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razor clams
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I catch my eels in freshwater (Delaware river, PA side) using chicken liver. Best time to catch them is after sunset. I'll just leave it for 30-45 minutes and then I could harvrest at least 20- 50 pieces. Just take what you need and be aware of the state rules and regualtion when taking eels for bait.

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How big are those eels?

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If you get a permit from your town you can harvest horseshoe crabs. However, this week the NYDEC closed the fishery down until further notice.
This is from the NYDEC site...
"Updates on Commercial Fisheries for Black Sea Bass and Horseshoe Crab
As of May 15, the commercial black sea bass fishery opened with a daily trip limit of 50 pounds. The horseshoe crab fishery trip limit decreased to 100 crabs per day. Effective May 23, the horseshoe crab trip limit will decrease to 30 crabs per day. The horseshoe crab fishery trip limit reductions are set to ensure the 2012 spring quota is not exceeded. Based on current and remaining outstanding harvest reports, the fishery is projected to reach the 75% threshold by May 23. For more information, visit DEC's Commercial Fishing Limits webpage."

That is for commercial fisherman. Recreational fisherman can keep 5 per day all year. This is from DEC site under recreational saltwater fishing regs
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Horseshoe crabs would be my number one choice. Second would be night crawlers stuffed in panty hose, third would be bunker and fourth would be chicken livers. All are excellent choices
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it ranges from 6 inches to 12 inches but be sure to follow PA state rules (size of the eels, diameter of the eel traps, and allowable limits) when harvesting the eels.

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In PA state recreational fisherman is allowed to keep 50 american eel as long as the minimum size is 8 inches. If you're still in doubt click the PA state regulations link below and scroll down to the American eel part. Goodluck!

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In NY recreational anglers are allowed to harvest 5 horshoe crabs per day. That's plenty of bait
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Be careful out there...

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