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conowingo dam catfishing

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can someone with some tried and tested experience please tell me how to catch the big catfish at the bottom of the damn wherever i cast it i always get stuck id like to know where to fish from down there and what kind of rig and bait to use any info would be greatly apprechiated

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Where exactly,directly below?What size rods are you using?

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I have access to a bass boat or I could use the fishermans peir in the park and I have a 7ft medium
heavy action with a conventional reel
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No need for a boat right now.Wade go to the farthest point up river as you can get there on shore.The corner is best if the water is coming out there and throw the largest green metal flake twister tails you can find at the dam anywhere there is water boiling up and hold on.Them big flat heads love em.Im walleye fishin up there at night for the next couple weeks.Let me know when your gonna go I can show you the ropes.Been fishing up there for 38 years.Your rig should be fine if the flow is toward the west side but if its in the mid you may need something heavier.

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what rod reel line combo would you reccomend
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Med-heavy rod reel should hold a couple hundred yards of line if the water is close to shore.If its runnin out in mid river use a surf rig and heavy weight in line sinker with a leader to bait.

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wouldn't it get stuck in the rocks?
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Yeah theres a good chance that you'll get stuck, but to lower the odds of getting stuck, fish when only 1 gates open from the dam.
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do you know if it's legal to go on the other side and climb across the rocks and cast out ?
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I believe that most of the Cecil County side near the dam is closed and off limits. Not sure far down but I thinks it is quite a ways before access is allowed.
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I fished up there on the Cecil side Friday nite for walleye with lures.Couldnt keep the 2-3lb catfish off my line.Switched to crawlers and starting catching white perch.No eyes.No striped ones either, the water is hot up there.

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hi all,

i'm new to the forum, but i have fished up at fishermans park off and on for a while.  i just started trying for striper by the dam.  i was up there this morning when there was one small running and then it went to 7 small.  i was using (3-4") ba paddle tails and then i only had longer curly tails.  i was throwing with an 8 ft heavy rod with a 2 oz inline and then about 16-18 inch lead tied to the lure.  the short story, guys throwing further than me and shorter than m were catching but i only had it strike.  do the shorter curly tails do better?  i am pretty sure is was bouncing bottom because i did hang s few times.  just seems i am missing something on (probably) technique.




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Hey Bob if stripers you are after I use an 11ft rod, 20# braid to 2oz in line to 12" mono to 1/8oz plain jig head with small white curly tail grubsor shorter chartreuse or white paddle tails. Small silver spoons work well too. You need to cast almost right up against the damn or if the water is releasing cast directly into the middle of the boil and start cranking immediately. If not you're gonna lose a lot of tackle in the rocks.
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cool thanks very much.  i am thinking that maybe my jig heads were too big.  i was using 1/4 ounce heads.  maybe a lighter jig head or fly would be better.  do the fish hit pretty hard.  i am also thinking maybe i am missing some thinking i am bouncing off of something.

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Flies work pretty well too up there.  The bait is small up there most of the time unless its the shad run.  Use a light jig head and count on the 2oz inline for the weight.  You may be missing some bites form the smaller fish but you will need to get used to feeling them hit.  The bait shop at the top of the hill is a great place to get what you need.  He's pretty straight up with you and has the tackle you need.  You will catch plenty of fish in the 8-10 inch range and then some nice size schoolies as well.  Once you get the hang of the bite you'll have a blast.  Just remember lighter braid will help you cast further as well as detect strikes.  Some guys go down to 15# braid but I use mine on the surf as well so I do not go below 20#

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