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Best Surf Casting Rod/Reel Combo for Blues & Stripers off NJ's North Shore

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Hi everyone!


This is my first thread!  I am wondering if anyone can help me.  I have just started fishing seriously after fishing on and off since I was a kid (party boats in the Long Island Sound for blues & stripers, some freshwater fishing, and some surf casting off the NJ shore).  I have a four year old son who is OBSESSED with fishing and is DYING to catch a striper :-) I need new rods/reels since my old ones are junk.  I need to get two (possibly three) outfits of surf casting rods/reels (one for my wife, one for me, one for kiddo?).


I used to just grab whatever rod/reel/line/lure was around in the basement of the house and put in :-) But they were mostly 11' surf casting rods with spinner reels, and I would load with light to mid-weight single hook spoons for blues.


Could you guys give me specific advice (makes and models) on some good options for a surf casting rod and spinning reel to use for blues and stripers off the NJ shore?  I'm thinking of going with a spinning reel since a bait casting reel may tangle too easily for kiddo.  He has a killer cast already and I don't want him grabbing the pole and casting and making a huge bird's nest!  We are primarily lure fishermen and fish off the beach between Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights, NJ or in the inlet.  


I need to get the line out past the breakers pretty easily since my right shoulder is messed-up, too.


I am looking to spend maybe $300 total for each rod & reel outfit. 


Thanks for any help!


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maybe like some lamiglas tri-flex, in 9 or 10fters a 1-3oz range wiill cover most of the year. matched up with like a penn slammer. killer combo for a good price.
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Thanks, I'll definitely check those out!

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Sounds like a great combo

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Check out the Tica line of rods. Very reasonable & for the Money about a $100.00 a rod you can't go wrong. 9' should be fine. Reels The older Penn Slammers or a Shamino Stradic. 5000 size on the Shimano ^ 360 size on the penn.

Now if you want to spend a ton of money what's your budget?
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Thanks, I'll check out that Tica line, sounds good.


In terms of upper budget limit, I don't really want to spend more than $300 for the rod AND reel together if possible since I need more than one outfit, but if you have a dream rod/reel combo, let it rip.  I'm all ears.

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i really like the tsunami airwaves for the money and also the ticas are nice as far as reels go the quantum cabos are nice as are the penn slammers if you want a little bit cheaper of a real i think the quantum bocas are where its at as far as bang for your buck

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Thanks so much, checking those out right now!  It's all I can do to research this properly since I'm just dying to get back out there and FISH.  BUT, I lost a blue over the weekend on a snapped line from one of those old rods, the drag stuck, the reel was corroded, line snapped.  It was SO painful, so I really feel like I have to get new outfits before I go back out there.

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So, I went with the Lami 9' and a Penn Slammer (460) as well as a St. Croix 9' and a Penn Battle 5000. Got PowerPro braided line for both, heard such great things about it, plus there was a sale on it, 20% off :-) My wife and I are totally psyched to get out there, hopefully this coming weekend.


Favorite lures, anyone? 

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poppers, tins and some swimmers now. Bg bluefish around and hopkins, krocodiles, and other avas will get teh job done in your area. When you see those bunker around throw pencil popper. Fisherman's supply in PP. ronny will help you out with plugs hes got everthing
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Since you're just starting out save yourself some moola on poppers. Cotton Cordell, and Bomber both make a 1oz and 2oz with internal rattle and cost about $11.

Wooden poppers start at around $17 and the blues beat them up.

Also, get a couple of Daiwa Salt Pro Minnows ( any color) ...about 1.1oz , cast great and the fish a lining up to eat them. Cost about $10-$11.wink.gif

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Hi Klondike Kid...

A few suggestions (I hope you don't mind)...

1- If you are putting the line on yourself, don't forget the backing. I generally use 10-20 yards of mono (close to the weight of the PP) otherwise, the line on the spool will spin and you'll have a problem reeling in those big ones.

2- Make sure the PP is spooled on tightly.

3- After you cast, make sure that the line is spooling on tightly or you'll have a problem with wind knots. I hold tension on the line until I feel the tension of the plug or tin.

4- Use good (proven) knots when tying your PP to swivels or topshots, etc. A Palomar knot is easy and quite reliable. A double uni is quick and easy for tying PP to mono for the topshot. (they've never failed for me.)

5- Have fun!!
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tsunami makes some cheaper wooden plugs that cost about $10-15. i've caught some decent fish on them. its less painful to loose a $15 plug than a 20 or 30 dollar plug. the patterns are not as nice as the more expensive ones and they crack pretty quickly so i wouldnt stock up on them but they are good starter plugs.
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Originally Posted by flytyingguy1 View Post

The older Penn Slammers or a Shamino Stradic. 5000 size on the Shimano ^ 360 size on the penn.

In my experience, Stradics do not like sand.
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Thanks, everyone!  I appreciate all the feedback, very helpful.

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