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habs jr spins

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have habs spin metal lips in iron mike blue and one in black/purple

looking for a 3 oz troublemaker surfster or grs or nothbar jr bottle darters
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looking for grs med or deep diver
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u have pics, i got tm's
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Have these TM surfsters, bottom one is 2 1/2 and has pink hue sides, middle one is 3 1/4. Top not available . But is would have to be two habs jrs for one TM .

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Mullet, not Spin. wink.gif
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i cant do 2 for one trouble maker still making lures habs jr is done going back to school no more plugs....maybe if u threw in a kicker maybe tacktical angler or something. but id really like to go 2 habs for 2 tm
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steve is not making any more 3 oz. tm's either just 1 1/2 oz.
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ill do it for the 3oz if u still wanna
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Sure , shoot me a pm.
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Offer withdrawn, looks like you meant a deal perhaps with Hardbait ??? as I haven't heard from you.
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