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Pet hair as tying matieral?

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I live with a furry longhair cat and a golden retriever, I was thinking the cat hair could be used like marabou and the dog hair could work as bucktail. Anybody try this?
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I used fur from my dog that passed away and as soon as it hit bottom, bam a keeper on it!

Ended up losing the bucktail in a sticky area but its probably better off out there.

I still have a few strands left that I may add on to another bucktail or jig.

Kind of creepy but the dog died way too soon @ 1.5 yrs old so it was tough.
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I've used the undercoat from my Husky on smallmouth jigs. Nice action. The undercoat is similar to arctic fox, but a little more course.

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Ive always thought about using my dogs hair just collect it of his bed lol, it would be perfect for dry fly tails

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Doesn't Kenny Abrames use human hair for one of his eel flies?
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Originally Posted by DarterMan View Post

Doesn't Kenny Abrames use human hair for one of his eel flies?

Funny, I was just thinking back to a thread from a SOL'er that was looking for someone to tie him a "bucktail jig" with his mustache hair.
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The wife's hair!
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I've got to find me a red head.         cwm40.gif

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A couple of weeks ago, I was emptying the trash and I noticed that my wife had cleaned all her hair brushes. I grabbed a plastic bag and put my new found tying material inside. Later, I told her that I had saved her hair and that I was going to tie some flies with it. I tied up 6 small flies using her hair and some flash for the tail and Bill's Bodi-Braid covered with Bug Bond for the body. Two of them I outfitted with Petitjean's Magic Heads. They look like little surf candies. I've dubbed them "The Principessa Fly". She is really pleased about the flies and I'm getting major points for this!...Who knows, I may even get a Stand-n-Fish for my Hobie Revolution or maybe even a new Freedom Hawk Pathfinder out of this if I play my cards right!....I'm going to try them out next month at the Cape...I think we'll have a few good laughs and some good stories to tell each time I catch a fish on these....

La vita e bella....

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Been using cat hair for many years now...Wife always brushes the cats we've had to stop shedding...She saves me the hair & i use it for many applications...Dubbing for scuds at Pyramid lake, mostly trout flies...Recently tied some Girddle bugs for a friend fishing steelhead on the Gualala river...He caught three nice steelies , & was asked by a fisherman , "what fly are you using" & he replied a tiger fly...The guy said he never heard of it? My friend said "My buddys cat is named Tiger"...They all laughed...
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Used my dog's long tail fur for flies and it did well. He didn't take too well to his tail being trimmed and used to hide it between his legs and then sit down. Dog died and never got another. Hmmm, my neighbor has several dogs.
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Cat fur dubbing, golden retriever tail streamers (the hair is way too fine for my tastes) and lately winter coat that we shed from the horses, almost like natural doll hair, for streamers. The undercoat from one of the shetland ponies would tie about 10 trillion nymphs.
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We have four cats one of them all dark gray two of them calico white dark brown and tan then the lat one is himalaian whic is a light gray with black stripes. The light gray has a blue sheen when the light hits it. I use it has dubbing and what I try to do is to brush one color at a time(keep the colors seperate) then use shampoo to clean it up. Chole our smallest calico has the finest fur and I use her white fur for my cottonseed bush flies for carp. The fly resembles an egg fly except that is is white with a yellow center. wink.gif
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my brother has an american eskimo and i have used the long tail hairs for white eel patterns, they work great.

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