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Finnish handmade wobblers

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I got some days ago an email about this forum, one of my buddies had found this forum. Today I had some time to study the pages and found out that there are some other Finns showing their wobblers here as well.


I am a wobbler enthusiast from Finland. I have been making wobblers the last 15 years (half of my life). I mainly fish for brown trout, greyling, seatrout and of course salmon. Most of my wobblers are meant for salmon and seatrout but time to time I do also some trolling wobblers for Zander and Pike.



Here are some photos for starters:
















Ps. I would be very interested how these wobblers work for the local salmon such as Steelhead, Chinook etc. If there is someone crazy enough to try, I would be happy to discuss more about the wobblers via email :)


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Wow! Very hot lures!
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Love the lobster/ crayfish patterns, awesome stuff!
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Great looking lures! Great painting skills there also.
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Thanks for the nice comments. The wobblers are known as Murto wobblers. Since I produce only a very small amount a year, they are not that known amongst other fishermen. I fish in the local Finnish salmonrivers. We have only a couple of real salmonrivers and the amount of rising salmon has gone down since the last years. Due to the bad situation with the Baltic (=atlantic) salmon, I have been fishing also in Norway where the rivers are absolutely beautiful and there is much better chance to catch a bright fresh salmon. wink.gif


Since posting any videos with a link to another page is forbidden, I cannot unfortunately paste any youtube videos here. But I always try to adjust lures to swim very unpredictable or to seek (going from side to side rather than just swimming straight Rapala style). That type of action has been very good for Atlantic salmon and especially the seatrouts.



Ps. I have had also some PM's but unfortunately due to this forum regulations, I am not able to answer them.

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beautiful baits, really love your paint schemes and colour combos

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The paint is amazing, also the lips are really cool as well, do you make those yourself?
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Originally Posted by Ranger View Post

The paint is amazing, also the lips are really cool as well, do you make those yourself?

Maybe i can answer it...sorry Kaima if i disturb your thread.

At here in Finland we have possibility to buy lot of diffrent z-lips (and others too, i think that many of my friends has got these from me to testing) from few local manufacturers, so we have no need to make these at mancaves.Im not sure ,but i putted one screenshot from one local lip-seller here or IC.

Btw, Petri's minnows swims fantastic of finnish luremakers who makes lures with passion and huge skills (and i myself dont know maker personally).wink.gif
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I like the paint stencils and the colors .

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Thank you for all the nice comments and sorry I have not been active for a while.

The salmon is the final judge and quite often it is the one who is less interested in the looks of the wobbler. :)


As Piatu told, there are several ready-made plastic lips available here in Finland so we are quite lucky.


Here are some of the latest work:




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Some awesome lures here. Major skillz also.
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Very cool stuff, I really like the camo looking one with the evil eye.
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Wow, PPTR and Solarfall are setting a very high bar for us US builders to reach. The dudes are pretty slick.
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moose bait,  icon14.gif

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Another Finn here...

As well as PPTR or "Murto vaappu", i make wobblers for salmon and trout.
Beautiful stencil work on those Murto wobblers!
Some homemade wobblesrs for almon and trout:
My own "special" foil pattern.



Foil patttern made with old metal file



Experimental nailfoil wobbler



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