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What's up guys, just wondering if the water exiting from the pisshole should be the same temp. As the water going in from a hose. It seems it's a little warmer. Not hot. Warm.
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Generally, it should be as its cooling the engine. However, there can be more to it-make sure its flowing strongly and not obstructed (a short length of weed whacker line works well) as well as you have not removed the thermostats. Your engine have an overheat alarm? Otherwise. there are melt sticks you can buy at a dealer that checks if engine too hot/too cold if you unsure.
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What are melt sticks, never herd of them?
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Also called themal melt crayons or thermal sticks. Once the surface reaches the rated temperature of the crayon, the mark would melt and show a liquid smear appearance.
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Example- a 1994 Johnson 140hp has the following operating temp range: 120 max at 5000 rpm's;
125-150 at 900 rpm's so you get a 120 degree (if melts=ok) and say a 155 or 160 stick (if melts=too hot).
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Got it, thanx
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Yes , the water will be warmer than the incoming water because it is picking up the heat of the engine as it circulates cooling the engine
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it shouldnt be scorching..i change my thermostats every year on my merc 150 ob and havent had an issue in 7 years
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If 'ya start to get steam STOP! icon24.gif Then it's probably clogged intakes or it's water pump time...........tongue.gif Can't rule out Tstats though biggrin.gif
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