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These are something I had always wanted for the Surf Candy. I tried to do this many years ago as I asked Joe Blados to draw me similar things and i looked into Witchcraft Tape Products to do them for me. BUT the price was too much for me and I let it go.
At the last Marlboro Fly Fishing Show, I met Ibbi Mesinovic. He showed me his idea of the foils. I was immediately revved up. He had quite an idea. One foil for each side and tying tabs to attach them with. Cool. I asked him if he could make some changes to the design and he said, "Of course!" This is what has transpired since then. Three bait styles with four sizes each. Bay Anchovy, Silverside, and Sand Eel. I designed them to mimic the baits' bellies and stripe with eyes and gills and mouth lines (except on the silversides since they are so small and on top). They make tying candies very easy and almost fool proof. Very realistic too. Check them out and let me know what you think. They will be on the market very soon. I will not say when or how much as that is business. This is still simply an announcement and a first heads up!

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Surper stuff!

Hey Bob,

Can you post a pic of the foil without being on the fly/ or coated so we can see the detail better.
Much appreciated.
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Here you go, Captain!
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Wow im impressed as always Mr. Popovics, the surf candies look amazing and that foil looks like it will cut tying time down alot and make it easy for anyone to get an amazing looking baitfish immitation! Im excited to get some of the foil and try it out.


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Those are beautiful! I really like the taper on those Bob!
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That is a great idea Bob. Any time line on when they will be out in the shops ?
Now even I can tie a good looking surf candy.
Well maybe confused.gif
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Way cool.
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Thats the ticket.. i sketched these blasted baitfish and tied/welded some elements to mimick silversides but this is what is needed. Brilliant.....
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Oh snap ! Sign me up, they're fantastic !
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Could they look any better? WOW icon14.gif Of course a Step by Step would be helpful if you have time.
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Another innovation to make us all look just that much better.

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just simply brillant

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Bob , what a great evolution to an already great pattern ! Looks super fast and easy . I think maybe even I could tie these. wink.gif

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Great idea Bob, very realistic. looking forward to getting them in the shop.
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