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Delaware Surf Fishing

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Hi everyone,


Im relatively new to surf fishing, and am learning as I go along with some casual research on the internet in my free time. but I fell in love with it last summer at the Delaware beaches (Bethany, Dewey, Rohoboth). I love the whole experience between the anticipation of a strike and the relaxation of the beach atmosphere. Only problem is I can't seem to catch much worth telling about outside of the occasional stingray, skate or spot. Does anyone know any hot spots in Delaware where i could catch some actual game fish?


I usually set up on the beach at Indian River Inlet, or on the pier in Cape Helopen State Park. Ive heard that Indian river inlet is usually good but like i said ive had no luck. And from what i can tell (based off of what ive read) it doesnt seem that there is a whole lot of structures to hold fish there. It seems flat, shallow, sandy, and I cant find a visible rip for the life of me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


- Matt M.

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Try going in at 3Rs and head south after going over the dune, I'm assuming you are walking! Also on the north side first parking lot to park in, walk south to about where the lifeguard station is. Nothing special there just better structure as a rule and not flat like at the beach at the inlet. If you are fishing in the areas where people are swimming that would be your first mistake.........Jack
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Check out the Delmarva Forum. If you are expecting it to be like NJ or points north you are gonna be disapointed. It takes a lot of time to learn that area and you are gonna have to put alot of work in.

If you are soaking bait at CHSP you are waisting your time. A spec eig tipped with fresh bait works well fished in close.
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May want to head to the Delmarva form on this site and read and ask questions there, many knowledgeable folks from that area. smile.gif
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I would focus on being ready fro small blues and whiting in the summer. Sure they are not great but at least you will be catching. pompano Float rigs with fish bites small cripple herring for blues gulp for flounder.
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