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Shorten Rod Butt

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Does anyone here in the state of ct know how to do this correctly. My jarvis walker rod butt end is long and need to shorten it??
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I don't know how correct it is, but I've just cut it off with a hacksaw and put a buttcap back on.
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that's what I'd do too. icon14.gif
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I agree with the hacksaw. One thing to note is that if the spot you are cutting is bare blank (ie no grip tape, foam, cork etc.) then you should put a couple wraps of tape on it before cutting. It can help prevent splintering or cracks.
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I did it once with a miter saw, very slow feed, let the saw cut it. A table saw will work fine, too. You'll get less pulling and fiber stress than with using a hacksaw, as you're stressing the rod a lot less than the pressure a hacksaw would require. If you do use a hacksaw, use really light pressure and take your time.


An abrasive wheel will work great too, like a dremel. 



And yeah, like zimmy said, if it's bare, wrap it with several wraps of duct tape.


I'm not a blank cutting pro, but that's how I'd do it. 

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never considered a mitre saw, but sounds like it works. As an aside, when I cut them, I prefer to put the rod on a rod lathe and cut it with a dremel while it turns. Cuts like buttah.
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