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I can't help but to wonder where SIM was in March 1962 ???

Was this storm his first display of power as a small lad after

being treated like slave labor collecting

sea lavender and being eaten up by mosquitos??? smile.gifbiggrin.gif
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Probably his birthday.
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That was my house in the middle floating away
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Heck of a view of the bay though, right?
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Originally Posted by bido View Post

1962 Noreaster. Now just imagine this with 100X more development we have today on these islands.
LBI- Bay Meets Ocean
OCEAN CITY (notice beachfront house on fire)- Bay meets Ocean
HOLGATE (beached Destroyer)

i dont think that many people who buy 'summer' homes on the islands now have any idea of what ol mother nature is capable of.  bucktooth.gif



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Pretty sure these pictures aren't hanging on the walls of the realtor's offices.
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I was a senior in high school when this storm hit. I lived in Bradley Beach. I've never experienced anything like it before or since, including the hurricanes of the mid 1950s, Hurricane Donna in 1960, and the December 1992 nor'easter. It wasn't so much the winds that hit full gale, which I'd experienced before, it was the fact that they blew for three days and the water never had a chance to leave the back bays. We went thru 5 high tides and the waves were breaking next to on Ocean Ave. I remember seeing jetty rocks in front laws on the west side of Ocean Ave and some had smashed brick walls in front of houses in Avon. Our house, 7 blocks inland shook every time an especially intense wind gust came up. The two nights were the worst, as you would hear things cracking and coming down outside.

I have a booklet published in 1962, by The Ocean County Sun, with pictures and stories from that county. The storm altered the geography of the coast for some time. If that same storm hit today, the damage would be enormous. I hope none of you have to experience it. Once was enough for me.
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