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Striper Time!

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Love this vid. Gets me pumped every year!

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dude thats so awesome!

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Do you notice that although the clip shows him selecting lures he always picks wood but when he is actually casting and fishing he is using metal?? And no way those last two fish are 20 and 40# as stated. I also note that he only has 2-3 guides on that rod. Times have changed.
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they are that size if he is 8ft tall. great video!
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This made my morning. I love old videos like this.
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If you notice all the fish he catches are already dead hahahah.
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I think he uses the same fish scale as a bunch of you guys:p
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Even in 56 Montauk was crowded!eek.gif

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Great vid.....loved the willy jeep on the beach.....would have loved to have fished back then................
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Great video. Reminds of my Grandfather fishing at Nauset in the 60's
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"this will lower Mama's raised eyebrow and brighten her skeptical eye when our surfcaster stumbles home after his midnight campaign on the beach"-  My favorite part!

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pretty cool
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Very cool video. Thanks.

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