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Look at where these creatures that want to remain undetected live. Away from Earths general population or any natural predators, in most cases, that could survive in there enviroment. Could we find Big foot if we really tried, and I do believe there is a species as such that does exist, yes. But with a handful of people searching millions of square miles, it's not going to happen. We used how many nations and people to track down one individual that did not want to be found and It took us 11 years!!! Yes Bin Laden, and he was a Human and I use that word loosely. Do I believe in Mermaids, It's doubtful, But I do believe there are many species, both on Land and In the Sea that if found would amaze us.
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 There is a plug for for these.

Originally Posted by nysheepy View Post  What about mermaids, perhaps Gucci / Prada / Coach can come together and make a plug biggrin.gif

But, if one can't hold his breathe for very long, he needs to at least be skishing, if he holds any hope at all in getting lucky using it.

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Originally Posted by IrishMike View Post

Do you think we could get Shimano or G-Loomis to sponsor us? I mean....What top manufacturer wouldn't want to have their equipment catch the first mermaid?

Good question - I like where your head is at. I think Shimano would be more entertained by this than G Loomis as they might be more mainstream. I was also thinking we need a ship and runnabout. How do you feel about Vikings, Cabos, and Regulators?
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Mermaids are true when im sat back having a brake from fishing and smoking the good green stuff n chilling, i see mermaids or is it seals i see biggrin.gif:D.
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I watched the Show and found it very interesting. Hope it is on again so my Wife can see it.
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Originally Posted by lbifly View Post

Good morning ladies and gentlemen
Last night i watched a two hour program on the discovery channel about the discover of mermaid remains. There were many parts of the program such as the camera phone video being fake, but then again if the military gets involved and your visas get revoked you must be onto something. Another reason for believing this is the scientist were very genuine and if the had the hard evidence and sonar recordings why couldn't there be a new species? Is it so far fetched? The ocean is massive, there are depths that we will most likely never explore and species we will never find. Evolution created us so why not a relative that thrived in the ocean? The ancient culture is there to back it up and so are the modern sightings. Im not asking for a huge debate lol just opinions.
Enjoy the beautiful weather

in these days of intelligence,technology and aspiration,anything can be possible.from living dinosaurs in remote jungles to a new species of shark,it can actually be true.
the things that make us humans great are our minds being open and not slammed there is a lot of that going on.
we as humans/part of the cycle need to try and keep our minds not on whats in front of us but,on what we cannot see.

some have seen a ufo or several of them.some have seen a uso or several of them,some would not believ them if they told and some would.
I can admit that on 2 occasions I saw flying objects in the same spot on 2 consecutive mornings,one was sparkling white on the second morning,the other was bright green/glowing in the pre-dawn hours.
I cannot say they were from space but they were very high and could have been satelites.

at any rate I wonder what and how a crowd would react if a ship landed in walmarts parking lot and some of them got out and walked around.
I am willing to bet that some would just say it's a hoax and most would freak out then you'd have the ones that would be absorbing it all in.
even after watching them come out walk around,get back in and fly off some would still stand there and say it was not real.
do I believe in aliens?,,yes I do,would I like to see some?,yes but,not close and not without 2 1911's[or glock21's] at my side along with my mossberg 500XLT and from far away.

they have been here since antiquity and are not going anywhere any time soon.
our minds are vast,ourfeelings are deep so why keep your mind closed,,,,,,?

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I would normally say no I don't believe in mermaids, but then again I didn't believe in zombies either untill this recent "zombie epidemic"
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So if you catch one do you release it, eat it, or mount it? biggrin.gif
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All of the above...

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I think 90 minutes of this show was repeating the same 5 minutes of "footage" they had of the washed up mermaid
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Originally Posted by jrhjr View Post

All of the above...

Forget about catch and release!

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Caught this on the Western Long Island Sound. Let it go.Reminded me too much of my girlfriend
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biggrin.gif LOL!

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Mermaids like cold water as in around Canada and are much loved and sung about
such as on youtube by--THE GREAT BIG SEA-
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Originally Posted by nysheepy View Post

Is that why there are beer can plugs? To catch Merman?
What about mermaids, perhaps Gucci / Prada / Coach can come together and make a plug biggrin.gif

Nah man, all ya need is a nice big fat black eel plug biggrin.gif
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