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Mr. Transparency.

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From the man who was ging to usher in a new level of transparency once sworn in:

GSA head---pleads the fifth
Justice Dept. official on F&f---plead the fifth
Solyndra executive (Obama bundler)--plead the fifth.
FOIA DC Lawer-- this administration is the most stonewalling she's seen in 6 administrations she's worked with.
Heathcare votes--lock the door to keep the repubs out, bribe senators and claim hat the right doesn't want to participate.

Not enough bandwidth to keep going....

In most of these situations, they try to go back to the blame Bush strategy.
Particularly in the GSA case and F &F.

But of course, when Obama takes credit for being in office when we're producing record amounts of oil, (only on private lands) he forgets to credit Bush with being the one who signed those leases.

Watching the lies that this administration and the left are going spew in this campaign is going to be pure comedy in the coming months.

All that laughter is going to turn to tears as we see how many refuse to open theire eyes and continue to swallow this BS, while remaining on their knees.

Be a man, will you?
Stand up, open your eyes, you were duped.
It's OK, you can admit it.
Smart people don't trip over the same rock twice, they learn from their mistakes......
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