit less.
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