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Repairing Fibreglass Rowboat

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I've acquired a small 9.5' fibreglass rowboat which is a lot more manageable for one person than a 17' aluminum canoe :)


It has a small hole in the hull and the paint is chipped all over.


For the hole I am planning to use BONDOs fibreglass kit, layering fibreglass cloth over the hole and then filling it with the fibreglass hair kit. 


As far as the paint is concerned, I know nothing about painting.... what tips would you give to strip the paint and what type of paint would you use for repainting?


Also, would 9'5 foot be too small for near shore fishing?

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Your fiberglass repair is probably a good plan. As far as painting, its just like painting a car, in fact, you can probably brush on paint. As far as near shore fishing? Sounds like you need a bigger boat. Any waves at all could swamp you in something that small.
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I have used that stuf on my boat too. Be careful it is thick, like peanutbutter. Just to be safe I would go over it with some fiberglass mat and resin. Spray paint will work as well as any exterior paint.
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Thanks for the info, and yes I figured it would be too small for any salt water. 


As far as stripping the paint what would you recommend? I could go over it with some 120 grit as I think my paint stripper I use on my vehicle will shred the fiberglass.


And yes, I've used Bondo Hair before... that stuff is a nightmare if put on too thick.

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Not sure about what kind of boat it is but there are alot of 8-10 foot boats that are used for tendersso it would probably be ok in harbors and such. Keep an eye on the conditions though. The are some nice one part epoxy type paints that would be good. Petit makes a good one that you can roll on. A word of caution - this type of paint is very thin almost the consistency of water and two or three coats might be needed depending on the color/and what you are covering.
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Use a grinder, get some glass cloth and matting, unwaxed poly resin.
Bondo is for fairing, if you want fairing compound just add cabosil to resin, to make the bondo stuff add cabosil and chopped glass, you can do that with scissors yourself.
Grind the damage back to new glass, grind back several inches from the edge of the damage,
wipe with acetone, apply mat patch and apply resin, from the inside. Do several layers, each bigger than the first.
Then do the outside, I wouldn't use bondo unless its marine labeled. Don't use auto or hardware store resin, they are always waxed resins, you want the unwaxed.
Any decent boat store will have everything.

Lots of videos on Youtube for these simple repairs.
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